How much does it cost to do underpinning per foot?

The construction industry is huge with a lot of specializations that cater to the needs of commercial and residential clients.

Cost To Underpin Foundation

Underpinning is a remedial method or strategy that seeks to fix or strengthen the depth of an existing foundation. This is performed by lowering the foundation’s footing to rest on more stable soil.

Underpinning will also be ideal for remodeling work where more floors are to be added to a building. This article is focused on the cost details of the underpinning process.

If you wish to carry out this procedure anytime soon, you’ll find the information provided here very helpful.

Underpinning Conditions Impact on Costs

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration during underpinning. Some of these include accessibility, ground conditions, property location, as well as its geology.

These may contribute to making an underpinning process much easier, or difficult. Here, expected outcomes determine how much cost will be incurred.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility plays a primary role in determining underpinning costs.

Some terrains could present an extra challenge. Because equipment and materials need to be mobilized to the site, difficult terrains may pose extra problems.

The greater the challenge posed to convey equipment to the site, the higher the final costs of underpinning will be.

  • Ground Conditions

Ground conditions are crucial to determining what underpinning methods or techniques to use. Some areas have weak soils while others are firm.

The underpinning approaches used are different for both. For instance, an area having weak soil that goes several meters down may require a procedure known as expanding resin injection or mini-piling.

This is performed using machines and costs a lot more than the mass concrete method which is best applicable to firm ground conditions. You’ll need to read further details on underpinning costs.

  • Property Location

The location of your property determines to a large extent how much you pay for underpinning.

The farther the contractor has to move equipment and materials to the job site, the more expensive it gets. Underpinning projects or properties within proximity to the contractor won’t be charged extra.

  • Geology

Geology plays an important role in determining underpinning costs. Tests have to be made to determine the geological conditions of the surrounding ground.

This helps with determining the most appropriate underpinning action to take. It’s important to have professionals handle your underpinning job(s) as only they understand the science behind the successful completion of the job.

Variables When Calculating Underpinning Costs

Sometimes, having an idea about underpinning costs can be frustrating.

This is because most underpinning contractors never provide such details on their websites. So many variables are involved in determining price. So, it will be difficult to have come up with an exact figure as projects differ.

Despite this fact, we’ve provided a broad idea of what pricing looks like for underpinning projects. You’ll need to call for an onsite assessment of your property to determine how much your underpinning costs will be.

Before then, the details below should broaden your knowledge on the subject.

So how much does it cost to underpin a house?

Foundation Underpinning Cost

Having a fair idea of the cost of underpinning requires looking at different aspects of the job. Underpinning procedures vary by type.

As such, we’ll be taking a look at underpinning average total costs, underpinning pier depth costs, underpinning pier location costs, as well as underpinning pier concrete r&r location costs.

There are also underpinning polyurethane void fill costs, and underpinning GPR floor scan costs. Each of the above-mentioned is underpinning procedures that vary by technique.

We’ll have to take a closer look at each for better comprehension.

  • Underpinning Average Total Costs

Generally, the size of an underpinning job will largely determine its costs. This is due to materials or steel piers to be used for the underpinning project.

On average, expected costs should be around $10,000. Underpinning costs could climb steeply to around $28,000 to $38,000 or higher. So, what are the individual costs details like? Let’s have a look

  • Underpinning Pier Depth Costs

Some underpinning contractors do offer a depth clause to which underpinning will be made.

Outside of that, no additional charges are made to the depth In other words, pier systems can be installed to whatever depth necessary to reach a pier’s capacity with no extra charge.

  • Underpinning Pier Location Costs

During underpinning, the longer the affected area, the more piers are needed. On average, about 10 piers are required for an underpinning job.

Contractors usually have a cost minimum for such projects. Speaking of cost, the total cost of the project will be determined by the number of piers required.

At $2,000 to $3,000 per pier, underpinning costs could range anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. Project costs could climb steadily with more piers involved.

As earlier stated, your particular project conditions will largely determine the total costs charged.

Factors Affecting Underpinning Foundation Costs

To have an underpinning procedure performed on your property, it’s necessary to understand basic factors that could affect the eventual costs or outcomes.

These include location, the job’s condition, the contractor hired, as well as accessibility.

  • Location

While this might sound a bit confusing to some readers, the truth remains that your location could determine how much you pay for an underpinning job.

Areas with high living costs tend to attract higher fees for projects such as these. The opposite applies to locations with low cost of living.

  • Job Condition

This has been touched on severally in the course of our discussion.

Here, the extent of damage that needs to be fixed will directly impact costs. The more extensive it is, the higher the costs to be expected.

  • Contractor Hired

When looking for licensed contractors, there’s a need to also be attentive to their pricing structure. This varies from one contractor to the next.

To leverage the options available, consider asking for multiple quotes for purposes of comparison.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is also a cost determinant for underpinning projects. The more accessible the job site is the better and cheaper it is compared to areas with difficult terrain.

We’ve said it’s quite challenging to find details about underpinning costs due to the many variables involved. This article gives you an idea of what such variables are.

To know the exact costs, you’ll need to ask for quotes from underpinning contractors.

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