Is Bradford White a Good Water Heater? – 6 Reasons to Buy

Do you consider Bradford white good water heaters? Here are some feedback potential buyers should take note of.

In discussing Bradford White heaters, we begin with an overview of the brand, answering the question and reasons why Bradford White heaters are good.

Among such reasons are energy efficiency, durability, lifespan, safety system, and protection against corrosion. Does your water heater need replacement?

Are Bradford White Water Heaters Good?

Water heaters come in many brands, the top ones being Bradford White, Rheem, Ecosmart, AO Smith, Ariston, Noritz, etc. As the title suggests, this article focuses on one of these: Bradford White.

Is a Bradford White water heater good? All the answers you seek have been provided in this guide. If you’re looking to buy this heater brand, the information here would help.

We’ve also included information on where to buy a Bradford White water heater.

Bradford White Water Heaters: An Overview

It’s necessary to start with an introduction to the Bradford White water heater brand.

This major manufacturer of heating solutions and storage products for various residential, professional, commercial, and industrial applications.

Its water heater product categories range from upright and lowboy electric water heaters.

More Bradford White heater categories include the utility electric water heater, wall-hung water heaters, and the powerful compact water heater.

Under each of these categories are several models which offer lots of options to pick from. With many such options, you will likely find one that serves your needs.

Now to the question: are Bradford White water heaters good?

Answering the Question

They are. At least from what most reviewers say about the product, this heater brand is easily among the best brands available.

The many models under each Bradford White heater category cater to customer preferences.

These options meet specific needs. As a buyer, you’ll need to assess your water heating needs before exploring the options that best fit such.

Many product reviews left by buyers of this water heater brand highlight several benefits, including durability, attractive design, efficiency, and reliable customer service.

While product reviews are never 100% positive, they give a reliable idea of what to expect about a product. You also have the freedom of independent research to determine the veracity of such reviews.

Why Bradford White Water Heaters are Good

While Bradford White water heaters may be widely accepted as generally good, the reasons for such opinions must be stated or identified.

Such mainly include energy efficiency, durability, lifespan, safety system, and corrosion resistance. Further discussions on these reasons would help influence your decision (whether to buy one or not).

i. Energy Efficiency

Bradford White water heaters are good due to their EnergyStar rating. In other words, these heaters are certified for top efficiency with low energy usage.

This feature quickly makes this product stand out from the competition. However, this isn’t to say other reputable water heater brands aren’t energy efficient.

You can explore further details about energy ratings for Bradford White water heaters by looking at multiple models like Infiniti K Tankless water heaters, AeroTherm, and eF Series.

ii. Product Lifespan

One of the pros of having a Bradford White water heater is its lifespan. Its heaters are designed to last up to a decade.

However, this is only guaranteed under some ideal conditions, like if the heater has not been moved from its original installation location.

Also, your Bradford White water heater must have been initially installed by a qualified professional.

The brand works with qualified technicians who supply and fix its products. The ten-year lifespan is also guaranteed when regular maintenance is performed.

A qualified Bradford White technician must handle such.

iii. Safety System

For most people, safety is non-negotiable when buying a product. Bradford White water heaters are built with such consideration.

Its Defender Safety Systems consist of a flame arrestor technology that safeguards against igniting flammable vapor outside the tank.

This safety feature places this water heater brand a step higher compared to other brands, which have caused fire outbreaks.

iv. Corrossion-Resistant

One of the features that makes Bradford White water heater stand out from some competitors is its corrosion-resistant capability.

This is made possible through its Vitraglas Tank Lining with Microban.

Besides protection from corrosion, this technology also shields the tank from mildew, bacteria, and mold growth on the tank lining.

For many buyers, this feature will influence their purchase decisions. It adds to the reason why Bradford White water heaters are considered good.

v. Durability

Anyone shopping for a water heater should consider product durability. Bradford White water heaters are known for their durability.

This is guaranteed through careful engineering that ensures longevity.

However, you must understand that you have a role in determining how long your water heater lasts. With regular maintenance, you’re sure to enjoy extended use.

vi. Customer Support

The customer support at Bradford White is top-notch. It has a dedicated customer service team committed to fixing any issues with your water heating appliance.

Consider keeping in contact after your purchase. This product manufacturer is interested in knowing all its clients enjoy its products.

Does your Water Heater Need Replacement?

Having listed several reasons why Bradford White water heaters are good, let’s consider an equally vital point: knowing when your water heater needs replacement.

Every product has a lifespan within which it’s expected to function effectively. Upon expiration, you may notice frequent breakdowns.

Other likely issues pointing to the need for replacement may include unusual noises, leaks, no heating, and rustiness. These require immediate action by way of replacement.

However, you’ll need confirmation from a qualified Bradford White heater technician.

Where to Buy a Bradford White Water Heater

If you’ve read this guide from the beginning, you may be convinced to get or purchase a Bradford White water heater. If so, you need to know how to go about the process.

To offer the best possible service to clients, Bradford White has an agreement with qualified professionals to sell and install its range of products, including water heaters.

It has a contractor finder link, which can be used to locate the nearest contractor within your area. Start your search and inquiry from this point.

We’ve confirmed that Bradford White water heaters are good. You can start getting one by following the details provided above.

We’ve also included reasons why water heating appliances sold by the Bradford White brand are excellent.

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