Here are some important uses of lavender essential oil in pest control.

Before you start cultivation or settling in a new environment, you’ll need to consider the activities of pests. Different natural oils can fight such insects. An example is Lavender.

Lavender oil isn’t restricted to human use only.

The aim here is to show you the different uses of this oil in pest control. This information that will be provided will open your eyes to see its benefits.

What Pests Are

Pests are annoying living things that turn your environment into a mess.

They could be in the form of animals, insects, or small organisms. You’re not the only victims of their activities, but also the crops. It has been a battle between them and farmers overtime when it comes to agriculture.

Pests are annoying. In homes, they’ll make your house a toilet with their dunk. Leaving them comfortable in your food storage is risky. Aside from them damaging your grains, their droppings can contaminate food.

All you need to do is to get lavender oil to keep them at bay.

Using Lavender Oil For Pest Control

Lavender essential oils have several uses. if your goal is to control pests and have a free and sweet environment, then this section will show you a few of the many uses of lavender oil in pest control.

Well, like you to consider using lavender oil to do the job for you. You don’t need a lot of money to do that, the oil is cheap but effective.

Lavender Pest Control

Pests are mostly attracted to food. This makes it easy for you to know the best method to apply.

Dealing with these insect pests and rodents need some little wisdom, as they are clever as well. You can wipe them through poisoning bait, fumigation, and pesticides.

If they have already turn your home into their abode. The aroma of lavender oil will make them weak; providing a chance for you to spike them.

Let’s see in detail how the oil works.

  • Poison bait

You can deal with some pest species by adding a little lavender oil to food. An application can also be done on stored grains. To end their pest activities in stores you’ll need to poison them. Rodents are the main target of this strategy.

Rodenticide bait is used to deal with house mice, and roof rats. This method is applicable in both urban and suburban environments.

  • Fumigation

If you thought lavender oil is for medication only, then you’re wrong. This oil can be used for the fumigation of households.

How can this be achieved?

You only need to mix lavender oil with water and apply it in form of sprays. You don’t need any special skill before you can do that, as anyone with the basic knowledge of pests is up to the task.

Spray the oil on surfaces, where they can have contact. Pests that mostly get hit through this method are flying and crawling insects.

Before fumigation, you’ll need to open all doors for ventilation, cover food items, and anything eatable for good hygiene. The toxic smell of the oil is what will wipe the existence of pests in your surrounding.

When the fumigation is not well done, you will put the lives of your family and people at risk.

  • Lavender Oil As Pesticides

Most pests find it difficult to stand Lavender oil. A pesticide is an effective way to control pests around you.

Farmers employ the use of chemical products and biological means to control pests.

Lavender oil can serve as a chemical method of dealing with pests. Apply the oil before cultivation, this will mitigate the pest burden on the soil.

Pests like mosquitoes are fond of causing malaria in humans. You can use Lavender oil as a spray to prevent them from spiking your homes. People with chimneys can apply this oil to prevent rodents from getting access to fireplaces if warm conditions in homes attract them.

Use Lavender oil to create an unfavorable environment in your surrounding.

It will be difficult to find pests in areas of such conditions. Some of these pests include bugs, rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, termites, and aphids.


Not only do humans hate seeing bugs in their homes, the plants as well don’t like bugs. This oil isn’t favorable for bugs, and other plants that have such poisonous content.  Farmers can use it to eradicate and protect their crops against pests.

To prevent them from accessing your homes, spray the oil on entry doors.


These are small insects that mostly invade farms. They attack the leaves and stems of plants by sucking the sap in them. These insects leave behind punctured holes on the lettuce to allow to them multiply rapidly.

Lavender essential oil is the best option available to keep them at bay, due to the poisonous chemicals in it.


For a positive result on Cockroaches, mix the oil with little water, and then apply it on surfaces.

Some of these surfaces include walls, cabinets, cotton balls, and other home furniture.  You can also apply it on kitchen utensils, but make sure to clean them before use.

Using such oil will stop them from taking ownership of your homes.


Applying lavender oil to the affected area will get them instantly killed. This only happens when they come in contact with the oil. Many homes are using it as a natural method of pest control.

Lavender oil is body-friendly, only when used with proper care. It’s safer to use on surfaces because it has less negative on the skin. It also prevents them from hatching eggs, which will reduce their population.


It’s a natural phenomenon to dislike any unpleasant smell. The oil exerts a poisonous smell to reduce its presence in the environment. The aroma of menthol is irritating and offensive to their nasal cavity.

In such conditions, they find it difficult to breathe in such an atmosphere.


Spraying the oil on plants will get them killed if they feast on them.

You can reduce their activities and damage rate on stored food using this method. The smell of the oil as well is not pleasing to them; it will prevent them from intruding into your home or farm.


You can as well prevent infestation by rats with Lavender oil. Expose them to lavender oil either through food or fumigation, doing so will reduce their chances of survival.

You should dispose of dead rats for proper hygiene.

Things to Consider When Using Lavender Essential Oil

Observe safety measures when you want to carry out this job. Wear protective clothes and glasses before fumigation.

Cover your nose to avoid inhaling the poisonous aroma of Lavender oil. This will protect you from getting in contact with the oil. The ointment is proven to cause skin disease if you don’t handle it with care.

Seek the help of experts if you can’t do the job yourself.

You can now see the uses of Lavender essential oil in pest control. The method of prevention is important in your homes and surrounding.

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