Pine Tree Stump Removal – 5 Options That Work

In this article, I will be discussing pine tree stump removal, so keep reading!

Pine trees are a unique type of tree. As their roots grow, it spreads outwards into several directions, as opposed to most trees whose roots grow down into the ground.

Knowing how the root system of a pine tree grows will make less work of the already tedious task of removing this species and its stump.

How To Remove Pine Tree Stump And Roots

Regardless of the size, a pine tree stump can be removed using a variety of methods.

These include the following:


You can remove a pine tree stump the old fashion way, and that’s by digging.

With the use of a shovel, dig up the soil around the bottom of the tree. After you have dug up the bulk of the soil, you can switch tools and get a hand shovel.

Using this, proceed to dig up the smaller parts of the soil you in-between and around the roots. Do this until you have a clear vision of the roots.

The next step is to use a root saw to cut up each root from the base of the tree. The roots extend outwards so this should be the easy part.

When you have successfully detached the roots from the base, grab a pitchfork or shovel and yank it off the ground. Follow the outline of the roots on the ground and use your shovel to dig up the hidden parts.

When all the roots are exposed, pull them off the ground by hand, and use your saw to cut them up into easy-to-move pieces.

This method of pine tree stump removal works well with smaller pine trees, as it would be easier to pull off the ground with a shovel or pitchfork.

This method might not be effective with larger pine trees.


  • You can do it yourself
  • It will save you money
  • It can be done in a matter of hours
  • It doesn’t require the use of chemicals or fire so it is safe


  • It is not an ideal method if you have several pine tree stumps to remove
  • It requires a lot of physical energy


Another method you could employ to remove your pine tree stump is by grinding. This is the fastest method you can use, especially when it comes to large pine tree stumps.

If you plan to grind the pine tree stump yourself, then you will need to rent a tree stump grinder, that if you don’t own one.

Before you begin grinding, get a shovel and clear the area around the base of the tree stump, removing debris and rocks as you do.

After that is done, cut the tree stump to its lowest possible height using a chainsaw. You’re doing this because the smaller the tree stump is, the faster and easier it would be to grind.

Place the stump grinder in a position where the blades will sit directly above the stump, then begin grinding. Grind the stump down to a depth of about 4 inches, or as far as your machine permits.

As you make progress with each cut, set the machine to cut lower. Do this several times until the pine tree stump has been ground to mulch.

The last thing you need to do is to grab a chainsaw and cut all the stump’s exposed root extensions.

If you don’t have a tree stump grinder or you have no interest in removing the tree stump yourself, then you have to hire the services of a professional tree removal company to do it for you.


  • It is fast and effective
  • It is ideal for removing several pine tree stumps
  • The machine does all the hard work so you won’t expend most of your energy


  • You need to buy or rent a grinder for this task, otherwise, you need to hire professionals, which will cost you some money
  • Grinders are dangerous tools that can cause injuries
  • Moving the machine to the site and away from the site is tasking, as these machines are heavy


The most brute, straightforward means of removing a pine tree stump is by pulling it right out of the ground using heavy machinery. This method is very effective for large pine tree stump removal. It is also recommended if you have many pine tree stumps to remove.

This method may be expensive, but it will save time and human effort. The rigorous task will be left to the machine operator, and the machine itself.

The deep piercing steel teeth of small front-end loaders and backhoes come in handy for this task. Drive the teeth of your machine into the base of each stump, then control the hydraulics to raise and pull the pine tree stump out of the ground.

Stump removal machines are powerful and will pull both the stump and the roots off the soil. This, however, will leave a large hole on the site, which will have to be refilled later.

To clean up the mess, you can get a chainsaw cut up the stump and its roots into small, manageable pieces, and use them as mulch or firewood.


  • It is fast and effective
  • Can be used to clear a large piece of land with many pine tree Stumps
  • It doesn’t require the use of chemicals or fire so it is safe


  • It requires the use of heavy machinery
  • You may not be able to do it yourself, so you need to hire and pay professionals
  • It leaves large holes in the site which have to be covered up later

Other Means Of Disposing Pine Tree Stump

Besides the above-mentioned methods of pine tree stump removal, there are other means by which you can get rid of the stump.

These include the following:


You can use kerosene or diesel to burn off a tree stump.

Before you do, make sure you are aware of your state’s regulations regarding setting fires. Also, inform your neighbors of your plan to burn your pine tree stump.

Before you start burning, you need to dig up the soil around the base of the pine tree stump. Doing this will expose the outstretched roots. Then use a root saw and cut the roots away from the base of the stump.

Proceed to pull out the roots, leaving just the rootless stump in the ground.

To burn the pine tree stump, you need a drill that you would use to make several holes at the top and around the sides of the stump.

After the holes have been drilled, pour the kerosene or diesel into each of the holes until they are filled. Leave it to soak in for about a day or two, then set the stump on fire.

Remember to moisten the surrounding areas of the tree stump, just so the fire can be controlled. You can also stack up rocks around the stump before burning, for further assurance of a controlled fire.


  • It requires minimal physical effort
  • It is inexpensive
  • You can do it yourself
  • Since the stump will be burnt to ashes, clearing the area will require less strength, as ash is lighter than pieces of wood
  • It is not the fastest means of pine tree stump disposals, but it is a quicker option than rotting


  • It is dangerous, as fire accidents can happen
  • Burning produces smoke, which might irritate your neighbors
  • If you have several pine tree stumps to get rid of, then burning is not an option, as this will produce too much smoke and the fire will be harder to control


This is the slowest but safest means of pine tree stump removal.

To rot a tree stump, you will need chemicals that promote quick rot.

Similar to the burning method, you will need to drill holes at the top of the tree stump and pour the chemicals in. Cover the top of the stump with a tarp to prevent water (rain) from getting in and diluting the chemicals.

This process will take several weeks before it begins to manifest, so you need to be patient.


  • It is not an expensive method
  • It is safe
  • It requires little physical effort
  • You can do it yourself


  • It takes time for the stump to rot, so this process requires patience
  • Some chemicals may damage the soil, which will make it difficult to plant another tree on the same spot. You have to give the soil time to recover


The roots of a pine tree stump grow sideways beneath the ground, as opposed to growing downwards into the ground. This makes it easier to remove since you can easily gain access to the roots.

All of the above-mentioned methods can be used to remove a pine tree stump, you just have to pick the one that favors your situation the most.

I trust this article on pine tree stump removal has been helpful.

Remember to take the necessary safety precautions before you proceed.

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  1. There needs to be a quick easy way to get pine stumps out. I have an idea for a machine that could cut roots and then vibrate and then pull up the trunk! Just leaves a smaller hole takes about one minute to remove the tree and only two or three minutes to set up on the next tree! I need a couple of engineers and a little Capital. This machine could be a robot!


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