The focus of this article is the cost of masonry fireplace construction or installation.

Compared to the others, this tends to be the most expensive. Most of our focus here will be on the cost of a brick fireplace project.

Is it within your reach? Affordability is relative when it comes to fireplace installation costs.

As such, you’ll want to read through to know what it entails.

Stone Fireplace Cost

One of the most popular types of fireplace construction is the masonry fireplace. These are mostly built on-site with materials ranging from cement blocks, bricks, or natural stones.

Sometimes a combination of these construction materials may be used. Mortar is a common binding agent used for masonry fireplace construction.

Prefabricated Vs Masonry Fireplaces

When it comes to traditional fireplace construction, the masonry fireplace easily comes up. As the name implies, prefabricated fireplaces are already built and only need to be installed onsite.

Masonry chimneys are either built or constructed onsite using any of the materials mentioned earlier.

In terms of the cost value between the two, masonry fireplaces seem to attract the most cost.

On average, you’ll find masonry fireplaces going for around $10,000 or more depending on the type of construction among other things.

Depending on your needs, your cost could far exceed the given amount.

Masonry Fireplace Cost Options

How much is a stone fireplace?

Masonry fireplaces come in different designs. The type of design determines how much you incur in installation fees. There are basic installations as well as more complex ones.

For DIY-inclined homeowners, the likelihood of self-installation is likely. This cuts down on the total costs incurred for the project.

So how much does it cost to build a stone fireplace? Find out.

i. Basic Masonry Fireplace Installation Cost

A simple basic install of a masonry fireplace in home starts from around $10,000. This is mostly the cost when it’s being installed in a new home or structure.

In other words, the masonry fireplace is built together with the entire structure.

However, things can change considerably when it’s being added to an existing structure. Costs can almost double when this happens. Let’s have a further look at such.

ii. Cost of Installing Masonry Fireplace in Existing Home

The initial design of a home may not include a masonry chimney. The addition of one or more may only be an after-thought. Here, a great deal of renovation work will be necessary.

Adjustments to the home’s design will be necessary.

A considerable amount of cost will be involved here. On average, you may end up incurring an additional $7,000 which totals to about $17,000.

So, why exactly does installing a masonry fireplace in an existing structure cost this much?

Because a chimney will have to be built, its foundation will have to be prepared. This requires significant changes to a home’s existing structure to accommodate the fireplace and chimney.

iii. Material Costs

A masonry fireplace is built from a variety of materials like bricks, natural stones, and cement blocks. The material you wish to use will have an impact on the cost of installation.

Due to the cost of natural stones, innovations have been made with synthetic stones being an outcome or product of such innovations.

Synthetic stones tend to cost less than natural stones. As such, it lowers the total cost of installing your masonry fireplace compared to using natural stones.

In terms of actual costs, you could end up saving as much as 25% in installation costs using synthetic stones than natural stones.

One thing must be stated though. Synthetic stones do not have the natural properties or features of natural stones. This adversely affects heat retention as well as insulation.

So, in a bid to cut down on masonry fireplace installation costs, you sacrifice heat retention and insulation.

iv. Self Installation

Also known as DIY installation, self-installation is one option a lot of people choose in a bid to lower masonry fireplace costs.

DIY’ers will find this a cheaper alternative because it eliminates labor costs which form a significant part of the total cost of installation for a masonry fireplace.

With labor not being included, what you get to pay for is only the cost for materials and safety inspection. So, what percentage of the total cost of the project does self-installing a masonry fireplace reduce?

It will cut down or lower about 25% of the cost.

When using the $10,000 cost as the benchmark, 25% translates to about $2,500. For a 17,000 installation fee, 25% will translate to about $4,250.

Whichever way you look at it, you won’t have to pay for labor costs when you self-install your masonry fireplace.

  • Do You Have the Skills Necessary?

While seeking to carry out or perform self-installation of your masonry chimney, it’s important that you first consider the result.

In other words, you’ll need to be certain that you have what it takes to get the job done properly.

Not having the skill simply means you aren’t up to the task. Performing DIY installation of your masonry fireplace will only result in a shabby job.

You end up with a non-functional masonry fireplace that causes problems.

v. Masonry Heaters

To enhance the functionality and efficiency of your masonry fireplace, you might want to include a masonry heater. These are specially designed stones meant to retain the heat given off by a fire.

Masonry heaters continue to radiate the heat retained long after the fire must have been put off.

This significantly improves heating efficiency. It saves you a lot in terms of the heating cost.

However, the cost of installing a masonry heater is quite astronomical compared to the price of installing the masonry fireplace itself.

Masonry heaters could sell for as much as $25,000.

So, is it even wise to have masonry heaters installed when you’re on a tight budget? Persons on a tight budget will want to forgo or exclude masonry heaters.

However, most installers recommend adding these heaters to your masonry fireplace. According to them, it doesn’t only increase heating efficiency but also pays off in the long run.

Masonry fireplace costs have been discussed with various aspects of pricing looked at. If you’re planning on having one installed anytime soon, the cost details provided here should be of help.

These provide you with a heads-up on what to expect.

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