We’ll be discussing how to get rid of black widow spiders naturally and by using chemical sprays.

If you’ve lived anywhere between the United States and Canada, the chances are that you’ve had an encounter with black widow spiders. And most of these encounters aren’t memorable ones.

In other words, black widow spiders are more dreaded and dangerous than other species of spiders like the brown recluse. You don’t want to have them creep into your space as their stings are poisonous.

This is the reason why we seek to help you out. Though getting rid of black widow spiders isn’t accessible yet, it is very doable, as you’d soon find out.

Are Black Widow Spiders Dangerous?

This is the first thing anyone will ask on hearing that black widow spiders are dangerous.

These spiders are the most dangerous spiders you’d find to answer this question. However, we need to make something clear: only female black widow spiders are poisonous. They become aggressive when you get too close.

Their venom contains neurotoxins that attack the nervous system when injected. You don’t want to experience the accompanying pain.

You’d need to take immediate steps to either prevent or fight an existing spider problem.

  • Bite Symptoms

It’s unlikely you won’t know when a black widow spider bites you. However, if you can’t seem to figure that out, the following symptoms should suffice. Breathing and speech difficulties are common symptoms.

Others include anxiety, rash, abnormal sweating, numbness, dizzy feelings, and abdominal pains. These are some of the most common symptoms linked with black widow spider bites.

  • Are There Fatalities from Bites?

Having established the venous nature of black widow spider bites, we need to say something about the extent to which these bites are poisonous. Pains resulting from bites may last a maximum of 3 days. After that, pains subside, but that’s about all you get.

Nevertheless, we advise you to seek urgent medical attention. This will forestall any adverse reactions that may result.

Identifying a Black Widow Spider

Getting rid of black widow spiders depends on proper identification. Male and female black widow spiders have slightly different appearances.

Male spiders are smaller with longer legs than females. What more? Females have a spherical and jet-black, and glossy abdomen. Female undersides have a red hourglass-like feature, but this is not so distinct in male bellies.

Identifying an Infestation

Having discussed some of the most common features of black widow spiders, we shift our focus to identifying an infestation.

The spider family is known to weave webs wherever they find suitable. This isn’t different for black widow spiders.

However, their webs are pretty irregular and scattered. Plus, you should find one or more web sacs around the maze of traps.

These findings, coupled with the bodily features, should suffice to take immediate action.

The type of action you take depends on what works best for you. We’ve got you covered if you have doubts or second thoughts about what methods work best.

The methods included here have been tested and proven effective in black widow spider extermination and removal.

Here is what to do when you find a black widow spider in your yard:

How to Get Rid of Black Widows: Extermination

Having provided some background information on black widow spider looks and the dangers posed by their presence, it’s only logical that you find a way to get rid of the problem.

This section of the article will do justice to that.

We will discuss the various ways you can easily control spider presence. It doesn’t matter if these are found in indoor or outdoor environments.

The following black widow spider extermination strategies take care of them all.

  • Spider Inspection

Inspection is the starting point for any pest control or removal action you wish to take. By inspecting the problem, you want to assess and ascertain the severity.

In addition to that, you want to find out how these spiders got in the first place. This is in a bid to prevent future occurrences or repeat infestations.

To successfully inspect for black widow spider presence, you will need to know. It is based on your knowledge that you can do a thorough job.

  • Call a Pest Control Technician

If inspection seems like a tall order to you, the objective can still be achieved when you call for expert help. Many pest control companies will provide free pest inspection services.

You can leverage this free service.

Exterminators can go the long haul if you wish them to. This is best for persons with limited knowledge of black widow spider control.

Other reasons may be that getting involved or doing it yourself isn’t your thing. If this explains your situation, there is no problem with that whatsoever.

Exterminators will solve whatever spider problems you have in no time.

  • Exclusion

What better way to deny entry to black widow spiders than adopting exclusion strategies?

These spiders will use and exploit any opening or cracks they see to find their way in. You’d want first to find and seal such cracks as soon as possible.

Get a tube sealant or caulking gun and find these openings. Are screens covering some parts of your home? Are these damaged? If they are, you can fix them using a screen patch.

You can go even further by installing door sweeps on all doors. Consider your windows too. The aim is to make your home impenetrable as much as possible to the tiniest black widow spiders.

  • Clear Your Home Surroundings

This is very crucial to black widow spider control. Clearing your surroundings is a multifaceted approach. It includes trimming down on overgrown shrubs or removing them outright.

There are also crawling plants such as ivy, which spiders love to climb and build their webs or nests on.

Rock or woodpiles are other things you must get rid of.

The point is to make your immediate surroundings less conducive to black widow spiders. It would be best if you went all the way to clearing clutter around your home.

This is worth the effort and helps reduce black widow spider bites. Also, remember that your kids and pets are more active around the house.

This information should help you appreciate the extent to which you must go to make your environment black widow spider-free.

  • Consider Using Commercial Insecticides

Commercial insecticides and repellents aren’t in short supply. These come in different forms, such as sprays, aerosols, and concentrates.

Commercial insecticides may have residual or after-effects.

In other words, these will continue to be effective against black widow spiders for a considerable period until the strength wanes.

Other insecticides will only kill spiders on contact with no residual effects.

We recommend using commercial insecticides that have residual or after-effects. These will help make your home surroundings immune to spider presence.

Commercial insecticides come with use instructions. These are significant pieces of information you need to abide by fully.

Such information is for your safety (very crucial) and provides you with helpful instructions to get the best results.

  • Provide Proper Lighting

Black widow spiders are attracted to dimly lit areas. This information should help you provide artificial lighting to poorly lit areas of your home. Indoor areas of your home, such as garages, crawl spaces, and basements, are mostly dimly lit.

Provide lighting in these areas to prevent and make such locations uninviting.

  • Vacuuming for Black Widow Spider Removal

This is one of the safest ways to remove spiders from around homes. This suction power draws them in without putting you in danger of being bitten. However, you must be careful when emptying the contents after cleaning.

By the way, black widow spiders must be evacuated from the machine immediately.

For safety and to avoid bites, place the vacuuming bag into a plastic bag and dispose of it properly. These creatures are taken out without posing a threat to you or the person handling the job.

Also, clean up the woven web from around your home. This helps make your surroundings less messy too.

  • Your Store Should be Properly Arranged

Most times, people mistake piling their belongings on the floor or along walls in the store. This is the wrong way of doing things and easily attracts all kinds of pests, black widow spiders inclusive.

To reduce clutter and improve storage, you should take these items off floors and walls. It would be best if you placed your shelves or racks so that it doesn’t encourage spiders from congregating.

  • Apply Insecticide Sprays

You should apply insecticide sprays to lawns, trees, and plants. This should come after you’ve trimmed and reduced overgrown shrubs and lawns.

Some good insecticide spray products include Demand CS and Spectracide Triazicide Insect killer. As earlier mentioned, you should fully understand the user manual before applying for safety and accuracy.

Black widow spider bites are poisonous and painful, so you should avoid having them around.

The removal steps above will significantly help exterminate and repel this species of spiders.

You also save yourself some money because most of these methods are low-cost yet effective ways to deal with the problem.

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