Office Cleaning Supplies List For Commercial Jobs

Office cleaning supplies as used here consist of both cleaning products and tools. So, we’ll be providing you with every information you need on these. Plus, these supplies aren’t expensive and can be found in most department stores.

It will be difficult to work in a dirty and untidy office environment. As such, it will need to be frequently cleaned up.

To get an office cleaned, the right supplies will be needed. These consist of products that have been tested and tried. If you’ve wondered what supplies to use for your office cleaning tasks, we’ve got you covered.

For persons having little time to spare on office cleaning, calling a professional cleaning service will be the right call.

However, if you fall under the category of persons seeking to clean their offices themselves, then this cleaning supplies list will prove useful.

Categories of Office Cleaning Supplies

This article will be looking at the different categories of cleaning supplies. Three main categories include essential supplies, basic, and specialty cleaning supplies.

Details on each of these will be discussed shortly. Plus, we’ll also be listing all the cleaning supplies under each category.

  • Essential Office Cleaning Supplies

Essential cleaning supplies are used in a variety of cleaning tasks. These are non-negotiable office supplies that you must have, without which little or no progress is made. These aren’t expensive to get too. As such, you can walk into your nearest department store to purchase them. They include

Broom and dustpan, toilet bowl cleaner, plunger, paper towels and cleaning rags as well as glass cleaning solutions.

Other essential office cleaning supplies include sponge or dish scrubber, antibacterial soap, dish soap, vacuum cleaner, air freshener, and trash bags.

For each of these products, there are multiple brands or products made by different manufacturers. So, which of these best serves your cleaning needs? The best way to find out is by conducting online research for the best product brands.

You may also want to know what other buyers think about them by searching for product reviews. There are lots of these on Amazon and other shopping sites. Be well informed before proceeding to purchase any of them.

  • Basic Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies under this category may not be used as frequently as essential supplies. However, that doesn’t diminish their importance as they are very vital to get the job done when the need arises.

Although basic cleaning supplies are necessary, not everyone will find all of these as important. In other words, certain basic cleaning supplies may be preferred over others due to several factors. Such may include the scent of such products (like vinegar).

If you can tolerate using these office cleaning supplies, then by all means have them around for your office cleaning tasks. They include bleach, sanitizing wipes, vinegar, dust mop, sponge mop, and wood polish. Others include a plastic bucket, floor cleaning solution, wood polish, and brillo pads.

Additional basic supplies include anti-dust spray, a cleaning cart or basket, rubber gloves, baking soda, and microfiber cloths.

  • Specialty Cleaning Supplies

Specialty cleaning involves a more specialized approach to office cleaning. Supplies used are products designed for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. You may be faced with a difficult office cleaning task such as a stained carpet or mildew growth as well as mold. These will require special cleaning.

Specialty cleaning won’t be needed so often. However, when you do, you’ll need to get such products. It won’t be out of place to keep these around for office cleaning as the need for them is bound to arise in the future.

So, what are these specialty cleaning supplies? They include a small keyboard vacuum, a small air blower, mold and mildew cleaner, insecticides, and WD-40 lubricant.

Types of Office Cleaning Supplies

We have listed several supplies used for office cleaning. However, for each type of supplies, there are different types.

This largely refers to the different products made by different product manufacturers.

This section will be listing some of the top cleaning supply brand products to purchase for office cleaning.

  • Top Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Office Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners are used a lot for cleaning offices.

Some of the best commercial brands include Bissell BigGreen Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, Hoover Commercial CH32008 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, Sanitaire EUKSC679J Commercial Vacuum Cleaner and Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Other brands include Oreck Commercial U2000R1 Vacuum Cleaner, Pro Team ProForce 1500XP Vacuum Cleaner, Hoover CH30000 Commercial Canister Vacuum, and Eureka NEU202 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

More products include Shark Rotator NV501 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner and Power Flite BP6P Backpack Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Top Commercial Cleaning Carts

Several commercial cleaning carts are suitable for office cleaning. Prices go from as low as $160 to as much as $1,500 or more.

Top products include Rubbermaid Executive Quick Cart, Rubbermaid Janitor Cart, Rubbermaid Hygen Microfiber, and Rubber Maid Double Capacity.

Others include Lavex Janitorial Cleaning Cart, Genuine Joe, Easy Wheels, Suncast Commercial, and Alpine Industries Divided Organizer among several others.

  • Commercial Cleaners

There’s an almost inexhaustible list of commercial cleaning products that are suitable for office cleaning.

Some of the most popular and reliable products include Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate,  ProForce No Rinse Floor Cleaner, and Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner.

  • Cleaning Gloves

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, it’s best to get gloves made from vinyl, nitrile or latex materials.

Gloves are among the essential protective gear to put on when cleaning an office environment. There are different types of this product. They include Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves and AMMEX Medical Clear Vinyl Gloves.

Others are Vgo Reusable Gloves, Disposable General Purpose Latex Gloves, and Sysco Nitrile High-Performance Gloves.

  • Keyboard Vacuum Cleaners

Dusting office computers isn’t enough. Most times, dust enters between keyboard keys and affects the smooth function of these input tools. The best way to clean office computer keyboards is by using a keyboard vacuum.

Some of the most reliable products include MECO Keyboard Cleaner, Ziko Rechargeable Keyboard Cleaner, and Wonyered Keyboard Cleaner, etc.

We cannot exhaust the list of office cleaning supplies when it comes to listing them according to brands. The most important categories of such supplies have been listed. The specific product(s) you go for is entirely up to you.

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