I Found A Scorpion In My House – Are There More?

What does it mean when you find a scorpion in your house? Should you be worried that there are more?

Scorpions are mostly dreaded due to their painful and venomous stings. These eight-legged arachnids can be found in different types of habitats. Their most preferred habitats include arid and semi-arid regions.

While this is true, you should not be surprised to find these creatures in habitats outside of these two.

Scorpions will readily venture into homes when the conditions are right. They love to hide in areas with lots of clutter, under boards, rocks, and logs of wood.

If these conditions are around your surroundings, you might find them in your home. Have you seen one within your home? What does that portend?

Finding a Scorpion in Your Home Can Be Scary

The prospect of sighting a scorpion indoors can be scary.

Apart from the fear of getting stung by this creature, you’re unsure about the chances of having one or more of these arachnids lurking around. So, is it possible for other scorpions to be around?

How does one check or such?

You mustn’t be overcome by paranoia. Fear can do a lot more harm than the problem itself.

If this is your current situation, you’ll need to calm down and go through this article for answers. The good thing about these creatures is that they don’t go out of their way to sting until you’re perceived as a threat.

Are There More?

Sighting a scorpion in your home doesn’t necessarily translate to more of these arachnids being present. While this is true, it’s important to carry out a thorough inspection of your home.

You can never say for sure whether there are more scorpions or not.

Further, inspection is simply a way of taking necessary precautions to curtail the unknown. Here, there’s no smoke without a fire. In other words, the presence of one scorpion makes it possible that there are others.

So, how do you go about finding out? By simply searching!

Having spotted one scorpion already, you must look out for others. As mentioned earlier, there’s a possibility that the scorpion you sighted is the only one. The reverse is also possible.

In other words, there could be more scorpion(s) lurking around your home.

  • Scorpions Attract other Scorpions

If you’ve been confused about the possibility of other scorpions being around your home after seeing one, this right here is proof. Now, scorpions attracting other scorpions may not be immediate.

It may take some time before other scorpions come along for companionship.

However, the problem is; you don’t know for how long the scorpion you saw has been around. It might have stayed sufficiently long enough to attract company.

Plus, no law says it must take a long time before other scorpions come to join other scorpions in new environments.

With this said, it’s easy to see why it’s likely to find other scorpions around your home after seeing one. However, this is only a possibility as there could be none.

Under this circumstance, it’s safe to say finding one scorpion in your home makes it probable that others are around.

Having Stumbled Across a Scorpion, Actively Search for More

Your best bet after finding a scorpion in your home is to have your surroundings thoroughly inspected. So, how do you go about scorpion hunting?

For this to be successful, you’ll need to know what to look out for. All of the rigors of searching for other scorpions can be handed over to a professional pest management company.

If you prefer to get the job done yourself, you’ll have to follow definite steps that include using the right tools.

These tools include UV flashlights as well as interceptor kits for safely picking these arachnids. Next, look around your surroundings and treat as desired.

You’ll have to seal up all openings and cracks.

  • Getting the Tools for Scorpion Inspection

There’s a chance of not finding scorpions after a search.

If you haven’t found one, then you can take further steps to be sure about their absence. A professional wildlife technician can be hired for that.

Before proceeding for inspection, you’ll need to get the right tools.

These are pretty basic and include a UV flashlight as well as other interceptor kits.

These shouldn’t cost much. A search that turns out empty will require closing up any holes or cracks as the scorpion you say may be entered through such.

  • Search around

Your search for other scorpions should be focused on areas that are mostly left undisturbed. Check under your beds, in the basement, behind curtains, as well as behind cabinets.

All the while, you’ll need to flash your UV lights. Scorpions fluoresce under UV lights.

You’ll notice a blue-greenish glow when shining on them with your UV flashlight. If they’re absent, there may be none. When seen, pick them up using your interceptor tools.

  • Treat as Desired

Having captured one or more, you can either have them released in the wild as far off from your home as possible. You mustn’t have them released close to other homes as you could be transferring your problem to them.

The other option you might choose is having scorpions exterminated.

This is for persons not having the luxury of transporting scorpions to their natural habitats.

  • Seal up Openings and Cracks

Without sealing up possible entry points, you’re making it possible for a repeat of the problem. You’ll need to inspect your home to find possible entry points used by these arachnids.

Seal up cracks and other openings that might have been used. Consider this a preventive action to safeguard against future infestation.

Call for Professional Inspection

There’s no way of knowing whether more scorpions are hiding within your home until a thorough check is made. DIY checks or inspections are likely not to be as effective as those performed by trained specialists.

Professionals understand scorpion behavior and know exactly where to look.

There may be more scorpions after finding one within your home. The several steps outlined above are measures to help you probe whether the problem goes beyond what you see or not.

With professional inspection, all your fears are assuaged.

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