What does the average flea fumigation cost? Let’s discuss fumigator prices, including factors that affect fumigator quotes.

Fleas are pesky blood-sucking bugs known to cause pets great distress. These insects not only feed on pets but also on human blood.

Sometimes relying on other strategies to get rid of them can be quite difficult. However, fumigation is a more thorough and reliable process to get rid of them once and for all.

This article won’t be focusing on flea fumigation but rather dwell on its cost implications.

You will find all you need to know about the cost angle relating to flea fumigation.

We also recommend that you work closely with your flea management service for better insight into all things relating to cost.

Factors that Affect Flea Fumigation Cost

The cost of flea fumigation is determined by several factors. In other words, not every flea problem will attract the same fee.

These factors include the size of your property, your location (how close or remote), as well as the type of contract you enter into.

Let’s consider each of these briefly.

  • Property Size

The bigger your property, the higher the cost of flea fumigation.

Fumigation includes tenting, as well as the use of fumigants. Larger properties will require more pesticides and vice versa.

Costing can be determined on a per-square-foot model or estimated for an average-sized home or property.

It all depends on the pricing model of your pest fumigation company.

  • Your Location

Location counts when determining the price of flea fumigation.

Properties within the city are easy to reach. Hence these will fall under the standard charges.

On the other hand are properties located in remote areas. The farther and the more difficult a property and its terrains are, the higher the fumigation cost.

This is because the equipment will need to be transported over longer distances.

  • Type of Contract Impacts on Cost

Different arrangements can be made for flea fumigation. Some persons may require a one-time fumigation treatment for a flea problem. While this will get the job done, others may prefer maintaining a contract with the pest control company.

Under this arrangement, both parties (the property owner and the pest management service) settle for scheduled inspections and fumigation.

The frequency of scheduled inspections will depend on the recommendation of the pest control service. This too will determine the cost implications. You also stand to benefit from a better pricing model.

Contracts are better priced than one-time treatments.

Multiple Price Quotes for Flea Fumigation

Professional flea fumigation service is vital, so also is its cost implications.

The pest control industry is a highly competitive one. However, there is a national average for flea fumigation. This is pegged at $270. This price point means charges for flea fumigation will hover around this average.

You stand to benefit more from the competitiveness within the industry. Under such circumstances, it’s best to get multiple quotes from various flea management services. These companies seek to attract patronage by providing competitive costing.

While comparing such quotes, also pay close attention to the reputation of the company.

Flea fumigation directories enable you to assess the level of expertise and client satisfaction each company has garnered. Such reviews give a rough representation of their competence.

Cost shouldn’t be the only thing you look out for.

  • Avoid Pest Services Having Lower Costs than the Usual

It’s no secret that many flea fumigation services offer competitive pricing. That notwithstanding, such quotes shouldn’t be too low, as they might be too good to be true.

In such situations, you need to take extra precautions. Such a pest technician may be a quack with no experience whatsoever and you might just end up wasting your time and resources without finding any real solutions.

Need I say that fleas reproduce at a prolific rate too? If you come across such a service, be very careful if you need lasting solutions.

Make some background inquiries and visit their website. You can proceed by visiting their office if it’s nearby.

  • Type of Flea Won’t Affect Fumigation Costs

It doesn’t matter what type of flea species you’re dealing with.

There are several flea species in the United States. The most common include human, cat dog, and oriental rat fleas among others.

Fumigation for any type of flea problem doesn’t affect fumigation costs. In other words, fumigation is effective against pretty much every flea species around.

Flea Fumigation Cost As Determined by your Service Provider

The cost of flea fumigation isn’t static. This may be due to the discovery of a more serious flea problem. Some services offer follow-up visits in their plans.

One-time fumigation may kill fleas but won’t do much to destroy their eggs. As such, these eggs will eventually hatch. Follow-up visits ensure that newly-hatched fleas are destroyed. However, it doesn’t always have to come to repeating treatment.

Some flea control services provide more comprehensive treatment coverage. By this, we mean using fumigants with extended residual times. Newly-hatched fleas shouldn’t be able to survive these agents.

You will have to pay anything from $200 to $550 for both inspection and fumigation.

How Much Will it Cost for Flea Inspection?

This question doesn’t have a straight answer.

Inspection is an integral part of getting rid of fleas. Some pest fumigation companies offer this for free while others don’t. Therefore, it depends on what service you choose to handle your job. The cost of flea inspection is dependent on which service you contact for quotes.

Understanding flea fumigation costs give you an edge when negotiating with the exterminator. It also enables you to weigh the various treatment options available to you.

Our findings provide you a framework to work within preparing for flea fumigation. As mentioned earlier, you should feel free to sample quotes from different fumigation companies as this will work to your advantage.

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