If I see one bed bug are there more? We will be looking at inspecting for bed bugs soon.

One scary prospect any homeowner dreads would be to find a bed bug after performing some search. Usually, such inspection will be fuelled by bite marks and itchiness.

Having confirmed its presence, what remains is to take immediate steps to rid your surroundings of bed bugs.

For instance, ‘i found one bed bug but no others’ has been answered.

What To Do If You Find A Bed Bug

However, knowing what to do can be puzzling for most many.

This is where we step in as we discuss reliable ways of dealing with bed bug presence. You’d be lucky if the infestation is at its earliest stage.

Nevertheless, a thorough treatment of your home is needed. You want to purge your surroundings no more bugs.

I Found One Bed Bug But Not The Others

Can you have just one bed bug?

To have a fair idea of the implications of finding a single bed bug, you’ll need to know how these reproduce. Unfortunately, bed bugs a single female bed bug can lay around 1 to 5 eggs each passing day.

During her lifetime, the same female will may lay between 250 to 500 eggs.

Such eggs will be well hidden in cracks and crevices to enhance the chances of young bugs surviving any onslaught (in the form of treatment) that may occur. This is a natural survival instinct they’ve honed for centuries.

To make matters worse, bed bugs can survive without food for as long as 5 months! This is a major problem as they could be holed up in an unoccupied property waiting for a new occupant to arrive.

What’s the food? Blood of course! Bed bugs need to stick close to human dwellings to be able to feed.

These two characteristics (prolific breeding rate and ability to stay for long without feeding) make bed bug presence quite difficult to deal with.


Found One Unfed Bed Bug?

Can you have just a few bed bugs? Very unlikely.

Because of their fast reproductive rate, finding a single bed bug could be a sign that your home is already harboring several others. This calls for major concern as every female bed bug will be doing what they do best; laying more eggs around.

Have you found one bed bug under your bed?

Their presence, every single day makes the problem even worse.

You may have found one single parasite, but the reality is, many others like it could be hidden out of sight. Bed bugs are mostly shy and will keep out of sight and wait for an opportune time to feed.

Because they’re nocturnal creatures, they come out at night when you’re asleep.

What To Do When You Find A Bed Bug In Your Bed Or Pillow

Some say, ‘i found a bed bug crawling on me’ If you don’t take steps, they will keep doing that every night.

With bed bugs confirmed, wasting a single day without treatment further worsens a growing infestation. Upon finding or spotting a single bug, it’s important to immediately give your pest control service a call.

DIY treatment won’t come close to resolving the problem.

This is because there are several limitations when it comes to DIY bed bug treatments.

First, these bugs are among the most difficult to get rid of due to their prolific breeding rate. Plus, they can stay out of sight without detection unless a deliberate effort is made at uncovering their hiding location.

Also their ability to stay without feeding for long means you might move into a house with an existing bed bug problem. This is why a home will need to be treated for all bug problems before a new occupant arrives.

Hiring a Bed Bug Management Service

In a bid to find help, a lot of people fall into the wrong hands.

In other words, who gets hired to treat a bed bug problem largely determines how well the job is done.

There are reputable companies that offer excellent bed bug extermination services.

So, how do you know which is best?

The easiest way to find out is by reading through our list of basic tips to adhere to. These include looking out for professional conduct, researching pest management services within your area, and obtaining a written estimate or proposal covering your property.

What more? You’ll need to be certain about the technician’s level of expertise or training. Make inquiries about the response time.

All responsibilities of the professional or technician should be clearly spelled out during the signing.

Ask for scheduled inspections after treatment. Also important is the need to have a fair idea of the allocation of responsibilities during treatment.

Let’s explain what each of these key points actually means.

  • Researching on Pest Management Companies Around You

Before you settle for a pest management service, one action you need to take is to research reputable pest management services covering your region or location.

One effective way to do this is by reading through verified online reviews about such companies.

  • Looking Out for Professional Conduct

Most reputable pest management services offer a first-time inspection free of charge. You can leverage such to further find out if there’s anything amiss about the company. One way to do this is through observation.

Is the technician clean enough? Are they professional in their approach?

How equipped are they in terms of finding out bed bug hideouts? How thorough is such inspection? Will the same technician be handling the bed bug treatment or extermination?

All these are key considerations that must be factored in when hiring a pest management service.

  • Obtaining a Written Estimate

It’s important to obtain a written estimate after the inspection is completed.

Such an estimate should cover all affected areas of your home. It’s also necessary to ensure that there are no hidden charges. If there are, such should be clearly stated.

  • Find Out About Technician’s Level of Expertise

The level of expertise of a technician correlates with the quality of the job to be done. It’s important to ensure that the technician has the proper training necessary to conduct such treatment.

Ask for any sort of proof such as licenses and permits.

  • Find Out About the Response Time

Response time is crucial in times of emergency. Consider making inquiries about how long it takes for the pest control company to respond to emergency calls.

Of course, such services are charged differently (cost more) because pest technicians need to show up at a moment’s notice.

  • Know Where You Stand In Terms of Responsibilities

Here, the responsibilities of both parties (that is, the pest control company and yourself) must be clearly stated.

It’s important to take time to understand such responsibilities to avoid conflicts or disappointments during the treatment process.

Now you know what to do! Your bed bug problem shouldn’t weigh you down as you can easily call for help.

Competent pest management companies are always on hand to carry out the treatment.

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