Looking for a commercial office cleaning checklist? Here is one.

Office hygiene has numerous benefits among which is increased productivity. To keep your workspaces clean, certain cleaning guides must be followed.

A satisfactory cleaning job is hardly achieved without a plan or guideline.

Given the importance of such a cleaning guide, this checklist will help perform a comprehensive cleanup in addition to keeping it better organized.

It will also help in charging for office cleaning jobs.

Reasons Why A Checklist Is Important

You don’t need to be a cleaner or own a cleaning service to need a checklist.

As a business, your establishment will need different degrees of office cleaning service. It all depends on your requirement. Such requirements may include weekly, monthly, or cleaning needs.

Identifying your cleaning needs enables you to hire cleaners to perform specific cleaning services. Your budget will also play a part in determining the degree and scope of cleaning.

Who Does Office Cleaning?

This question is likely to arise as you might not feel up to the task. You don’t have to be doing the cleaning yourself to get the above-listed cleaning supplies. Office cleaning tasks can be delegated to anyone you feel is capable of handling such.

Another approach is by adopting a teamwork approach to cleaning.

Specific cleaning tasks can be delegated to employees in an office to perform. For this to be effective, a chart should be drafted that includes tasks to be performed at set times and by specific individuals.

However, the teamwork approach to office cleaning, though a good idea might not work in all cases. When this doesn’t work out as planned, your last resort will be to get a professional cleaning company to perform the job.

This is much more professional and effective with guaranteed results.

Professional Office Cleaning Checklist Format

Our office cleaning checklist will be categorized under daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks.

Cleaning under each of these categories is performed with varying degrees of detail. All of these are vital to keeping a very clean office.

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

Every office requires daily cleanup and tidying.

However, the degree of cleaning may not be as thorough as weekly or monthly. This daily task covers the reception area, restroom, or bathroom as well as the kitchen or pantry areas.

Tasks performed under daily cleaning range from vacuum cleaning, mopping, dusting, and arranging scattered desks among other things. Let’s begin by focusing on the main areas of an office.

The Office and Reception Areas

These areas of an office witness the most activity and require effective cleaning to enable smooth operation. First, you’ll need to sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces in addition to covers and tangles.

Next, dust all office furniture plus equipment, and workspaces or areas.

In large offices, each workstation will include tables, seats, and computers. All of these should be well dusted. All level surfaces in the office and reception areas should be disinfected with a soaked cloth and dried with towels.

For floors not covered with carpets, these should be mopped using disinfectant cleaners.

Next, shift your attention to the window area and clean all glass windows as well as entrances. Surfaces and dividers should also be cleaned and garbage bins emptied with fresh bags replaced.

Pantry or Kitchen Area

Offices also have kitchen or pantry areas that will require daily cleaning. When performing such tasks, it should begin by cleaning or vacuuming the floor. This is followed by wiping down counters, tables & chairs as well as sinks.

What more? Kitchen gadgets or appliances should be dusted and cleaned. These may or may not include coffee makers, tea kettles, water coolers, ice makers, and microwave ovens.

Others include toasters, refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, popcorn makers, and kegerators.

Next, refill kitchen towels, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid, mop the kitchen floor, and empty garbage bins with new garbage bags replaced.

Restrooms or Bathrooms

This is another section of the office where people go to relieve themselves. Such a place must be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected too. Toilet paper and paper towels must be refilled. Hand soap should also be supplied when used up.

All urinals and toilets should be cleaned and disinfected.

Next clean all mirrors, glasses as well as windows. The restroom floor and all surfaces will also need some disinfection. This includes all entry and exit handles, and towel or hand dryer accessories.

All divisions with the toilet must be wiped clean and watermarks or stains removed. Mop floors and empty the garbage can with fresh garbage backs replaced.

Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks

The weekly cleaning of offices is more detailed and thorough. Unlike daily tasks which are simple cleaning activities done each day, weekly cleaning is mostly done during the weekends when the office is free.

It includes the dusting of window ledges and tops of partitions.

Other weekly cleaning tasks include polishing all hard floor surfaces, cleaning the exterior surfaces of glasses, and deep cleaning and sanitizing refrigerators, and all other kitchen appliances.

Also, telephones and consoles should be disinfected; mats and carpets should be vacuumed clean, and sinks in restrooms and kitchen areas scrubbed clean and disinfected.

Ceramic and resilient floors should be fully damp-mopped. Next, dust and remove debris buildup from the metal threshold and dust Venetian blinds. Also clean and polish glass, mirrors, and chromes.

What more? All hardwood surfaces must be polished and buffed. These include conference tables and floors.

Employees store all sorts of food in refrigerators. To perform a more thorough cleanup, you’ll need to empty the refrigerator. Do this and clean, followed by disinfecting the interior of the refrigerator.

Monthly Office Cleaning Tasks

The monthly cleaning tasks take care of areas or items in the office that can be postponed without posing health or safety risks to workers or employees.

When performing such cleaning tasks, these areas are focused on and thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning for such items or areas is only done once every month.

Such monthly office cleaning tasks include vacuuming all vents, thorough vacuuming of all fabric chairs and upholstery as well as dusting all high surfaces or difficult-to-reach areas.

Such places might require the use of a ladder. Examples of hard-to-reach areas include ledges, shelves, HVAC grills, and vents.

Cleaning should start from top to bottom.

Window covers should also be cleaned in addition to polishing any wooden furniture and hardwood surfaces. Office drawers should also be targeted.

The books and files in drawers should be organized with worthless papers discarded. Such papers are only considered worthless after getting approval to discard them.

Also clean baseboards, carpet edges & corners and remove all cobwebs. Using an office cleaning checklist, you’re able to prioritize the specific cleaning services you want to be provided.

Such a decision may be influenced by your budget or maybe more convenient for you.


Office cleaning can either be performed by you or can be outsourced to a cleaning company. In any case, a checklist is valuable and helps with providing a comprehensive cleaning service.

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When hiring a cleaning service, you should go for one which is reliable and has favorable customer reviews.

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