Looking for flooded basement cleanup companies nearby?

A flooded basement is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. This is because floods can damage your property, weaken the foundation of your home, and lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

In general, flooded basements reduce the overall value of your home, and will make it hard to sell if you had plans of putting it on the market.

Finding Local Basement Restoration Services

That being said, cleaning up the standing water in your basement is something you need to take seriously. The question is, can you do it yourself, or is it best to hire a professional cleanup service?

If you’re not the DIY type and you decide to let the pros handle it, then that will be a good idea.

And while this article is not aimed at recommending basement clean-up companies, it will enlighten you on what these companies do, why they are better than the DIY approach, and how you can find the best one in your area.

Stay with me!

What Do Flooded Basement Cleanup Companies Do?

The answer to this question seems like a no-brainer since the primary function of such services is to clean floods from basements. However, their services go beyond that.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from a basement clean-up company.

  • They get rid of the flood in your basement
  • They identify the cause of the flooding
  • They can estimate just how deep water has penetrated your walls after the flood has been cleaned
  • They can offer advice regarding waterproofing solutions

Some basement cleanup services also offer mold removal and waterproofing services, although this will attract a different bill from cleaning the flood.

Why Hire A Basement Restoration Company Instead Of DIY?

Some homeowners may feel that hiring a basement restoration service is a waste of money, simply because they think they can handle the cleanup themselves.

While this may be true for those who have had prior experience with basement floods, the same cannot be said for those who are facing it for the first time.

This is because first-timers will miss out on a lot of details regarding cleanups, and put their basements at risk of deteriorating over time. On the other hand, restoration services are equipped with professional tools, as well as adequate training, certifications, approach, ability to understand unique situations, and the experience needed for the job to be done properly.

Here are a few simple questions I’d like to ask a first-timer –

Can you tell the difference between greywater and dark water?

Can you tell how deep the water has penetrated your poured concrete walls?

Can you tell if mold growth has begun deep inside the saturated walls?

I’m guessing the answer to these questions is no, but a cleanup expert would be able to tell all these correctly, thanks to training and experience.

See what I mean?

You should take basement water damage seriously, as it can lead to mold growth, which in turn can cause allergic reactions on the skin and lungs.

Since you cannot find the hidden damages caused by basement flooding, simply cleaning it up yourself is not enough. This is why you need a professional to investigate deeper after the clean-up and discover the things you can’t.

That being said, I hope you are beginning to consider hiring a cleanup service to get rid of the flooding in your basement.

I know you’re trying to save money, but what you will spend on a professional cleanup today is far less than what you will spend remediating the potential damages in the future.

So, just how much will a flooded basement cleanup cost you? Let’s take a look at the figures below.

Cost Of Hiring A Flooded Basement Clean Up Company

On a national average, you can expect to spend between $3,500 to $11,000 for flooded basement cleanup.

Specifically, you could spend around $4,000 for total flood remediation and cleanup of a 500 square foot basement with levels of water as high as 2 feet. On the low end, you can find some flood cleanup companies that will charge you as low as $2,000 for minimal water removal in the same 500 square foot space.

For larger cleanups, you might end up spending as high as $15,000.

Keep in mind that these figures are estimates, and the charges vary among cleanup companies. Several factors influence the prices, and I will be discussing them below.

Factors That Determine How Much A Flooded Basement Cleanup Company Will Charge

As I just mentioned, prices for flooded basement cleanup will vary among different restoration services and unique factors.

Here are some of the things that can determine what your bill will be.

The size of the basement: As you can imagine, the larger the flooded basement, the more expensive cleanup charges will be.

The water levels: In the same vein, the higher the water levels, the higher the cleanup charges you will incur.

The number of obstructions: If there are too many obstructions getting in the way of the cleanup professionals, then it means there’s more work for them to do.

Large objects will need to be moved around and more hands will be required to do this. Hence, the larger the labor required, the higher the bill.

The pedigree of the cleanup company: Flood cleanup companies aren’t all the same, as some have been in the business longer than others, during which time they have become trusted authorities in the basement cleanup business.

As you would expect, such businesses will add some extra Dollars to their name, as they will most likely charge higher than start-ups.

How Can I Find The Right Flooded Basement Clean Up Company Near Me?

The sad part about hiring a professional cleanup service is that quacks are posing to be the real deal. These are usually smaller cleanup services with little to no experience regarding the job.

This is not to say that start-ups cannot do the job properly, because some of them can. However, you need to be careful in your search, to avoid hiring a clean-up service that will do a terrible job.

So how do you find the right flooded basement cleanup service near you?

Follow the tips below.

  1. Ask the people you know

They say word-of-mouth recommendations are usually the most honest. This is because the person that’s talking about a particular service has experienced firsthand just how good (or bad) the service is.

If you have a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member who has had hired a basement restoration service in the past, then you can ask them for recommendations.

They will refer you to the cleanup company that handled their basement flooding. If they did a good job for them, chances are they will equally do a good job for you too.

  1. Go online

In a case where you have no one to ask, you can go online and do a quick Google search for the best-flooded basement cleanup services near you.

Several companies will pop up in the search results, and you can go through them one by one in search of the best for you.

  1. Check the reviews

Just like word-of-mouth recommendations, reading reviews from past customers’ experiences with a particular service is also a great way to know just how good or bad a cleanup company is.

Too many bad reviews should prompt you to skip the company, while positive reviews should encourage you to dig deeper into the other things the cleanup service has to offer.

  1. Look for certifications

Reputable basement cleanup services are usually certified and their staff has undergone adequate training. So while browsing through a company’s website, check to see if they have been certified by the relevant bodies.

  1. Compare prices

After selecting a few reputable basement cleanup services, you will need to make up your mind on the best one for you in terms of price. Since they all won’t charge the same, it is always best to go for the cheapest option, especially if you’re on a lean budget.

But before you do, ensure you check out all the services that are associated with the bill, and that there are no hidden charges for extra services.

Some basement cleanup companies can assess the damage caused by the flooding free of charge as part of their services, while others may only clean up and leave.

Others may include mold testing services into their bill, while some may charge separately for it. All you have to do is pit the prices/services included against each other, and that’s how you will arrive at the best possible deal to suit your budget.


Hiring professionals to clean up your flooded basement has many advantages, as they have the experience and are equipped with the right tools needed to do the job the right way.

There are many flooded basement cleanup companies in your area, and finding the right one is something that has to be done carefully to avoid hiring quacks.

I trust the information provided here has been helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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