How To Get Rid Of Lizards On Porch, Walls & Ceiling

Are you interested in practical ways to get rid of house lizards for good? Discover effective lizard extermination methods in this guide.

Not many people feel comfortable having lizards around. Buy it may interest you to know that these are indeed beneficial. Lizards feed on a wide variety of insects.

Nonetheless, lizards can be gotten rid of using a variety of ways as you’d find here. No matter how difficult your problem is, we have an animal removal solution for you.

Lizard Control: Why Are They Considered Pests

Despite the benefits of lizards, they are still seen as pests.

Lizards are harmless to humans but can get too close for comfort. Their small bodies make it easy for them to gain entrance into homes. Entryways include cracks, spaces between sliding doors and windows as well as through vents.

Finding them within homes is what a lot of people won’t tolerate. This is reason enough for people to seek urgent steps to arrest the problem. Thankfully you have a comprehensive guide to use in eliminating lizards.

Home Remedies For Lizard Extermination

There are lots of options for getting rid of lizards. The two major ones include the use of home remedies and chemical sprays. Note that each of these measures is effective. However, their differences lie in safety.

Home remedies are usually considered safer. Especially around pets and kids. This is a non-toxic way to get the job done.

Chemicals, on the other hand, are mostly toxic. This can pose a significant danger to our pets. You are left with a choice.

We have included both types (but mostly non-toxic home remedies) to allow you to choose.

How To Remove Lizards From Home Permanently

This is the focus of our discussion. As you’d find out shortly, several ways can be taken rid of your home of lizards. Each of these has been proven to provide the needed effect.

This section will also provide a few homemade options. You can either choose or combine any of them for the desired results.

Here is how to get a lizard out of your house:

  • The Use of Naphthalene Balls

The use of naphthalene balls is one of the best ways to rid your home of lizards. These balls are white in appearance. All you need to do is place them around your home, especially around the most affected areas.

They contain properties that irritate lizards and keep them at bay.

Naphthalene balls are great for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • Garlic

Garlic is a great remedy against lizards. If you love it, then you may as well find an additional use for it. Garlic cloves can be placed around doors and windows. Additional openings such as cracks should rather be sealed. Lizards dislike the strong smell of garlic.

Another alternative is to juice it. The liquid should be poured into a spray bottle and applied to the most affected areas.

  • Bayer Advanced Ready-to-Spray Complete Insect Killer

This chemical product can be purchased on Amazon. It has both direct and indirect effects on lizards. It comes in three forms; granular, pellet, and liquid forms. Beta-cyfluthrin is a major active ingredient that kills lizards. But you must be careful when using this product. Its toxicity may be harmful to pets and humans. You can start by carefully reading its instructions for use.

  • Getting Rid of Food Sources

This is a critical area to consider when getting rid of lizards in and around your property.

To start with, they get attracted to food. You need to take out these food sources to make your home less inviting. This calls for a multi-dimensional approach such as;

i. Keep Your Home Insect-Free

Lizards thrive wherever insects are abundant. This means combating such insect problems will create food scarcity for lizards. As a result, such food will have to be sourced elsewhere.

ii. Clean-Up Food Crumbs

Lizards also feed on food crumbs. It doesn’t matter where this may be (whether in the trash can or wherever they may find it). You need to clean up after eating. Trash should be properly disposed of. This is in addition to a well-sealed trashcan.

iii. Clearing Pet Food

Pets are likely to litter food around after eating. They don’t always finish up what’s on their plates. This requires getting rid of pet leftovers.

  • Using Peacock Feathers

For some reason, lizards are afraid of peacock feathers. This may be due to its multicolored appearance. You can start by placing these around your walls. There’s no limitation on how or where you can place these.

It all depends on your creativity. While using it to get rid of lizards, it also serves to beautify your surroundings.

  • Pepper Spray

Pepper spray has been used with great results. You can start by adding some ground black pepper to the water.

This mixture should be shaken in a spray bottle and applied around the house. Its spicy odor makes it very uncomfortable for lizards to stay close. Plus, this is a non-toxic way to get rid of the problem.

On how to get rid of lizards on the porch, spray Cayenne pepper around porch edges as this serves as an irritant when lizards step on them.

Also, ensure that shrubs are well pruned and that you do not have succulents that lizards can chew around your porch.

  • Lizard Defense

This product can be bought on Amazon. It has a natural residual effect that repels lizards.

Every application will last at least 6 weeks. It can also be sprayed directly onto furniture and carpets. Lizard’s defense works by making it impossible for them to cling onto walls. It’s important to read its directions for use.

  • Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce has similar effects to pepper spray. This is a readily available product found in most homes. So how is it used? Easy! You only need to make a mixture of this sauce and water.

This is well mixed and poured into a spray bottle. The contents are then applied to affected areas.

  • Use of Ice-Cold Water

Another great way to get rid of lizards is by using ice-cold water on them. This is no rocket science. You only need to splash ice-cold water onto lizards. This has a disabling effect on them.

Lizards are unable to move. As such, you only need to grab them and get rid of them.

But this has its limitations. It’s considered a limitation because direct contact is required. As a result, it may not be as effective. The process may also be tiring as the lizard population may be much. Plus, its effects are only short-lived.

  • Sealing All Cracks

Cracks are suitable for hiding spots for lizards. These also serve as eventual entry points. Finding a lasting solution to the problem entails fixing such cracks.

However difficult it is, sealing up cracks helps you overcome the problem. This is only part of solving your lizard problem and not enough in itself.

  • Seal Up Openings

There are lots of ways through which lizards get into homes. More so, such entry points can be used by other reptiles.

So, getting rid of the problem starts by finding and closing them up. Are you confused about what these entry points are?

They include fissures at window and door corners. In addition to fissures are water pipes and drainage.

  • Introduce Natural Predators

This is one creative way to get rid of lizards on your porch.

Cats are cute pets people love to keep. But these aren’t just cute pets. They also hunt down rats, mice, and lizards.

So what better way to rid your home of these pests than by introducing this natural predator? Even better is the fact that cats rid your home of other types of pests such as mice and rats.

  • Egg Shells

Eggshells? Is this for real? Absolutely! Lizards are known to detest the presence of eggshells. This creates makes them feel they aren’t in friendly territory. But, fresh eggshells need to be replaced every 3 weeks.

  • Coffee and Tobacco Powder

One of the best home remedies to take care of your lizard problem is by mixing both coffee and tobacco powder. This should be made into balls and placed in lizard cracks. Lizards get killed when they ingest this mixture.

  • Onion

The pungent smell of onion is disliked by lizards. This can be used against them. But how?

Some of the ways you can use onions include slicing them and keeping them around windows and doors. Cracks are additional targets to consider.

When mixed in water, onion juice should be sprayed around places most frequented by lizards.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils have a lot of uses including lizard control.

Are lizards scared of lemongrass? Well, lemongrass essential oil is very effective against lizards. You only need to apply a few drops of this around the most infested areas.

In the absence of lemongrass oil, consider using lemongrass tea bags. These should be hanged around areas with lizard droppings.

Lemongrass itself can also be burnt around your home. It releases a strong scent that is disliked by lizards.

If you are looking for an effective option, Lemongrass is effective.


For anyone interested, here are some more lizard repellents to consider.

Getting rid of lizards is not as difficult as you think. It also not as easy. You only need to know the steps to take or what to use at a particular time.

We have provided you with several of these. By using any, or a combination of these, you should be able to overcome your pest challenges.

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