How much is ice dam removal? This is our focus in this cost guide.

So, you didn’t pay close attention to your roof during the winter and now the melted snow has refrozen and formed ice dams on your eaves, in your gutters, and your downspouts.

Time to get rid of them and you’re wondering what the costs are right? Not to worry, I’m here to help.

Keep reading, as I’ll be answering all your questions regarding the cost of ice dam removal, and some important factors you can consider along the way.

What Can Influence The Cost Of Ice Dam Removal

All ice dam removal companies can’t charge the same. And the amount they will charge you for ice dam removal is dependent on many factors.

Let’s take a look at how ice dam removal companies will arrive at your bill.

  1. The size of the ice dam

If you live in a big house with a large roof, then you’ll have a much bigger ice dam problem than you thought.

Large ice dams will definitely take more time to get rid of, and the time spent will be factored into your bill.

The same concept can be applied if your roof is small and the ice dam formation isn’t major. This would definitely cost you less.

  1. Expertise

A reputable ice dam company will be staffed with the most skilled and experienced workers. These are the type of guys that know exactly what they are doing, and you can be more confident when you hire them.

The thing is, experience and expertise don’t come cheap, as all reputable ice dam removal companies will charge according to their statuses.

Of course, there are smaller, less skilled, and less experienced ice dam removal companies out there. But the problem with them is that some of them may not really know what they are doing.

Some may even have hidden charges which they will not inform you about until they are in the middle of the job.

Speaking of hidden charges, these inexperienced contractors can accidentally damage your shingles without letting you know. They’ll be long gone before you find out, and you’ll have to spend your hard-earned money on repairs!

  1. Equipment

Besides having more experience, reputable ice dam removal companies also have better equipment.

You wouldn’t expect a contractor with a 250F+ steam blaster to charge as low as one that uses an ineffective hot water spray, do you?

Also, keep in mind that an industrial ice dam steamer is a powerful machine that needs a generator to operate. This would mean providing adequate fuel for power.

To add to that, ice dam removal equipment has to be moved from the office to your home, then back again after the job has been completed.

The quality and sophistication of the equipment being used greatly influence the cost of ice dam removal.

  1. Insurance policies

Another important factor an ice dam removal company will consider is the dangers associated with the job. Your roof will be icy and slippery on a cold winter day, and so will everything else.

This puts the workers at risk of slipping and falling to the ground. Injuries may occur, and so can death. And this is why a good ice dam removal company will take insurance seriously.

Besides their workers, the company will also ensure its equipment too.

Among the most popular insurance policies for ice dam removal companies are liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

  1. Distance

If you’d like to save money on ice dam removal, then you should hire a company that’s located close to your home.

As you can imagine, the distance would be factored in by the ice dam removal company when working out your bill.

  1. Emergency response

Ice dams can become problematic in the blink of an eye. You could step out of your house and notice that your downspouts are being outstretched due to the ice dam formation inside.

In such a case, you could be prompted to request immediate service from the ice dam removal company. Such an urgent request can attract a higher fee, as opposed to removing the ice dam at a much later time.

  1. Bad weather

Ice dam removal on its own is a tricky task, and bad weather can make it even more tricky.

Maintaining balance in an icy roof is difficult, and if the weather isn’t getting any better, the ice dam removal company can charge you extra.

Most ice dam removal professionals would rather work in clear or moderate weather, as it is safer and work can be done quicker.

  1. Other miscellaneous costs

Last but not least, an ice dam removal company will consider other miscellaneous costs when working out your bill.

These costs include fuel costs and overtime costs. Unforeseen circumstances or occurrences can also influence your bill.

Average Cost Of Ice Dam Removal

On average, ice dam removal costs about $400 to $600 per hour.

You could get this service for less, but if you do, then you might just be dealing with a company that doesn’t really know what they’re doing.

These estimates are based on thorough research, as well as a consideration of all the relevant factors involved.

These factors include the use of ice dam removal tools, the distance between the company and the house, worker wages, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Finding The Most Affordable Ice Dam Removal Service

We’ve already spoken of the average cost of ice dam removal. However, not all ice dam removal companies will charge the same.

If you’re on a tight budget, then you should find the most affordable service around.

You can start by going through the internet and comparing as many prices as you can. Don’t forget to choose an ice dam company close to your home, just so the distance won’t add to your expenses.

Also, be sure there are no hidden charges involved!


Ice dam removal costs vary according to the status of the removal company and other factors like size, distance, and the tools being used.

You can always cut costs by choosing a company near you, and requesting their services when the weather is fair.

Thanks for reading!