How Much Does Office Chair Cleaning Cost? [Estimated Service Prices]

Here is how much it cost to clean different types of office chairs.

Cleaning companies handle a wide variety of specialized cleaning jobs.

The type being performed is determined by the customer’s specific needs. So, for example, a client might require a general house or office cleaning or might simply ask for certain furniture to be cleaned up.

Average Cost Of Office Chair Cleaning Services

We’re more interested in the latter. This article discusses office chair cleaning prices to help the reader figure out what’s involved in terms of cost.

As you read on, you’ll learn that a lot of factors come into play.

The type of cleaning to be performed, the degree of dirt, as well as the number of furniture all play a role in determining cleaning prices.

Key Pricing Considerations

To better understand office chair cleaning prices, you’ll need to take into consideration certain key aspects. First, the type of office matters. This is followed by the type of furniture.

Let’s have a look at these two for more clarity on cleaning prices.

  • Type of Office

What type of office do you have?

Office settings are determined by where they’re located, as well as the purpose(s) they serve. There are basically 4 broad categories; the home office, co-working spaces, rental, and leasing office.

Why is this important to pricing? The furniture types found in these offices are likely to differ.

The cleaning cost is likely to differ from one chair type to the other.

  • Types of Office Chair

One of the major cleaning considerations for cleaning services is the type of office chair you have. Speaking of types, there are several of them.

They range from petite chairs, task chairs, big and tall chairs, conference chairs, guest chairs, ergonomic chairs, and stacking chairs.

Basically, most of these are upholstered furniture.

Other types that can be found in an office include an armchair, leather couch, loveseat, and so on. Because there are different types of offices, furniture items placed here are likely to differ.

Office Chair Cleaning Costs

Apart from standard office chairs, any of these is likely to be found in an office; sofa, ottoman, leather couch, and dining chair. Others include a loveseat, armchair, and recliner. So, how much will it cost to have these cleaned?

To determine price, professional upholstery cleaning costs need to be considered.

Speaking of professional upholstery cleaning costs, the typical costs incurred by clients is between $150 and $200 on average. When breaking it further down, a cleaning technician is likely to charge anywhere from $10 to $20 or higher per linear foot.

These prices are an applicable per piece of furniture being cleaned. The more chairs there are to be cleaned, the higher discounts you’re likely to get.

For more clarity, let’s consider the cost specifics;

For standard office chairs, you’re likely to incur a cleaning fee between $20 and $40. Cleaning furniture like an ottoman is likely to be priced around $25 to $50.

Leather couches attract cleaning fees in the region of $200 to $500.

In most cases, this is the costliest cleaning job.

  • Additional Cleaning Costs

If your office has a dining chair, expect a cleaning fee of around $10 to $30.

Armchair cleaning is priced around $40 to $80 while a sofa will typically cost between $100 and $300.

For a recliner, cleaning prices will be in the region of $60 to $80, and $60 to $120 for a loveseat.

Factors Affecting Office Chair Cleaning Prices

To better understanding office chair cleaning prices, you’ll need to consider the influencing factors in play.

Pricing is always determined by factors such as transport costs, time spent on the job, labor, type of material as well as equipment expenses.

What are these about and how do they influence the cost of the job?

  • Transport Costs

One of the things factored in by cleaning companies is the cost of transportation.

Here, equipment and supplies will have to be moved to the clients’ location. The further a cleaning company needs to travel, the more costs are involved.

This won’t be much for clients within proximity to a cleaning service. Transport costs are typically included in the total estimations for the job.

Close examination of the quotes given will show all the details about transport costs.

  • Time Spent on the Job

The time factor is key when it comes to pricing office chair cleaning jobs.

Here, hourly rates are used to calculate costs. Certain jobs tend to take longer than others. For such jobs, the number of chairs to be cleaned is much or the job is tougher than usual.

When cleaning difficult stains from an office chair, the job is likely to take longer to complete than usual. So, with long hours spent on cleaning, cleaning prices typically increase.

However, there may be multiple technicians involved in performing the task.

This reduces the time spent as the hours clocked by each technician are multiplied by the standard hourly rate to get or arrive at the costs.

  • Labor Costs

Labor cost is vital and an integral part of every cleaning job.

This is mostly the primary consideration when it comes to pricing. Certain office chair cleaning jobs are completed in a breeze due to the limited amount of dirt involved.

On the other hand, some other jobs tend to be labor-intensive. These are most common with stained upholstery. Here, specialized cleaning will have to be performed.

In a nutshell, labor intensity is likely to affect the pricing for such cleaning jobs.

  • Type of Material

What type of material is your office chair made of? Upholstered office furniture is made from a variety of materials. These include leather, faux leather, vinyl, and so on.

Some types of materials need to be cleaned in a certain way to avoid damage.

The more delicate the material is, the higher your cleaning costs are likely to be. A technician will have to inspect to find out what type of material your office furniture falls under.

  • Equipment Expenses

Cleaning jobs differ from one furniture type to the next.

This is mostly influenced by the material and type of dirt. Certain materials may require the use of specialized cleaning equipment. Such equipment adds to the total costs of upholstery cleaning.

With the information above, you have a general idea of how much it will cost to have your office chair cleaned.

We’ve touched on several areas including cost-determining factors.

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