Ginkgo Biloba Tree for Sale – Average Cost and Buying Guide

This article provides a guide on how to go about buying a Ginkgo tree.

We look at essential aspects such as cost, variety, and more. You only need to read on for a full low-down on what’s involved.

Mature Female and Male Ginkgo Biloba Trees for Sale

Ginkgo trees are ancient plants that grow fan-shaped leaves and make for great ornamental trees that can be added to your landscape.

Known by the scientific name Ginkgo biloba, the ginkgo tree is also called the “maidenhair” tree. This large deciduous tree grows to heights of around 50 to 80 ft. at maturity.

Fossil evidence has found the features of the ginkgo tree to have remained unchanged since its debut over 200 million years ago!

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This is amazing, considering that this tree continues to grow to this day. If you’re intrigued by it, you may wish to have it grown on your property.

About the Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo trees are primarily colorful and resistant to pests and drought. Its ornamental value is seen in its shape, which is tall and rounded.

Also, this tree has vibrant foliage and requires complete to partial sunlight exposure for it to thrive. The ginkgo tree is considered to have a moderate growth rate.

The variety you choose determines the shape achieved and the colors that appear. City planners widely use ginkgo trees as street trees due to their appeal.

Another thing you need to know about this tree’s long reproductive cycle.

To give you an idea, the female ginkgo tree may not flower for extended periods ranging from 20 to 25 years. When it finally does, it’s a beauty to behold.

As suggested in this paragraph, there are male and female ginkgo trees.

The deep-rooted nature of the ginkgo tree makes it ideal for growing around pavements. This is why it’s common to find them growing on the streets.

When grown from seed, ginkgo trees produce more female than male trees. Now let’s shift our focus to providing you with a guide on how to shop for your trees.

Buying Ginkgo Trees

Buying ginkgo trees can be complicated when you don’t have a guide to follow.

That is what this article is about. To give the essential tips, we have to highlight the different options available to you. These options range from the different ginkgo tree varieties and the cost.

Other considerations include the growing zones and where to buy these trees from.

Now, this might sound confusing at first. However, after reading through the explanations provided below, you fully understand each of these points.

  • Ginkgo Tree Varieties

The first thing you need to know when shopping for your ginkgo trees is that there are multiple options for the different varieties.

Examples include the golden colonnade ginkgo tree, autumn gold ginkgo, Princeton sentry ginkgo, and presidential gold ginkgo trees.

You can also choose any of Magyar ginkgo, halka ginkgo, troll ginkgo, and sky tower ginkgo tree variants.

There are others like the ginkgo Biloba, Chase Manhattan, Majestic butterfly, Fairmount ginkgo, and lacy ginkgo tree varieties.

Depending on your pick, you’ll need to know its essential features and tolerance levels.

Each tree variety has its particular requirements. However, such conditions aren’t very different from the general details above.

Doing a little research gives you an idea of what to expect and how to buy this tree.

Cost of Ginkgo Trees

When it comes to cost, there are several things to factor in. In other words, there’s hardly a direct answer to stating the cost of ginkgo trees.

Considerations such as the tree size you want, the tree variety, and where you shop from all count towards the actual cost of the tree.

At best, you only have a cost range to work with. The typical cost range for ginkgo trees is from as little as $60 to as much as $759. Here, it’s evident that the content is quite broad.

So, what could be responsible for that? The exact reasons (size, variety, etc.) are given above.

For a more detailed understanding of these aspects, let’s begin with tree size. Every buyer has an idea of the ginkgo tree size they need. There are also options available on the ground.

With this said, tree sizes sold in nurseries range from small, medium, to large trees.

The costs for these follow accordingly. In other words, you’ll find a small ginkgo tree selling for less than the amount a medium or large tree goes for.

On the other hand, giant trees cost more as they’ve already been tended to considerable sizes.

What ginkgo tree varieties do you need? We’ve mentioned some of the most popular types above. All you have to do is choose what you need.

The ginkgo tree variety you pick could determine how much you pay. When choosing your source, you should know that different nurseries have varying rates for their products.

So, when comparing the same ginkgo tree variety and size from different nurseries, one thing is sure; you’ll find differences in cost. Sometimes, such costs can be significant.

  • Growing Zones

Ginkgo trees do well under particular climatic conditions.

Not every condition favors all ginkgo trees. For example, varieties like the Princeton sentry ginkgo and the autumn gold ginkgo have hardiness zones 3 to 8.

Ginkgo biloba and troll ginkgo variants, on the other hand, will both thrive in zones 3 to 9.

Where to Buy Ginkgo Trees Near Me

There are many options for where you want to shop for your ginkgo trees. However, not all are considered to have the same reputation.

Customer feedback or reviews help determine how reliable a nursery is. You might want to target such nurseries to make your purchase from there.

With these tips fully digested, you should have no difficulty buying your ginkgo trees. You also get to shop more innovative and better.

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