Pest Control In Connecticut – Pest Issues & Exterminators

We will be looking at pest control in Connecticut, including common pests and local extermination services.

Pests are a constant threat to homeowners the world over.

In the United States, the presence of these pests around human dwellings will have to be constantly checked.

Connecticut Pest Elimination

The most common pest issues people deal with include mice, rats, roaches, flies, wildlife, ants, termites, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks.

Others include lice, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and many more. Such problems are common across all states and regions. However, we’ll be narrowing down our focus to the state of Connecticut.

As a Nutmegger or someone from the constitution state, you’re likely to have dealt with a lot of pest issues over the years.

Pest Control Exterminators in Connecticut

It’s necessary to begin our discussion by mentioning some of the most reputable pest management companies in Connecticut.

These have been tested and proven to be reliable and include Braman, Richland Pest and Bee Control, Aavon Pest Control, and Yale Termite and Pest Elimination Corp.

Other top pest control companies in Connecticut are Mosquito Squad, Mosquito Joe, Bridgeport Exterminating, Apollo Pest Control, Modern Pest Services, and Thoroughspect LLC. CT Pest Solutions LLC, Envirocare Pest Control LLC, Guardian Pest Control, and Connecticut Pest Elimination Inc. are among several.

These services offer a wide array of pest solutions covering the most common household pests. This includes some of the most difficult pest issues like termites, bed bugs, and roaches.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Company in CT

Effective pest management is largely determined by the service provider. In other words, who you hire for a pest control job will determine your level of satisfaction.

While there are lots of competent pest management companies in Connecticut, there’s no way of knowing without understanding how to go about looking for one.

Basically, you’ll need to take your time.

Discuss with your friends and family and make your own research. Next, be attentive to their level of experience and also ensure a pest management company is insured, licensed, and bonded.

Look out for those offering free quotes and lastly, settle for those with guarantees on treatment.

Let’s take a look at these tips for a better understanding of what they mean.

  • Taking Your Time to Choose

Never be in a haste to choose or contact a pest control company you haven’t made findings of. Some background research is key to choosing the right service provider.

  • Discuss with Friends & Family

Never underestimate the usefulness of discussing with friends and family your desire to find a reliable pest company. They’re likely to have known or used the services of some of these companies in the past.

As such, their inputs could be of great help.

  • Do Your Own Research

In making your own research, you want to find out how reliable a pest company is. One indicator of competency is in the reviews about their quality of service. Only verified customer reviews should be looked at.

  • Be Attentive to their Level of Experience

Pest control services in Connecticut have varying levels of experience. You want to go with those with the most experience as they tend to be more reliable. This requires going through their websites to find out.

  • The Company Must be Insured, Licensed & Bonded

Is the pest control company insured, licensed, and bonded? This helps if treatment goes wrong. You won’t have to bear the risks for such.

  • Free Quotes will be Great

Free quotes allow you to measure and compare pest control prices between one company and the next without having to commit to treatment. This allows you to choose the best possible price for the job.

  • Are Services Backed by Guarantees?

Every homeowner in Connecticut will want a service that’s backed by a guarantee. As such, finding out what a pest company offers helps a great deal.

Common Pests in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut, you’re likely to be familiar with certain pest problems.

However, this isn’t to say such pests aren’t found elsewhere. Instead, it points to the particular pest issues that are also common in other locations or states.

Some of the most reported pest issues include carpenter ants, bed bugs, ants, field mice, carpenter bees, roaches, powderpost beetles, Norway rats, fleas, squirrels, raccoons, rodents, ticks, and stinging insects.

Others include termites and white-footed mice.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of pests in Connecticut.

However, they’re among those most reported and treated. As expected, termites tend to be the most destructive when comparing the levels of destruction.

Termite Issues in Connecticut

We’ve singled out this pest due to the level of damage caused to the property. As a matter of fact, they’re the most dreaded by homeowners as they cause heavy losses for property owners.

What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they can remain unnoticed for extended periods of time until significant damage is done.

Most homeowners with an existing infestation have to call professional pest control services to help get rid of the problem. For those using preventive control, that is a strategy that has proven highly effective.

Here, pest management companies are called each year to carry out scheduled inspections.

Tips for Termite Prevention in Connecticut

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of ensuring your property is free of termites.

These pests attack through several ways, therefore, knowing what to do in terms of termite prevention limits the possibility of future infestations.

Some helpful prevention tips include the elimination of moisture. Termites thrive in humid environments

Therefore, it’s important to reduce the level of moisture by focusing on moisture-prone areas such as your basement. Placing a humidifier around such areas will help a lot.

Consider placing weather stripping around doors and windows, in addition to fixing leaky plumbing fixtures such as pipes and faucets. Your crawlspaces are ready targets.

By ventilating these areas, you’re making it less attractive for termites.

Also, consider sealing up all cracks around your home’s foundation. This can be done with the help of a caulking gun. What’s the condition of your downspouts and gutters?

Check for debris accumulation and have them cleared to prevent water from collecting around your home’s exterior.

There you go! Pest control in Connecticut has been discussed with different aspects of treatment covered.

With the information supplied, you’re able to carry out comprehensive treatment using reliable methods.

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