How to Get Rid of Mud Daubers

To deal with this wasp species, we’ve provided effective methods to get rid of mud daubers. You get to choose what option serves your needs best.

How to Get Rid of Mud Wasps

Mud daubers are known by several names, including organ-pipe wasps, dirt daubers, potter wasps, and mud wasps. When nesting around a home, these wasps are considered a nuisance due to their nesting behavior.

As the name suggests, the mud nests they build can become an eyesore.

Plus, stings from these wasps pose a health problem. For most people, having these creatures around their property can be unsettling.

Are Mud Daubers Aggressive?

One of the things you may want to know about mud daubers is whether they’re aggressive or not.

This enables you to determine how to approach or perform the removal job. Luckily, these wasps are relatively docile. Unlike hornets and other wasp species, mud daubers aren’t so aggressive.

Mud daubers have been found to give up their nests without much of a fight when attacked. While true, you should take utmost care regarding how you approach the removal job.

To be safe, it’s best to relocate or remove their nests at night when they’re least active.

  • How to Keep Mud Daubers Away from House

While some DIY enthusiasts may like to handle their mud dauber issues, others would also prefer to call for competent help. You’re likely to belong to either category.

If you prefer the DIY approach, the methods and tips outlined below are highly effective.

However, if you’d instead a trained technician perform the mud dauber removal task, all you have to do is give them a call.

Here, there are no worries whatsoever as all you have to do is point to the problem when the pros arrive. Trained and experienced technicians will carry out a thorough job.

How to Get Rid of Mud Daubers Naturally

There are multiple techniques to handle dirty daubers.

Here, insecticides are mostly avoided due to the harm they cause to plants, the environment, your pets, and your kids. On the other hand, natural techniques eliminate the problem while posing no such risks.

Some practical ways to eliminate mud dauber issues include using natural products like citrus oil, peppermint oil, dishwashing soap, and vinegar treatment.

The paint treatment also helps eliminate mud daubers.

Others include scraping off the nest and attracting natural predators. Please pay close attention to their food source. As long as there are spiders around, mud daubers will be incentivized to hand around.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these techniques.

i. Citrus Oil Treatment for Mud Daubers

Citrus oil is quite versatile in terms of its application. One of such applications helps in mud dauber control. Now, mud daubers detest the scent given off by this oil.

Plus, citrus oil helps kill other bugs and insects in your home. With this reality, you can find solutions to multiple pest issues.

To prepare your citrus oil treatment, all that’s needed is a spray bottle, some water, and a teaspoonful of citrus oil. Mix and empty into the spray bottle. You should spray all affected areas.

Repeat treatment may be necessary to get the best result.

ii. Peppermint Oil Treatment for Mud Daubers

This essential oil treatment also helps solve your mud dauber issues.

Like citrus oil, mud daubers hate the smell of this oil. This is leveraged to drive these pests away. To prepare this, you’ll need to add a teaspoon of peppermint oil to a cup of water.

Mix and pour into the spray bottle. Now target all infested areas of your home and have them sprayed. Not only will this treatment keep mud daubers at bay, but it will also drive away other bugs and insects.

You may have to repeat treatment every few days until an improvement is noticed.

iii. Dishwashing Soap Treatment

Dishwashing soap is another readily available ingredient you can apply to address your mud dauber problem.

All that’s needed is to add a teaspoonful to a cup of water and mix. You can also add any essential oil to make the treatment more potent.

Empty into a spray bottle and apply across infested areas. Again, it’s crucial to ensure that all treatment is done at night to avoid stings. This is the time mud daubers are least active.

You’ll have to apply this treatment severally to have the best result.

iv. Vinegar Treatment for Mud Daubers

Vinegar is a great product that can help solve your mud dauber issues.

Like other treatments mentioned, mud daubers are affected by their scents. To prepare your vinegar treatment, you’ll need to combine equal parts vinegar and water.

Mix properly and empty into a spray bottle.

Now have all affected areas of your home sprayed. Not only will this technique repel mud daubers, but it can also kill them when it comes in contact with them.

v. The Paint Treatment

There are claims that mud daubers can be repelled using the paint treatment.

This approach or technique may not be convenient for many, as painting your walls to eliminate mud daubers might be unnecessary.

Areas painted blue is believed to confuse and disorient mud daubers. Entomologists believe that blue resembles the sky, making mud daubers stay off.

You may have to try this approach to see if it works.

vi. Removing Mud Dauber Nests

Clearing up an infested area is something you’ll need to do even after getting rid of mud daubers.

Now, you’ll need to consider that these nests are made from mud, so systematic removal is necessary. Wasp freeze is a great product to use for this.

It helps ensure that any wasps remaining in the nest(s) are disabled. Having applied wasp freeze, have the nest scraped using a paint scraper. With the nest off, have the area cleared of any debris.

You’ll need to spray the area with some water to clean up any residue.

vii. Eliminating their Food Source

Adopting preventive control for mud daubers won’t be a bad idea.

These pests prey on spiders. By removing spiders, you also remove a critical food source, making your surroundings less attractive to mud daubers.

There you have it. These removal techniques help you get rid of mud daubers without difficulty. You might want to try out any of these today.

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