Modern Gas Fireplace Inserts – 10 Features To Look Out For

Here, we’ll be discussing modern gas fireplace inserts you can consider or choose from.

Each design has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from the rest. Talking from the buyer’s perspective, a modern gas fireplace insert must have certain characteristics that enhance efficiency.

Of course, such characteristics must be fairly new, recent, or be in vogue. There are tons of inserts from various manufacturers or brands being produced each year.

Gas fireplace inserts are considered more efficient and reliable as they easily fit into existing fireplaces.

Although inserts were invented around the late 1800s, they were eventually classified into the multiple fuel categories they used. Since then, significant gains have been made in terms of innovation.

What Qualifies a Gas Fireplace Insert as Modern?

In terms of what qualifies a gas fireplace insert as being modern, features play a big role. There are also current trends to consider as well as operability.

More important is the overall heating efficiency of such fireplace inserts.

Modern Gas Fireplace Insert Trends

One area we’ll focus on has to do with trends. Such trends define what’s considered modern. To have a better idea of the impact trend plays, you’ll need to make some comparisons.

Clear differences are seen when inserts that have been around for about 2 decades or more are placed side-by-side with more recent designs.

Some key features of modern gas fireplace inserts include smart ignition, adjustable heat, compact designs, guaranteed quality, and variable blowers.

Other distinguishing trends of modern gas fireplace inserts include attractive flames, direct vent inserts, and efficient heating.

What more? Modern gas fireplace inserts are customizable.

Also, these fireplaces spot larger windows for fire viewing. Let’s discuss each of these points as follows;

  • Smart Ignition

Smart ignition is one of several modern gas fireplace insert innovations. Smart ignition allows you to turn your gas fireplace insert with a remote! This brings an added layer of convenience to users.

Sometimes you may not be in the mood to get up.

However, with smart ignition, you’re able to start your gas fireplace insert or turn it off. More modern designs allow you to program your insert to come on and off at certain times of the day.

This is significant when considering the history of the early days of gas fireplace inserts.

  • Adjustable Heat

Like the smart ignition that comes with many modern gas fireplace inserts, there’s also an added benefit with adjustable heat.

The multi-stage adjustable control gives you greater operability as you get to turn up or turn down the fire.

You have the choice of choosing what works best for you. Modern gas fireplace inserts will have varying degrees of adjustments. You’ll need to pick which best serves your needs from the many options available.

  • Compact Designs

One of the most notable and common trends with modern devices is the fact that they’re more compact, yet highly efficient. The same applies to modern gas fireplace inserts.

These have been designed to better heat small spaces as well as large ones.

For large spaces, you may want to go for gas fireplace insert designs with blowers. This will effectively heat such spaces without much delay.

  • Guaranteed Quality

Quite a lot of the top fireplace insert brands today are reputed to manufacture durable products.

Durability impacts on performance. The added assurance of quality backed by guarantee is what gives buyers the confidence to make a purchase.

Also, there are tons of product reviews to help you make informed purchase decisions. Generally, you get better quality with modern gas fireplace inserts than with older products

  • Variable Blowers

Variable speed blowers play a key role in heat distribution.

These blower types have multiple speeds for the benefit of users. You get to either turn up blower speeds for farther thermal reach and intensity or turn down for shorter coverage and heat intensity.

You might want to ask around for modern gas fireplace inserts having the best blowers. These are considered way more efficient at heat distribution and adjustment.

  • Attractive Flames

One feature of modern gas fireplace inserts is their appearance. These are designed with attractive flames that mimic real wood-burning places.

With this innovation, you get the efficiency of gas fireplace inserts while having the feel of real wood-burning flames.

  • Direct Vent Inserts

Unlike traditional fireplaces characterized by low heating efficiencies, direct vent inserts have been developed to improve efficiency.

Air is drawn by gas fireplace inserts is measured due to the presence of vents.

This leads to a situation where warm hair is retained while hot combustion gases are vented out. The result is lower fuel consumption and increased efficiency.

  • Efficient Heating

Efficient heating is one key characteristic of modern gas fireplace inserts. It takes a lesser amount of fuel to produce heat. Also, such heat is better distributed and conserved much better than older insert designs.

Cold chimney downdrafts are also prevented.

  • Customizable

One of the key features that make modern gas fireplace inserts stand out is their customizable designs. Some major brands provide buyers with this option.

You’ll need to specify your preferred product design to have them coupled up.

  • Larger Glass Windows

With larger glass windows, you get maximized viewing angles. These are common with modern gas fireplace inserts. It adds to the visual appeal of these inserts, thus not only making them efficient but also beautiful.

The key feature of modern gas fireplace inserts has been discussed above. With this, you’re well informed to make better purchase decisions.

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