Mosquito Torches – How To Use Citronella Candles

The use of mosquito torches to get rid of mosquitoes in an environment is gaining popularity nowadays.

Even though it is crude, it is a very effective way of eradicating mosquitoes and a host of other unwanted pests around your home.

Do Mosquito Torches Work?

During summer, everywhere is hot, and therefore, the need for outdoor activities arises. As much as we want to stay outdoor for social gatherings, we don’t want to be dinner to some unruly pest, and not even to parasitic mosquitoes.

So what do we do?

We get a tiki torch, light up the yard, and send the mosquitoes to hell or wherever they came from.

A tiki torch is a traditional torch whose history can be traced back to mid 20th century America. It began with the tiki culture and since then has gained fame all over the country as a decoration with an island aesthetic.

When tiki started growing popular, manufacturers started producing tiki torches that were made of aluminum and other metals.

The most famous of all is the one made with a bamboo stick and a container that stores the fluid which keeps the tiki torch burning.

How To Use Tiki Torches in the Safest Way

Tiki torch involves fire. Therefore there is a need to apply precautions during usage. This is to ensure the safety of individuals and properties.

The fluid in the container is made of chemicals that are capable of causing fire outbreaks if not well-kept. Therefore, tiki torches cannot be left in the hands of children or inexperienced people.

The following are ways to use tiki safely;

  1. Always space your Tiki torches

It is essential to space your tiki torches equally throughout the whole yard. This is necessary irrespective of how tense you feel about the mosquito infestation.

Spacing the tiki works effectively as it would when you put more than one in the same place. It is dangerous not to space the torches. When spacing, you need to give about 6-8ft space between one tiki torch and another.

Also, it has to be 6ft away from your house or any other building structure. It would be best if you made sure that the torches are about 6-8 inches into the ground. You also need to use a torch stake or stand, so that it can stand firm.

While keeping this space, make sure that your tiki torch is not hung under a tree or placed under any flammable material.

  1. Do not transfer fuel into another Container

You need to ensure that you refill the tiki fuel container by pouring the chemical directly from the bottle. Do not transfer the fuel from the bottle into another container or vessel.

There is a sprout or branded funnel that can be used for filling your tiki torch fuel container. Whenever you are done fueling, ensure that the bottle is well re-cap and kept away from children or pets at home.

  1. Clean oil spills immediately

It is nearly impossible to avoid spillage when refueling tiki torches, but ensure that every spill is cleaned thoroughly.

When you have a spillage, the first thing you should do is soak up the excess oil with a kitty litter, an oil dry, or any material that absorbs fast.

After this, use cleaning soap to clean the rest of the spill.

  1. Always put out the fire before retiring

You must put out the light before bed. Never leave it burning because you feel the fire will go off soon with the little fuel left.

A tiki torch comes with a snuffer cap that helps to exterminate the fire. Apply the snuffer cap over the fire and leave it on it until the flame is extinguished. After that, you can remove the snuffer cap to let the wick cool off completely.

It is also essential that you remove the snuffer cap because leaving it on can cause some damage to the wick.

  1. Leave Oil in the Torch

Do not transfer oil from one container to another, or from the tiki torch to another container; it is a dangerous and ineffective way of keeping the oil.

You can leave the oil in the Torch, all you have to do is see that the Torch is kept in a secured position and that it cannot slide or fall, thereby causing oil spillage.

Keep your tiki torch outside, but find a way to protect the fuel from freezing.

Most importantly, always keep the torches and the fuel out of the reach of children and pets.

Tiki Torches With Citronella

It has been proven that adding citronella oil to the fuels of the tiki torch is highly effective in eradicating a lot of insects such as bugs and mosquitoes.

Citronella is one of the materials used in producing tiki torch fuels. The oil is gotten from the stem and leaves of a popular herb that is found on the Asian continent – Cymbopogon. Cymbopogon is commonly known as Lemongrass.

This herb has multiple functions; Citronella is a great seasoning for cooking and it can also be used to treat several health issues. It can be taken as a tea to fight bacteria and improving digestive health, and the oil massaged into the body to promote relaxation.

Citronella oil is one of the essential components of Tiki Torch fuels used for repelling insects, particularly mosquitoes.

Citronella Oil – The Multi-Purpose Repellent

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, citronella oil is plant-based and, therefore friendly to human health.

The oil contains citronellol and geraniol, which contain anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Right now, this oil has been produced in different forms due to its effectiveness. We now have citronella candles, soaps, and lotions.

Plus, it is now added as an ingredient in the fuel used in tiki torches.

The pleasant scent of citronella is the reason for its use in the production of cosmetic products and perfumes. The alluring scent also made it very useful in aromatherapy. It is very effective in soothing insomnia patients; helping them relax well and sleep better.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, citronella is distilled from two main types of grasses. It has been certified safe for humans and pets; and is capable of repelling many insects, bugs, and mosquitoes.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S  has also declared the oil safe for usage. It does not pose a threat since it is a ‘minimum risk pesticide’ when it comes to human health. Therefore, it is exempted from EPA evaluation.

A lot of producers have now added some concentration of lemongrass oil to their torches because of the fragrance and its ability to get rid of mosquitoes.

The odor works by confusing insect pests, making it difficult for them to identify their host’s smell. Apart from citronella oil, other essential oils repel a wide range of pests – mosquitoes, bugs, bees, etc.

Whether citronella oil is added to the tiki torch or not, the torch will bring out smoke that can help get rid of mosquitoes in the first place. But with the addition of the citronella oil, the tiki torch becomes more effective, while also producing the fresh smell of citrus in the air.


It is important to note that the Tiki torch is meant for outdoor purposes alone. The smoke it emits can be dangerous to your health if contained in a place.

Another thing to note is your tiki torch oil, which is a combination of some petroleum products, carefully selected, and distilled. Therefore, you should not go to your local store to just get some solvent.

The least risk is that it clogs the wick of your tiki torch, reducing the performance of the Torch to bring out fire and flames.

The worst is that you and your guests are poisoned by toxic fumes, or you end up setting your patio ablaze.

The safest way of getting a tiki torch chemical is to get the chemical. Do not try to combine the chemicals yourself. Moreso, you may not be able to tell the right quantity of citronella oil to add to the oil or the correct quantity of any component in the mixture.

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