How To Get Rid Of Ants

Are you looking for means to get rid of ants wholly and naturally?

Most times, ant infestations in cars and homes can become unbearable and requires urgent action.

There are several effective ways to arrest the situation, and this article shows you how to get rid of ants using the most reliable methods.

Most importantly, no matter your pest condition, this article will reveal some of the best ways to keep your home free of insect pests.

Knowing the Ant Species

Firstly, effectively tackling an ant infestation requires knowing what you face. In other words, you need to see the ant species.

Therefore, there is no better way of identifying ant species than by observation.

Through observation, you also get to track their movements. This will lead you to their nest or colony, where you must focus your treatment.

The source/nest holds the key to getting rid of ants entirely. Hence when identifying the species, you need to conduct an online search to compare what species fit your situation.

Some species include Sugar, Argentine, Fire, Black, Lasius, Tapinoma, Harvester, Pheidole, Formica, Yellow meadow ants, and many others.

What Attracts Ants?

Ants don’t just choose where to head without reason.

They are attracted by food and will only be visible in places with abundant such, especially in summer. A likely reason you are faced with an ant problem may be a new colony being established.

In other words, such an area may be suitable for building a nest. Consequently, eliminating likely food sources is an effective strategy to keep them at bay.

Can I Completely Eliminate Ants?

Ants are everywhere and will always move to new areas. While many ways to eliminate them, they cannot be stopped.

Hence if you are faced with an ant problem, you only need to fight back by targeting likely sources (ant nests/colonies) nearby for treatment. It also includes taking precautionary or preventive measures to keep them at bay.

Whenever you cease to take preventive action, ants are sure to resurface. Therefore ant control should be considered a continuous process rather than a one-time effort.

Doing so will keep your home or business free from Ant invasion.


There are lots of ways through which you can eliminate ants. This provides you with options to choose from.

While using any of these strategies (which will be discussed shortly), you need to know that there is no permanent fix as you may occasionally need to reapply for treatment.

Some effective ant extermination strategies include;

  • Pest Management Services

Ant pest control services are never in short supply.

They offer a wide range of pest control services, including getting rid of ants. While some companies have regional coverage, others have an international presence.

To choose what fits your needs, you need to review pest control services. This also enables you to select those with the most positive customer reviews/feedback.

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A pest control service will comprehensively treat all your ant problems. They offer wide-ranging pest control solutions and customized services that fit specific conditions.

Other advantages of having a pest control plan (as provided by pest control services) include effective prevention. This helps keep ants from making a comeback.

Several types of insecticides are available in stores.

These are effective against a wide range of pests, including ants. This method is often used by persons who prefer to handle an ant infestation themselves.

However, insecticides only affect ants around your home and above the surface. For ants found in colonies, using over-the-counter insecticides is mainly ineffective.

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally


  • Using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth DE

Diatomaceous earth has proven effective against many insect pests, including ants.

This gets rid of ants by drying them up when ingested. Food grade diatomaceous earth is mentioned here because it is safe to use around kids and pets.

Diatomaceous earth can be sprayed around your home/yard and within.

You can trace such ants to their nests or colony to make it most effective. If you are lucky to find this, you only need to sprinkle it into and around the nest. This will get the job done in no time.

  • Pepper

Cayenne pepper is yet another effective way to eliminate ants from your home. The paths of ants always lead from a food source(s) to their nests.

Therefore, like food-grade diatomaceous earth, you only need to sprinkle Cayenne pepper onto areas considered to contain likely food sources. It would help if you sprayed the same on their nests/colonies.

This is quite effective and will get rid of ants entirely.

  • Vinegar

To rid your home of ants, consider using vinegar.

Vinegar should be diluted with an equal part of water and poured into a spray bottle. The contents should be sprayed wherever you find ants hanging around.

The pungent smell of vinegar cancels the pheromones released by ants as a way to navigate to food sources. This leaves your home or business premises utterly free of them.

Note that this will only be active for a time and should be reapplied as often as needed.

  • Garbage Disposal

Whenever garbage is left unattended, it attracts ants.

One of the ways to rid your home or surroundings of ants is to dispose of such garbage effectively. It is necessary to dispose of waste correctly permanently. Doing so as often as possible discourages the presence of ants.

Garbage provides an abundance of food supply for ants. Thereby ridding them will keep your home free of ant activity.

  • Using Ant Baits

Ant baits are some of the most effective ways to keep your home free of ants.

Baits are perfect because, while deadly on ants, they act slowly, allowing enough time for ants to mingle with others in their colonies. This completely clears out a whole settlement in no time.

Typically, most baits will attract a large number of ants. Never be concerned when you notice this, as it is part of the process.

Ant baits can be purchased over the counter and include several types. A few such baits include borate-based products, Hydramethylnon, Avermectin B, Fipronil products, etc.

You can mix boric acid with a combination of food substances that attract ants, such as sugar or syrup.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to be quite helpful in various ways against insects. Ants are no different either. To get rid of ants, choose your preferred essential oil.

Essential oils are varied and include Clary Sage oil, Peppermint oil, Lemongrass oil, Cinnamon oil, Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, etc.

You should use your preferred essential oil to wipe surfaces that serve as ant entrances.

In addition to wiping surfaces with essential oil, cotton balls can be soaked in such oils and placed at strategic points within and around your home.

This process repeated daily will keep ants at bay.

Also, here are some plants that naturally deter ants.

  • Lemon

Lemons, too, can be used to get rid of ants. You only need to squeeze some lemon juice onto entrances (such as holes or cracks, door thresholds, and window sills).

For this measure to be effective, you must observe ant movement around your home. It would help if you kept squeezing leftovers at different home points, including their surroundings.

This action, if done frequently, will keep ants off your surroundings.

  • Using Plastic Containers

There are times when outdoor events such as picnics can be interrupted by ants.

In such situations, you only need to use some plastic containers with water. It would be best if you placed each leg of the table in a container with water.

This simple yet effective method will ensure your fun is never disrupted.

  • Chalk

Using chalk to rid homes of ants has been in practice for quite a long time.

If you wonder what makes chalk an excellent option for keeping ants away, consider; chalk is composed of calcium carbonate, which repels ants.

Hence it can either be used by drawing a line along an entrance or be ground and sprinkled around areas you don’t want ants to be or travel through.

  • Powdered Sulfur

Powdered sulfur can be an effective strategy for keeping ants out of your home. You should apply this around entry points and cracks used by ants. It repels them completely and ensures they never return.

One of the advantages of powdered sulfur is that it is non-toxic and can be used around your home without safety concerns.

Knowing how to get rid of ants depends on your knowledge of available options. These have been listed above and have proven to be highly effective in combating ant infestation.

Although this is the case, preventive measures are the best ways to get rid of ants. Preventive actions are also known to be cost-effective.

With the above information, you can begin implementing them immediately to regain control of your home.

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