Here, we have outlined some ways to get rid of pigeons without hurting them, using natural repellents and control devices.

Pigeons may look adorable but the mess they leave behind can be pretty disgusting. Plus, such a mess contains diseases and parasites.

The damage caused to properties is also a major concern. This is even made worse due to their prolific breeding nature.

So, the focus here is showing you how to get rid of pigeons. We will look at several ways you can take back control of your property in the easiest way possible.

Risks Caused by Pigeons

It’s important to fully disclose the type of risks posed by pigeons. There are two major types. They include health risks and property damage.

Each of these will be briefly explained for better understanding.

  • Health Risks

Feral pigeons are likely to transmit certain diseases to humans. Especially when nesting within such environments. Most of these diseases are airborne.

The most common of these include candidiasis, coli, salmonellosis, cryptococcosis, Louis encephalitis, and histoplasmosis.

The best way to avoid these is by getting rid of the problem (pigeons).

  • Damage to Property

Property damage caused by pigeons is common. A large flock of pigeons poses an even greater problem. It starts with their droppings.

Pigeon droppings will mess with your patios as well as cars among others. They also perch on your rooftop, gutters as well as on-air conditioning units.

These all contribute to introducing contaminants into the air. Especially when the air conditioning unit is on. You don’t want to be faced with any of these.

So, getting rid of pigeons off your balcony, yard, and other parts of your home; is your best bet.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons from Trees, Balcony and Yard

It’s no secret that pigeons create lots of problems. But these can be contained by finding and applying the right strategies. This section of the article is about such control methods and deterrent products.

Read on to find the most effective ways to get rid of any difficult pigeon problem.

If you are interested, here are the cost implications of pigeon control.

  • Homemade Pigeon Repellent

Bird repellent gels come in different brands. These are applied onto surfaces pigeons always rest on. This is sticky and will create discomfort for these birds. But unlike other types of glues (such as those used on traps), they won’t cause harm to pigeons.

Bird repellents only work by making your home surroundings uncomfortable.

You need to apply this gel to the affected surfaces. We all know that pigeons rest on just about any surface. These include rooftops, railings, eaves, tree branches, window sills, etc. Not only is this gel sticky, but it also gives off a repulsive scent. This scent, coupled with the stickiness of the gel drives out birds.

To apply, spread a thin layer of it on targeted surfaces. Do not apply too much of it or it turns into a mess. Plus, you don’t need to apply this often. One application will last up to a year.

What more? It’s not only effective on pigeons. It works on all types of birds too.

  • Pigeon Traps

Pigeon traps are great for ridding your environment of birds. Traps are of different types but pretty much operate the same way. These come with double doors which are triggered whenever they get in. But pigeons won’t just stroll into an open trap. Some bait is required.

To bait pigeons, you need some grains. Make them used to a particular spot by pouring some grains. Follow up by introducing your trap(s). When trapped, dispose of it as far as possible from your home.

This is only one of several ways to keep your barn free of pigeons.

  • Anti-Roosting Spikes

Pigeons will roost on roofs and any other place they find comfortable. But you can use anti-roosting spikes to prevent all of this from happening.

These spikes can be purchased from local hardware stores. They are quite expensive. However, you will derive maximum benefit from it.

By installing these, you are making your environments uninviting. Anti-roosting spikes are created for a variety of uses. These can be adapted to fit any purpose.

Whenever pigeons try to roost, they are prevented by these pointed and menacing objects. They have to take off as they are unable to land on it.

  • Remove Food Sources

Pigeons are notorious for seeking out free food. There are lots of food sources they survive on.

But food isn’t the only attractant. There’s also water to deal with. They need water to bathe and drink.  These need to be gotten rid of to make your home or surroundings less inviting. Pet food, fruits, and vegetables are food sources they find irresistible.

Your garbage provides an ample source of food. To tackle the pigeon problem, try keeping these away from them. You can start by securing the lids of trash cans.

The removal of food and water sources is crucial to having a pigeon-free surrounding.

  • Electronic Scarecrows

Scarecrow designs have evolved with time to more advanced forms. One of them is an electronic owl. These are designed to make sounds as well as move their heads.

Pigeons are frightened by these and will keep their distance. Get as many of these and install them in strategic areas of your home.

Scarecrows aren’t the only scare devices available. Others include snake and black crow replicas. These are quite effective and will give pigeons the scare of their life. They need to look realistic though. Thankfully, most of them look like the real deal.

Before deciding to use electronic scarecrows, consider informing your household. Letting everyone in on your decision to use these won’t take people unawares.

Although such aren’t life-threatening, they also will scare anyone that stumbles upon them. Never forget that fear in itself can be deadly.

  • Bird Reflectors

The flashes generated by bird reflectors are disturbing to birds. Pigeons get scared when there’s a constant and chaotic light dance around them. These can also be hung on just about any angle around the home. Which makes it very effective.

There are fewer home remedies that scare pigeons like bird reflectors.

The quickly changing colors create a disturbing illusion. The slightest movement of breeze will enhance their movement, thereby increasing their effect on pigeons. Noise is also generated from such movements.

So, get started by purchasing these at local stores near you. It’s also a cost-effective way to get rid of pigeons.

  • Auto Water Jets

Auto water jets are products you can rely on to combat difficult pigeon problems. It works by shooting a blast of water at pigeons and all sorts of birds that perch around. But how does it get activated?

The auto water jet comes with motion sensors. These will get triggered once pigeons settle on your rooftops or any place else around your home.

This device can also be installed at any angle. It’s important because you won’t want it shooting a blast at anyone that gets too close.

You also have the option of setting it to work at any time of day or night. It is very useful because it provides coverage for a wide area. It blasts water as far as 30 feet.

  • Spices

If you wish to go the organic way, then spices should be given consideration. You can use any type of spice.

Some of the most common include chili powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and black pepper. These should be sprinkled around areas pigeons frequently. These will include window sills, patios, railings, rooftops, etc.

It will require frequent application though. This makes it even more effective. Once pigeons get the feel of it, they will rarely hang around. Your home surroundings become a no-go area.

Spices are non-toxic but can harm your pets. So, care must be exercised by pet owners.

  • Bird Netting

Bird netting can be deployed to protect your property from pigeons. These are sold in local stores or garden centers. You only need to install around your buildings to fend them off.

Bird netting can be easily installed and it has a lot of applications. There are also those for gardens too.

  • Ultrasonic Devices for Pigeons

This has proven to be a very effective method against pigeons and other birds. It is an electronic device that can be easily installed anywhere. You only need to install and forget. It gets the job done by emitting high-frequency sounds.

This makes birds within your surroundings distressed.

If you can’t find this at local stores, consider asking around. Your pest control expert should know better. If there’s anywhere you can find this, they should be in the know.

This is how to get rid of pigeons with sound.

  • Screening Off Vent Openings

Screening vent openings on structures like warehouses can stave off pigeons. Most of the time, Pigeons find such areas ideal for nesting. You can be get rid of them by screening off such vent openings.

Once installed, they are unable to gain entry. Therefore, providing a permanent solution to a difficult problem.

However difficult your pigeon problem is, the good news is that there are available solutions. We have included some of these above. Take back control of your property and surroundings by finding and applying the most appropriate strategies.

What more? You don’t only prevent property damage but also prevent diseases that may result from pigeon presence. Have you found this helpful? Go on and implement any of the above control methods.

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