Pest Control And Fumigation Companies In Nigeria

Do you need a quotation for pest control services in Nigeria? Do you need addresses of fumigation services in Ikeja, Lekki Lagos as well as in other parts of the country? Read on.

If you are a Nigerian, you may have asked yourself if there are reliable pest control companies in Nigeria.

This is especially true for those having difficult pest infestation issues. If you fall into this category, then you will find this article useful.

We will provide a list of some of the pest control and fumigation companies in Nigeria.

These will also include their locations as well as their contact addresses and websites where available. Most of these companies provide general pest control services.

However, some of these may narrow their services to select pests such as termite inspection and control. The following are pest control companies in Nigeria you will find useful;

Best Fumigation and Pest Control Services in Nigeria

  • Ever-Safe Environmental Services

This fumigation and pest control company offers eco-friendly and non-toxic pest control services to clients. It is located in the cities of Port Harcourt and Uyo. You can reach Ever-Safe Environmental Services on their dedicated lines which are 0907 715 5477, and 0803 494 1001.

You can also send an email for further inquiry to [email protected].

  • Mani Nine Nigeria Limited

If you live within the city of Abuja and environs, you may be interested in using the services of this fumigation company. It is located at No. 48 Aguiyi Ironsi Street Maitama Abuja.

Alternately they can be reached through their contact numbers 0703 700 3883 and 0818 458 8250. Its experienced technicians assess your pest problems and adopt the best approach to eliminating them.

  • Chogon Cleaning and Fumigation Services

This pest control company not only provides fumigation services but also cleaning services too. It is located in Lagos at 15 Laguda Street, Sangotedo Lekki, Ajah. It can be reached on its dedicated lines on 0807 229 2381, and 0812 919 0315.

Wherever your pest problems are, this company has you covered.

  • Reis Fumigation Services

Reis Fumigation Services provides professional pest control and fumigation services for households and businesses.

It also provides quality cleaning services as well. Located in Lagos, clients within this area can enjoy its range of pest control services. You can reach them on 0802 075 8065. Its address is at 31, Afuwape Street, Iowa Estate, Ikorodu Garage Lagos.

  • Peritoneum Global Services Limited

No matter the scale of your pest issues, this pest control company gets the job done fast and efficiently. It handles both domestic and commercial pest issues effectively. Its other services include weed control and industrial cleaning.

With its head office in Port Harcourt, this pest control and fumigation service can be contacted on 0703 878 3896 and 0902 392 4344.

  • Alpha Fumigation and Cleaning Services

This pest control and fumigation company offer comprehensive pest extermination plans for clients to choose from. It is located in Lagos and can be reached on 0817 194 3269 and 0817 194 3269.

Alpha Fumigation and Cleaning Services offer both residential and commercial pest control.

  • Greenland Facilities Investment Limited

No matter your pest problems, this company has the expertise to get the job done effectively. Its head office is located at 10 Soyinka Street Ikeja, Lagos.

If you will like to get further details about its range of services, call these numbers; 0802 852 5510, 0908 650 4246. Their customer care will be more than willing to assist you.

  • Rildelia Ventures Limited

Rildelia Ventures is a fully licensed pest control and fumigation services company. Located at 281, Old Ojo Road, Oluti-Amuwo, Lagos, it handles both residential and commercial pest infestation issues.

For further inquiries about its services, call 0803 346 2320.

  • Novdec Cleaning Enterprises

This is a fumigation and pest control expert that offers competent handling of all your pest issues. These include both domestic and commercial clients. Novdec Cleaning Enterprises are located at 22 Mulikat Musendiku Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. The company can be reached at 0806 206 2498, 0902 595 9370.

Apart from pest control services, they also offer cleaning services too.

  • Four Unit International

Four Unit International is located at 1 Basir Oweh Street Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It handles all sorts of domestic and commercial pest issues with professionalism.

You may want to get specific details about its services. For this, call 0803 726 0244 or 0808 408 0516.

  • Bright Prospects International

This company not only provides fumigation and pest control but also cleaning services too. Whether your pest issues are domestic or commercial, Bright Prospects International is the name to trust. You can call 0809 945 5078 or 0803 422.

If you would want to visit them, they are located in Northern Foreshore, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Ckengoz Ventures

For all types of pest issues, this pest control and fumigation company are up to the task. They provide highly professional pest elimination services to residential and commercial clients.

Further inquiries can be directed to the company through its helplines on 0803 767 9673 and 0803 711 0399. This company has a presence in both Bayelsa and Rivers States.

  • BB Cleaning Concept

BB Cleaning concept is headquartered in Port Harcourt. It provides specialized cleaning services for residential and commercial clients as well as bird and rodent pest control, and fumigation services too.

Their phone line 0806 504 0757 can be reached at any time for further inquiries or details.

Is There a Pest Control Company Close to Me?

This question may be raised after going through the companies provided above. This is because most of these are located in Lagos. However, pest control companies can also be found across the country.

This section will include those found in major cities like Ibadan, Enugu, Abuja, and Lagos. For Lagos, we will include those found in areas like Ikeja, Surulere, Ajah, Lekki, etc).

Pest Control and Fumigation Companies in Ibadan

Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s ancient Southwestern cities. It also boasts of a large and growing population.

This has made it one of the choice locations for pest control companies. All cities require such services and Ibadan is no different.

Some reliable pest control companies include;

  • Everything Fumigation

As the name suggests, Everything Fumigation handles all forms of pest problems. It provides such solutions to both residential and commercial clients. This is in addition to its efficient customer care service. It swings into action immediately you place a call to it on 0813 960 9485.

The process starts with a visit to your property. Thorough inspection and treatment follow immediately. If you prefer paying a visit, you’d find its office on Akala Way, Akobo, Ibadan.

  • AsquareClean Nigeria Global Enterprise

This pest control company is also located in Ibadan. It prides itself as a professional pest solutions provider. There’s something for everyone as both residential and commercial services are provided.

AsquareClean also offers additional services. These include house and general cleaning services. Others include laundry and dry cleaning services.

You only need to place a call to 0706 342 9265, or 0805 067 7785 to find out more. You’d find AsquareClean at 7B, Akeredolu Obatan Street, Bodija Ibadan.

  • G Gold Fumigation and Pest Control

If you have a difficult pest problem, you need not look further. G Gold are the go-to guys in pest solutions. Located at 15, Akanu Street, Off Ring Road, Ibadan, it offers you value for money while getting rid of the problem.

G Gold Fumigation can also be reached on 0805 721 4007 for further details.

  • Elad Mega Cleaning Services

This company provides both cleaning and fumigation services. Such services are available to both commercial and residential clients. It is located at 09 Ajegbe Bus Stop, Ring Road Ibadan.

You can call either 0905 088 8882, or 0814 441 8889 for details.

Pest Control Companies in Enugu

Enugu is one of Nigeria’s major cities. This is also an operational base for several pest control companies.

Do you live here and have a pest issue? If you do, the following companies are at your beck and call.

These are professional pest solution providers you’d find helpful.

  • Jab Chemicals, Fumigation and Pest Control

Whatever your pest issues, this company has you covered. It is located at 9 Osadebe Street, Ogui New Layout, Enugu. It handles both residential and commercial pest problems.

You can reach it on 08034229712 or 08036756162 for further details.

  • Perfect Professional Cleaning Services

This fumigation service is located at 23, West Road A, Trans Ekulu, Enugu North. It offers a variety of comprehensive pest extermination services. Its client category covers both residential and commercial.

  • Marimose Chemicals (Nig) Ltd

Marimose Chemicals is a trusted name in pest control. It provides a variety of pest solutions best suited for residential and commercial clients. Marimose can be reached at 0803 321 5088. Their office is located at 10 Osadebe Street, Ogui New Layout. Enugu.

  • Kay-Master Chemicals Company (Nig.)

This is yet another pest control company you’d find in Enugu. It is located at 18 John Agbo/Obioma Street, Junction. Enugu, Enugu. Your property is thoroughly inspected and appropriate treatment applied.

What more? You can choose to place your home on scheduled inspections. This helps prevent re-infestation.

Pest Control and Fumigation Companies in Abuja

Abuja is not only the seat of government but also a meeting point for people of diverse cultures. Wherever people are, there’s bound to be pest problems. This is where pest companies come into the picture.

Several pest companies operate within the city. However, we will briefly mention a few.

  • Mani-Nine Fumigation

This pest company handles a variety of pest issues. These include roach, termite, and rodent extermination services among others. It is located at Plot 48 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Oakland Centre, Maitama. You can also reach it on 0703 700 3883.

  • Smile Planet Limited

This company provides a wide range of services. Several of these are pest related. Such include post-construction cleaning as well as all pest extermination services. It is located at Suite 202 Abiding Grace Plaza, by Federal Boy College, Gudu District.

Smile Planet can also be contacted on 0703 346 1426, or 0807 092 0250.

  • Cosmopolitan Cleaners Limited

Do you need pest solutions as well as cleaning services? Cosmopolitan Cleaners has you covered. You can find its office at Suite B1, NSITF Plaza, Wuse, Abuja.

You also have the option of contacting them on 0806 099 9091.

  • PestKill

PestKill is located at One-man Village, Karu, Abuja. They are the go-to guys for all forms of pest problems. To kick-start the process, you only need to call 0818 073 7725. A visit to assess the problem follows immediately. This helps in choosing the right treatment to apply.

Pest Control Companies and Fumigation Services in Lagos

As the commercial hub of the country, Lagos has a vast number of pest companies. This is understandable due to its population.

Major areas within the city such as Surulere, Ajah, Lekki, and Ikeja among others are major operational hubs. Having said that, let’s mention a few of these.

i. Pest Control Companies in Surulere

  • Cleanol Nigeria Limited

This pest company has its office location at 19, Adegoke Street, Masha Surulere. Its services include sewage and waste disposal as well as pest control.

Additional services include cleaning, fumigation and bee removal services. Cleanol Nigeria can be reached on 0808 544 0422, or 0802 341 2351.

  • Cleansource Services Limited

You’d find Cleansource services at 8, Olufemi Street, Surulere. You can also reach it on either 01 893 7184 or 0802 304 2522. Its professional fumigators will help you take back control of your home or property.

ii. Pest Control Companies in Ajah

  • CHCM Cleaning Fumigation Painting Service Company

This is a world-class pest control and fumigation company. You can contact it on 0813 951 9555. Not only does it provide pest control, but also does all forms of painting services.

CHCM can also be reached on its website for further details.

  • De-Cleaners Cleaning Company

In addition to its cleaning services, this company also provides pest control. De-Cleaners can be reached on its website. You can also give them a call on 0802 064 2645 or 0705 421 4726.

There are so many other pest control companies across Lagos as well as Nigeria. We have only included a few for want of space.

This is a list of pest control and fumigation companies in Nigeria you can use. Some of these have added services like cleaning while others are strictly pest control and fumigation focused services.

If your location is not included here, you can still call them to find out if your location or area can be considered. With these options available, your pest solutions are just a call away!

However, if you are looking at starting a pest control company, here is a sample business plan to use.

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