6 Homemade Bird Mite Sprays For Birds

Here we will discuss ingredients require to formulate an effective homemade bird mite spray.

A bird mite is a type of blood-sucking pest just like a bed bug, except that it is only interested in the blood of birds – chickens, turkeys – all kinds of birds.

These parasitic creatures have eight legs and are a little hairy. If you think bugs are creepy, bird mites are creepier. They are more difficult to spot and can hide in very tiny holes.

Natural Spray Formulations To Control Bird Mites

Bird mites are pale yellow in complexion, but after feeding on their host, they become dark red all at once. Immediately after feeding, bird mites will return to their shelter to breed.

Their hosts include chickens, sparrows, pigeons, etc., and all kinds of animals belonging to the bird family. Bird mites will move in a large number from one place to another leaving their host after it dies or when the young birds are transported.

Typically, a bird mite needs a bird to live; it cannot survive on human blood and cannot also survive outside a host. In other words, a bird mite is not supposed to be a severe problem for you. Unfortunately, it is.

Even though they are not disease carriers, their bite is not an experience to wish for it is very itchy and quite painful.

The problem arises when your poultry is close to your apartment, or when some birds have built their nests around your home. You can also have a bird mite problem when any of your pets have become a host.

Once the carriers of these parasites are close to your dwelling, they can access your home through any little opening.

Bird Mite Infestation

If you think you are faced with a bird mite infestation, the first thing is to be sure about what you believe because it almost feels like a bed bug

It is difficult to see a bird mite because the parasites are very good at hiding. However, in your poultry, you may find them in multitudes by chicken cages or near a bird’s nest.

Another evidence of an infestation is a significant change in the behavior of your birds. For instance, a bird mite infestation will lead to a drop in the production of eggs. Apart from this, you will always see blood droppings around the eggs. And then, your chickens will be drooling; they won’t be as lively as you expect to meet them.

If you also interact regularly with infested birds, you will notice that something painfully stings you and it itches you till it becomes sore.

When you are sure it is a bird mite infestation and not bed bug infestation, the next thing is to decide on the best method of eradication.

While several insecticides can help you get rid of bird mites, it is a lot of risks to apply any of those chemicals because they are highly toxic and can even kill your pets.

The better alternative is to get homemade bird mite spray that can help eradicate the pest. It is eco-friendly and also the only means of eliminating the pest in your poultry.

Homemade Sprays To Control Bird Mite Infestation

The best way to get rid of bird mites is by preventing them from coming to your home or poultry farm in the first place.

Getting rid of mite infestation is hard and harder on a farm because you stand at the risk of losing your birds while getting rid of bird mites.

The use of a natural and non-toxic spray has proven to be effective in fighting against bird mite infestation

But with the consistent use of some of these natural remedies, you will get rid of the pest in your farm and your home. Some of them will deter the parasite; some will help heal the irritated skin while others will help get rid of them.

The under-listed are homemade sprays that can help get rid of bird mites.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is beneficial in repelling a wide range of pests, which includes bird mites. These pests hate the smell of vinegar, so vinegar alone is enough to get rid of bird mites in your home.

The good thing about using vinegar is that it can also be used on your poultry farm. All you have to do is get white vinegar.

You can combine it with some drops of peppermint and anise oil. Shake the mixture properly, and your spray is ready to be used.

First, you need to soak every little tiny hole around your home. In case you notice an area of infestation, it will be best effective. After soaking, you will now begin to spray around your home and ensure you target their hiding places.

You can also spray your poultry farm to save your birds from the torments of these parasites

You can use vinegar to ease the itching and irritation caused by bird mites.

  • Listerine

This mouthwash is handy in easing the pains and irritation caused by the parasite. Apart from this, it can be used to get rid of the pest when it is sprayed in the area of infestation. Mites detest the smell of menthol, which makes up Listerine.

This mouthwash may not be as effective when trying to curtail an infestation, but it will relieve the pain of the bites.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are famous for combating all kinds of pests. Some of the oils contain anti-parasitic properties that have proven to be effective against mites.

They have lovely fragrances, yet they are useful because that same smell disorganizes bird mites’ communication and makes them come out in the open.

Essential oils like peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, cedarwood, etc. are some of the sweet-smelling oils that can be used to exterminate the pests.

  • Limonene (Orange Oil)

This extract is gotten from the peel of citrus, and it is instrumental in killing bird mites. You can get ready-made citrus concentrate at your local store. It can also help get rid of ticks, lice, and fleas.

To do it yourself; you should peel some lemon. After that, grind the lemon peels finely and add water to them. Sieve the mixture so that you can pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

For better effectiveness, you can cut some orange peels into small pieces and put them into the water.

Now your citronella is spray is ready to be sprayed on your bedding, clothing, and generally around the house.

  • Neem Oil

It has been proven that Neem oil is very useful in getting rid of bird mites because it has parasitic properties that kill parasitic pests.

To use this oil, just add a few drops of Neem oil into the water and mix it properly. Another means of eradication with Neem oil is to use it as a trap. Just put the Neem oil on glue traps, and the mites will be attracted.

  • Peppermint Oil

This spray is handy especially when you mix it with tea tree oil anise oil. In addition to getting rid of bird mites, it can also help eradicate a wide range of household pests.

This essential oil is harmful, so it is not advised to use it on your poultry farm. You should use it in your home, and you must ensure that you keep it out of the reach of pets and younger children.

To use it, just mix in a few drops of peppermint oil into a cup of water or two. Shake it well, and your spray is ready to be used.

In Conclusion

When compared to other disease-carrying insects, mosquitoes, or mites, bird mites are not dangerous. They do not transmit nor carry disease to people or animals. They are just a bunch of creepy nuisance around the home whenever they invade a household.

They don’t feed on human blood. So we can’t be a host to them, but they will only bite a person they come in contact with. However, those bites can be very painful, irritating, and painful.

This happens because the parasite is testing the new host while searching for its favorite host- in doing this, it injects saliva which will cause severe itching and then turn to rashes.

Unfortunately, you will continue to experience a bird mite bite as long as their host is living around. Therefore, you need to address the leading cause of bird mite infestation in your home and deal with it before you can successfully deal with a bird mite infestation.

But taking preventive measures against a bird mite, especially if you own a bird or have a poultry farm is very important.

And by the way, the preventive measures are as comfortable as;

  • Maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
  • Checking your bird for bird mites before making payment for it, so that if the bird is a carrier, the store owner can take care of it immediately.
  • Maintaining hygienic poultry.
  • Finally, do not handle an abandoned bird that you find on your property.

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