Olive Trees For Sale Near Me – Where To Buy Online

Are you looking to buy a real olive tree for indoor or outdoor purposes? Are you shopping online for cold-hardy olive, green, black, or Italian olive trees near you?

This article serves as a guide to provide you with all the essential details for buying the suitable olive tree species. As you read on, you’ll discover how to go about buying, including where to buy from.

By the end, you should have a much better idea about growing olives.

Mature Arbequina Dwarf Olive Tree For Sale

If you’re a gardener who finds olive trees attractive, you might want them grown in your garden or on your property.

To choose and grow the right type, you’ll need to know exactly which to buy. This can be pretty difficult to process for many people due to ignorance of what types to grow, where to buy, and more.

About Olive Tree Purchase

Buying olive trees requires getting the essential details about the plant.

Depending on the species you buy, these trees can do well in various climatic conditions. There are certain varieties known to be ideal for drought conditions, cool climates, poor soils, and rugged terrain.

Here, you only need to figure out your climatic condition in addition to others, such as terrain, soil, and which olive tree species will do well there.

Also, olive trees vary in size. They range from small bush variants to large trees. So, you’ll need to figure out what species is most ideal for your yard.

Also, knowing that you can prune olive trees into the right shape and size is an important detail you’ll need for better buying decisions.

In this article, you’ll find information on the growth zones, the different olive types, where to buy, and the cost of olive trees.

How Much Are Olive Trees?

Before you decide on buying olive trees, a wide range of information needs to be processed.

In other words, you’ll need to determine the different varieties available, the most suitable zones for growing these trees, and the cost of these trees.

Having additional buying tips is invaluable to your purchase decisions.

  • Different Olive Tree Varieties

Do you have any olive tree species you plan on buying?

For many people, this area is entirely bogus as they might know about some species but find it difficult to determine whether such will do well in their location.

Here, we won’t be mentioning all the olive species available.

However, we’ll mention some of the most popular varieties of olives grown by gardeners.

These include the Italian olive tree, Maurino olive, Arbequina olive, Wilson olive, kalamata, Montra, Leccino, mission, Chemlali, Frantoio, Coratina, and Hojiblanca olive trees.

There are other popular species like the manzanillo olive tree, Koroneiki Greek olive, Lecciana olive tree, little Ollie dwarf olive, and the Pendolino olive tree.

These species are quite common in the United States and can easily be bought from nurseries. However, you’ll need to determine how well they grow in your zone.

  • Most Ideal Zones for Growing Certain Olive Tree Variants

Growing zones are essential to choosing what olive tree variant or species to buy. You need to have this knowledge in advance before visiting the nursery.

To give you an idea of the most suitable zone for growing your olive species, let’s look at some of those mentioned above.

The Maurino olive tree, Arbequina, Italian, Frantoio, and Koroneiki Greek olive tree variants thrive in growing zones 8 to 11. Here, outdoor growing conditions tend to be more favorable.

The little Ollie dwarf olive tree grows best in zones 7 to 9.

Other olive tree variants like the Leccino olive, Pendolino olive, mission olive, Lecciana olive, and Manzanillo olive trees do well in zones 8 to 11.

It’s always important to consider the growing zones most ideal for specific varieties. This information guides your buying decisions as you can avoid purchasing the wrong variety.

  • Cost of Olive Trees

The cost of buying olive trees is another critical detail you need to be conversant with. This is determined by several factors, including the price per unit and the discounts available when buying in bulk.

The Lecciana olive tree species has a starting cost of around $49, while the mission variant has an average price of $99.

The Manzanillo, Koroneiki Greek, and Arbequina olive tree variants go for $79, $49, and $49. It’s essential to focus on other cost details, such as how old the olive tree is.

For example, buying the Barouni olive tree variants cost around $30 for 1-year-old trees measuring 12 to 18.”

Prices climb for 3-year-old Barouni olive trees, with the average cost being around $60. For a 7-year Barouni tree, expect to pay about $440.

A 1-year-old Frantoio olive tree goes for around $30, while it increases to about $60for 3-year-old trees and higher for 7-year-old trees.

A dwarf olive tree costs around $10 to $14 for a 4-inch pot. If you’re fascinated by Picholine olive trees, buying a 1-year tree will cost around $30. For a 3-year tree, it will cost about $60.

Here, it’s evident that the olive tree variant you want will determine how much you pay for it.

Also, the size of the tree plays a significant role in determining its costs. As shown above, the larger the tree is, the more costly it’s likely to be. Also, it would help if you determined the volume of trees to be bought.

How many olive trees do you need to buy? Buying in bulk attracts significant discounts.

However, not everyone will want to buy several olive trees. The volume needed largely depends on your needs. So, you cannot decide to buy more than what you need simply because you want to attract discounts.

Where to Buy Olive Trees Online

Where to buy your olive trees is vital information to help guide you. Local and online nurseries are places to shop for your olive trees.

There are also garden stores too. It’s essential, though, to know how reputable a particular nursery or seller is before patronizing them.

Customer reviews will help in this regard.

You can shop for your olive trees with little difficulty with the information provided here. Things shouldn’t be complicated at all.

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