How Much Does Hoarder House Cleaning Cost?

Here are the average estimates for hoarder house cleaning costs.

Hoarder cleaning tasks are unique because a lot of clutter is involved. The client may not see this as such as they only need help cleaning up the surroundings.

If you need hoarder cleaning, one of the most important questions will have to do with cost.

How Much Is Hoarder Cleaning?

The cost of service is vital in choosing a service provider.

When it comes to determining cost, factors such as the nature of the item matter a lot, certain items are likely to be hazardous, which can pose significant health risks.

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There is never a straight answer when it comes to the cost of cleaning out a hoarder’s house. That is because many variables are involved.

These variables range from the location of the property, size of the property, and type of property. On average, most people spend around $.5-$3 per square for basic hoarder cleaning.

Other factors include materials to be disposed of, the functionality of amenities, the number of crew members required, cleaning supplies, and the time spent cleaning up the clutter.

Let’s further explain what each of these means.

  • Property Location

The location of the property influences hoarder cleaning costs.

This means you will need more resources to get to remote jobs. This will have an impact on the cleaning cost. On the other hand, properties within easy reach shouldn’t attract as many costs.

One thing needs to be clear though. Even if the location of the job is close by, the volume of hoarded items to be arranged and cleaned may attract higher costs than a remote job with less clutter.

Nevertheless, location still plays a role in determining hoarder cleaning costs.

  • Size of Property

The size of the property concerned will contribute to determining hoarder cleaning costs.

The bigger the property, the more likely it is that a lot of work will be involved. More labor is needed to clear up the entire space. More labor in turn translates to more wages to be paid.

With the same number of people, it will take a shorter time to sort out and arrange items in a smaller property than in a larger one. When the cleaning service comes around, the storage space(s) is inspected.

This is done to come up with the cost implication.

  • Type of Property

There are standards to follow when cleaning certain types of property. This may present challenges when dealing with hoarder cleaning. Also, a particular property may be more challenging to clean than others.

Based on these conditions, hoarder cleaning costs are varied and never static. The situation on the ground relating to property type will largely influence cleaning costs.

How exactly? To make it easier to grasp, the more accessible and open the property is, the more likely cleaning costs won’t be steep.

The opposite applies to complex property designs that aren’t cleaner-friendly. Clearing and tidying such structures will naturally attract higher costs.

  • Materials to be Disposed & Disposal Methods

Hoarder cleaning will involve the disposal of certain materials (mostly unwanted stuff or trash).

Sometimes, such materials may include hazardous materials that you must carefully handle. In some cases, these materials may include animal feces and the likes.

The conditions or filth of certain properties can be quite gross. Whatever the case, cleaning costs increase with a more challenging cleanup and drops with less challenging conditions.

When hazardous materials are involved, it’s best to seek for highly trained professionals to handle such materials and cleaning.

These are skilled personnel with lots of experience in the handling and disposal of hazardous material.

You mustn’t do such cleaning yourself as you can be easily exposed to dangerous materials that can present significant health risks.

  • Functional Amenities

When performing a hoarder clean-up, functional amenities such as water, heat, electricity, and plumbing services make things easier. Without these, hoarder cleaning costs are likely to mount significantly.

The reasons are simple. Having to make alternative arrangements for water, electricity and other amenities will incur a lot of costs. Such costs aren’t borne by the cleaning service but are simply transferred to the client.

So, cleaning costs are significantly impacted by the availability of functional amenities.

  • Number of Crew Members Involved

The number of crew members involved in a hoarder cleaning task will depend on the scale of the job.

Bigger and more complex cleanup tasks will require more hands for effective and timely completion. As the number of cleaners or crew members required increases, so does the cost of hoarder cleaning.

Each crew member will need to be paid for their time and skill. The need for more cleaners also says a lot about the size of such property. Property size matters a lot when it comes to hoarder cleaning.

  • Cleaning Supplies

While there are common cleaning supplies for a variety of cleaning tasks, certain hoarder cleaning tasks may require the use of specialized cleaning equipment and supplies.

These (especially those involving bio-hazards) will need to be adequately addressed using the best tools possible.

It costs more to use specialized cleaning equipment and supplies than simple hoarder cleaning tasks. This all boils down to the situation on the ground.

Sometimes, hoarders may be unaware of the risks involved in keeping some of the items in their possession.

When a cleaner comes for inspection, they get to find out the extent of the risks involved. This will impact cleaning costs as the right supplies and tools will need to be used.

  • Time Spent in Cleaning up

When cleaning out a hoarder location, lots of variables are involved. A major cost factor is a time.

Cleaning services charge for their assistance in multiple ways. One of them involves time spent on the job. As such, you might be required to pay an hourly rate for cleanup.

With such type of arrangement, you tend to incur higher costs for as long as it takes the cleaners to clear out your property.

Hoarder cleaning costs have been covered with ample information on the factors affecting such costs. It is difficult to point the finger at the exact cleaning costs. The cleaning task at hand will mostly influence costs.

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  1. My sister is a hoarder and she wants to clean a lot of things out of her condo. She is 76 am 68. There is no way that we can do it our selves. We don’t have a lot of money so i would like to know how much it will cost.

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