If you have a gecko problem then keep reading, as I will be giving you tips on how to get rid of geckos in the house.

A lot of people are afraid of creeping creatures, especially when they are found in the home.

Geckos are one of such creatures, and they aren’t the type to just visit and leave. They usually make themselves as comfortable as they can in your home until you do something about it.

About House Geckos

Similar to most small lizards, geckos feast on smaller insects. For this reason, you can find them creeping near your indoor flower pot in search of insects that hang around the leaves.

They make their way into your house through open doors or windows and make themselves at home.

They are attracted to warm areas, so don’t be surprised if you find them simply chilling out beside one of your wall lamps.

Many people don’t know this, but geckos are nocturnal animals, and they can be quite noisy at night. If you hear scratching sounds around food storage areas, then you may have a gecko in your store.

Another sign of a gecko in the home is a shredded tail skin. Just like other lizards, geckos shed their tail skin too. If you find this just laying on the floor or near places where food is stored, then start preparing yourself to deal with one or more geckos.

The good thing is, geckos are not very good at hiding they do the exact opposite. They love being on the walls so you can see them.

Now that you understand a bit about geckos, you can use the information you have to remove them from your home.

How To Get Rid Of House Geckos

There are several means by which you can remove these crawlers from your home.

Follow these tips –

  • Chase Them Away Immediately

Geckos are similar to other lizards, being that they quickly run in through the door or window once the opportunity presents itself.

If you are present at the time when they run in, then scoot them away immediately. You can use body movements and hand gestures to do this.

If the first thing they encounter on their way into your home in danger, then they’ll turn and quickly run back outside.

If you’re not fast enough to spot them coming in, then you’ll shut the door with zero knowledge that a gecko has just crept into your home.

  • Strike Them Dead

Geckos usually move solo, meaning it’ll be difficult to find a bunch of geckos inside your home. Most likely, you’ll come across just one at a time.

If that be the case, you can get rid of them the old fashioned way, by getting a broom and smacking them dead with it.

It’s a simple and straightforward means of getting rid of just one gecko.

There is a problem with this method though, striking a gecko might leave a stain on your wall if the blow opens up its skin and fluids are released.

You might want to consider the cost of a paint touch-up before you hit the lizard. Also, consider more stainless approaches.

  • Set A Glue Trap

If you’re freaked about going near a gecko, then striking it with a broom may not be an ideal option for you. Besides, if the gecko is ripped open by the blow, then its internal fluids will stain your walls.

That being said, you might want to consider setting up a glue trap to catch the gecko.

Glue traps are flat boards about the size of an average book cover when opened, with sticky glue all over the surface.

To catch a gecko using a glue trap, you need to first buy one. The next step is to place the glue trap in areas around your house where the gecko loves to visit. Remember, I mentioned they love warm areas and flower pots (because of insects).

While you may not have any bait to place on the glue trap to attract the gecko, it will still fall for it if the trap is placed in an area where it frequently visits. All it takes is one mistake!

Place a glue trap right at the base of your flower pot, and place another next to your desk lamp. Turn off all the other lights in the room so your desk lamp will be the only light and heat source in the room. This will draw the gecko closer to the lamp, and the trap.

Leave the traps and check back in the morning.

If the gecko visited that space, then it would most likely step on the glue trap and get stuck. They aren’t big lizards, so they can’t fight themselves free of the board.

Using the glue trap to catch a gecko has its advantages. One of which is the ability to catch more than one gecko at a time. Secondly, there will be no bloodstains on your wall or floor, just a gecko in a trap.

  • Get A Cat

Cats are among the most agile animals known to man, and there is no sizeable indoor animal they cannot chase and catch. It could be a bird, a mouse, or a gecko.

This is a simple solution to ridding your home of geckos, lizards, and rats. As long as the gecko is anywhere close to the ground and not high up the wall, then your cat can catch it.

Sadly for the gecko, if it needs to feast then it has to move around and search for food. If the cat keeps making life difficult for it, then it will look for the next window opening and simply go away.

  • Get Rid Of House Insects

Geckos feast on insects so this should be a no-brainer. If you want the geckos gone then get rid of their food source.

Keeping your house free of delicious insects will mean the geckos will have nothing to eat, especially if the food in your storage has been tightly locked away.

There are many means by which you can reduce the insect population in your house. You can sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth over your indoor flowers to get rid of insects. You can also buy a bug zapper to kill houseflies in contact.

A lack of food will cause the gecko to weigh its options – Remain here and starve,  or go out and survive.

  • Use Temperature Against Them

Since we know geckos love to be around warm areas, then we can assume they will detest colder spaces.

Geckos love hanging out in the sun and close to electric light sources that produce heat. For this reason, you can use colder temperatures to chase them away.

Turn on your air conditioner and set it to its coolest point. If you have more than one air-conditioned then turn them both on. It will be great if they were in different rooms so the gecko won’t have anywhere else to run to but outside.

You can double your effort by filling up a spray gun with cold water and blasting the gecko with it. They are not comfortable with cold water and will do anything to get away from it.

With the air conditioner on, keep hitting the gecko with blasts of cold water and try and blast in such a way that the gecko will be forced to run towards the exit.

This is not the easiest method to apply when getting rid of geckos, but it works. It’ll require some physical effort though, as you will have quite an amount of cold water shooting to do.

Also, you’ll have some wet floors and furniture to deal with, so consider these before you start squirting them with water.

Changing room temperature to freezing conditions may just be enough. Although you would also have to stay outside until temperature returns to normal.

  • Use Motion Detection Hoses Or Sprinklers

Chasing geckos out of your home is one thing, keeping them out is another.

Since we’ve already figured out they don’t like cold water, then you can use your outdoor sprinkler or hose against them.

If you have a motion detection sprinkler installed, then you’re in luck. If a gecko tries to sprint across your porch or yard, then the sprinklers will come on and spray the much-dreaded cold water over the gecko.

This will discourage the gecko from making any further progress.

  • Make A Game Out Of Catching Geckos

You may not be a fan of geckos but your kids may not mind playing with them.

Geckos do not bite and are not harmful to humans so if you want them gone, you can make w game out of it. Ask your kids to catch a gecko for a reward!

They’ll have fun doing it.


Follow the tips above to remove geckos from your house.

I trust this article on how to get rid of geckos has been helpful.

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