Do you desire to learn how to hang a blanket on a wall?

Then stay with us until the end of our discussion. We’ll guide you on how to execute such a project successfully and efficiently.

In addition to that, we’ll tell you where you can mount a throw in your home.

Hang Blanket On A Wall

Setting a blanket on the surfaces can bestow broad appeal and visual value on your inner space. It’ll also provide ambiance in your room while expressing a distinct style.

Additionally, it provides extra insulation or blocks out noise. Some homeowners find this method an excellent way to recycle materials they already have.

It will exude a cozy, welcoming feeling and allow them to show off treasured heirlooms.

Best Way to Hang Blanket on a Wall

There’re several ways you can place your gorgeous duvet on the wall.

You can use Velcro strips, magnets, framing, canvas stretchers, nails, rods, poster hangers, and more. As you read on, you’ll see how to go about the installation using these methods.

  • Velcro Tape

This is a terrific idea for fixing a duvet on the wall. You’ll not have to drill holes in the walls or the throw.

Velcro taps will also give your décor a much neater and more unified appearance. All you need are 3 to 4 Velcro strips, and you’re good to go.

You’ll need to mark where to install it using Velcro tape. Next, you apply the adhesive strip to the covering and the wall. Before mounting them, give the sealant a few minutes to settle.

Then take off the other side of the glue that you’ve made and mount it on the wall. You can start mounting at the ends before going around the cover.

  • Command Strips

These clips are an excellent way to mount textiles on walls without leaving a mark.

You can also uninstall the throw without ruining the wall pigment. However, the size and amount of strips to get rely on the thickness of the cover.

Having gathered your supplies, you can start by choosing a desired location. Next, make a mark on the wall, place the fabric on a pristine, level superfine, and gaze down.

Set the clips aside and press the Velcro faces of both clips together.

When you’re done, you eliminate one-liners from each strip you create. You can begin at the top point and then attach the clips over the top edge of the covering.

When you’re done, you should mount the quilt with much pressure. The throw will be shoved against the wall.

  • Magnet

You can also use potent magnetic clips to mount blankets. But the question is, how can you install a magnet on the wall? It’s pretty straightforward.

You use a glue stick. This can hold both covers on the wall versus having to run them over or cause holes in the fabric.

  • Poster Hangers

Another excellent way to hang a glorious throw on surfaces is to use a poster hanger. It’ll add a nice feature to your wall. You can get a bespoke blanket hanger for the wall.

Or you make one for yourself, which can be cost-effective. But while you do that, consider the thickness of the cover you intend to mount.

  • Canvas Stretcher

Another way to mount a blanket is to stretch it on a canvas stretcher. The procedure is the same as when used to frame an art piece.

You only need a plywood board, a clothes iron, hooks, and a fabric staple gun. Having gotten all these items, you can begin the mounting process.

First, place the quilt on a dry, flat-facing table. Next, you put the fabric on top of the wood board. Ensure it is larger than the canvas stretcher.

This is to let it drape over the wood.

Now adjust and fold the inside edge of the throw over the frame and staple it. After framing the elegant covering, you place the picture on the wall using photo hooks, holders, or clips.

  • Curtain Rods

You can use the same rods for fixing curtains on the wall.

The covering will stay secure without ever falling off. However, using curtain rods to hang blankets is quite expensive. There might be better options than this for those running on a budget.

Meanwhile, measure the rod based on the blanket size before using a curtain rod.

This will ensure you have an excellent finish. However, the installation might cause damage to the wall if care isn’t taken. So it would be best if you took note of this con.

The Best Place to Hang a Blanket on the Wall

Although you can place your stylish drapery in almost every corner, there are specific spots where it will fit best. Consider installing it in the entryway, bedroom, and living room.

These are the most suitable areas for this project. Let’s briefly take a look at them.

  • Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the first place to hang a throw. This will compensate for the absence of a headboard above your bed.

Moreover, it will set the tone and add a glimmer to your bedroom décor. This addition will make your room fabulous if you have a new wall paint color and furniture.

  • Living Room

Experts don’t often advise mounting these articles on the walls of living rooms. That’s because it has a multi-patterned and colorful design that will draw people’s attention.

However, if you want to stand out, you can hang your glorious blanket on the walls of your living room. It’s also a way to incorporate minimalist, intricate boho style choices into your house décor.

  • Entryway

Your entryway will be the perfect place to mount the showstopper of the blanket you got at a local antique store. That will be the first thing your guests will see before entering your living room.

Aside from the entryway at the door, you can install it by the stairway. The place where the coats and keys are hung is another excellent spot.

Hanging a blanket on the wall can be an excellent way to improve your décor. However, several options exist if you’re wondering how to install one.

Above are a few methods and procedures to mount your elegant blanket on the wall. You can pick either of the options you find best.

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