10 Natural Scorpion Killers & Repellent Solutions

We’ll be discussing natural scorpion extermination methods. The good thing with such methods is that while being effective exterminators, they’re entirely safe for humans and pets.

What Kills Scorpions Naturally?

Scorpions are predatory arachnids mostly found around arid and semi-arid regions. However, these arachnids can also be found around homes.

They’re best known for their painful and venomous stings which can be highly allergic to some people. Typically, most homeowners will do whatever they can to get rid of them.

You’re likely reading this article to find a lasting solution to your scorpion problem.

Here, you’ll find all the natural ways to get rid of scorpions.

Scorpion Extermination and Repellent Action

When it comes to scorpion control, the products included below serve 2 functions. They either exterminate or repel spiders.

Their exterminating effect mostly kicks in when scorpions come in direct contact with them.

Ordinarily, when such scorpion killers are applied, scorpions sense danger and keep their distance.

However, that isn’t in every case. When barriers are created with these natural treatments, scorpions may breach them, thus getting in direct contact with the products which leads to their death.

  • How Natural Scorpion Exterminants Work

It mostly depends on the product used. Some natural exterminators such as essential oils kill scorpions on contact.

Such potent oils include lavender, lemon, peppermint, and cedar among others.

When applied, they give off a strong scent that overwhelms these arachnids.

Scorpions will keep their distance from affected areas.

Diatomaceous earth is one other product that will kill spiders on contact. It’s in powder form and when spiders come in contact with it, it degrades or destroys their exoskeletons, leading to their death.

Natural Solutions to Scorpion Problems

When it comes to killing scorpions naturally, there’s a wide range of products that will prove highly effective.

These include diatomaceous earth (DE), neem oil, lavender oil, peppermint, cedar oil, cinnamon, cedar mulch, cedarwood, and vinegar.

  • Essential Oil Combo

To make a potent scorpion-killing product, consider mixing all essential oils listed above into a single solution.

These include neem oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, etc. These can be mixed with any carrier oil of your choice.

Examples of carrier oils include coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, black seed oil, and grape seed oil among others.

In the absence of these oils, you can mix with water in a spray bottle before spraying on scorpions or around scorpion-infested areas.

Does this make the use of a single essential oil less effective? Not at all! All essential oils listed can be used individually with great results as will be discussed shortly.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a popular product with many uses ranging from medicine, removal of impurities from water, insulation, and also for cleaning just to name a few.

Concerning what we’re discussing, diatomaceous earth is also used for pest control.

It will kill scorpions when they come in contact with treated areas. It comes in powder form which is sprinkled across targeted areas. However, spiders will have to come in direct contact with it to be killed.

It degrades their exoskeletons leaving them to die of dehydration.

  • Neem Oil

Neem oil is derived from the seeds of the neem tree and will kill scorpions when applied.

Application is effectively done through the use of a spray. It can be used alone or with other essential oils. Not only does it kill scorpions on contact, but it also distorts or disrupts their hormonal balance.

What results is a situation where they stop mating and feeding. The result of course is death through starvation. Plus, affected scorpions are unable to reproduce.

  • Predators

Have you ever considered introducing a predator to the equation?

Chickens will do a great job of riding your surroundings of scorpions. If your home is infested by these arachnids, chickens will do an excellent job to rid your home of them.

These birds usually prey on all sorts of bugs including arachnids and are efficient at that. These chickens need to be kept for a significant amount of time to have any real impact on scorpion presence.

  • Boric Acid

Boric acid is a widely used product with lots of benefits including serving as a pesticide, for medicinal use, and as an antiseptic among other uses. This product serves to eliminate scorpions when applied correctly.

You can either spray this product in its powdered form or add some water to make a solution.

It lacerates the scorpion exoskeleton leading to exposure and dehydration. The added benefit of its use is that you get to repel other pests as well.

These include roaches, moths, ticks, bed bugs, fleas, flies, spiders, beetles, lice, etc.

  • Lavender Oil

Another natural scorpion exterminator is lavender oil.

Like all essential oils, this is plant-derived. It can be applied directly on scorpions using a spray or applied around infested areas.

Even when the spray dries up, the scent of the oil remains for some time.

You’ll need to use frequently to ensure your surrounding is free from scorpions. Scorpions hate its smell and will keep it off.

  • Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is useful in killing and repelling scorpions. It’s a natural treatment that has no harmful side effects on humans and pets.

You’ll need to either dilute with a carrier oil of your choice or with water before spraying.

  • Cedar Oil

Cedar oil comes in handy when faced with a scorpion problem. You only need to mix about 10 to 15 drops of it to about 2 cups of water.

The solution should be emptied into a spray bottle and applied around the affected areas. Spiders keep their distance because they hate its smell.

  • Cinnamon

With cinnamon oil, 5 drops can be applied to about a cup of water and sprayed on scorpions or around infested areas. Like most essential oils, scorpions detest their smell and keep off.

  • Cedar Mulch

Cedar, whether in its oil form or its wood will readily repel scorpions.

Consider introducing cedar mulch to affected areas of your garden. The oil contained within the wood has a similar impact as scorpions are overwhelmed by its scent.

These are great natural remedies for killing scorpions. They have zero negative impact on humans and pets.

However, some people might experience allergic reactions to these products.

If you do, discontinue use immediately and seek medical help.

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