Here are the standard post-construction cleaning rates.

Construction is all about erecting structures. These structures range from homes, high-rise buildings, bridges, parking lots, hospitals, and living quarters among others.

These are mostly categorized under private and public construction projects.

Commercial And Residential Post Construction Cleaning Rates

After every new construction job is completed, there’s a need to tidy up the area in readiness for its use.

Here, all sorts of debris and dirt ranging from dust, dirt, material debris, bits of hardware, and a whole range of other items are scattered about.

The property only becomes habitable after a post-construction cleanup.

In most cases, the contractor in charge of the construction work isn’t saddled with the responsibility for cleanup after completing the project.

You’ll need to hire a professional cleaning company specializing in the post-construction cleanup. Of course, the fee for such cleanup will be borne by you.

Why is Post Construction Cleaning So Important?

When it comes to new construction cleaning, many benefits can easily be pointed out. These include being a safe and necessary action as well as an efficient way to make the place ready for occupation.

Another clear benefit is the proper disposal of debris.

  • Being a Safe and Necessary Action

After every construction job, the sheer amount of debris left behind can be significant.

Among such debris are sharp objects that could lead to serious injury. There are broken glasses, nails, wire, sawdust, and many others.

You’re saved from the stress of having to inhale dust or getting injured mistakenly.

  • Efficient Way to Ready the Property for Use

Professional cleaning services come fully equipped and ready for all construction-related cleanup work. All equipment used on the job promotes efficiency.

Within a short time, the newly constructed home or building is sparkling.

  • Proper Disposal of Debris

Instead of having to figure out where to dispose of construction debris, all of that is handled by a professional cleaning company. You don’t have to worry about how the job will be done.

You only need to point the way and allow the pros to handle the job.

Cost Of New Construction House Cleaning

However, the focus isn’t on the types of construction but on post-construction cleaning prices. Construction often leaves behind all sorts of debris or waste.

Such wastes include adhesives and sealants, concrete, ceramics, bricks, and tiles.

Other types of post-construction waste include paints and varnishes, wood, plastic and glass, soil, dredging ad stones, asbestos materials & insulation, metallic waste, as well as bituminous mixtures.

This wide array of construction waste needs to be cleaned up.

Who Performs Post Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning tasks are best left to the pros.

There are specialized services whose sole purpose is to offer such services. Post-construction cleaning services include dusting air diffusers, spot cleaning walls, dusting windowsills, and all molding and cleaning interior glass.

Others include dust mopping and damp mobbing hard surface floors as well as cleaning and polishing restroom fixtures. There are lots of other post-construction cleaning types performed by cleaning services.

We won’t be getting into details on that. Rather, we’ll shift our attention to the main topic being considered.

What Does Post Construction Cleaning Rates Cover?

In terms of what’s included, it largely depends on the needs of the client. Clients have varying needs.

Here, it’s less about what needs to be done and more about what the client needs.

Recommendations are given to the client by the cleaning technician to help decide the next line of action.

In most cases, post-construction cleanup includes dust and debris removal. Deep cleaning of surfaces may also be performed. As mentioned it boils down to the customer’s needs.

Factors Affecting New Construction Cleaning Prices

Before calling for new construction cleaning, it’s important to know that many factors will affect your service costs. These include the level of accessibility to the house or property as well as its size.

Other factors cleaning supplies and equipment required as well as the level of competitiveness within the market.

How Much Does Post Construction Cleaning Cost?

Several aspects of costing will be discussed in this section.

This includes the price range among other things. As part of getting exact post-construction cleaning costs, you’ll have to consider individual tasks like touch-up clean, window cleaning as well as buffing & waxing wooden floors.

These are just a few of many cleaning services attracting varying costs. The average cost for cleaning is around $550 with a low and high of $400 and $2,300 respectively.

On the high side, post-construction cleaning costs may exceed the $2,300 high mentioned.

Post-construction cleaning prices are largely determined by the size of the property, the nature of cleaning or volume of work as well as the type of cleaning among others.

Cleaning Prices For New Construction

Newly constructed homes will have varying cleaning needs. These cleaning needs are determined by fixtures or types of installations in place.

There’s also a rough pass that attracts a fee of around $0.10 to $0.15 per sq. ft, and a final pass going for $0.15 to $0.50 per sq. ft.

i. Interior Cleaning Costs

The size of the new property will determine how much is incurred in cleaning costs. This job is phased. The first involves the rough interior cleanup that attracts around $0.10 to $0.15 per sq. ft.

This could be performed before the construction work is completed.

It includes basic procedures like debris removal, sweeping of floors, dusting of surfaces, as well as cleaning up or washing all interior windows. With this completed, there’s a need for final cleanup.

This involves a thorough cleanup procedure that covers more areas than the rough cleanup.

As mentioned earlier, the final cleaning goes for between $0.15 and $0.50 per sq. ft. Here, all trash, stickers, and plastic coverings are removed. For walls, all dust, smudges, scuff marks, and dirt are cleaned off.

The windows are also given a thorough cleanup.

Here, the frames are cleaned and dirt within the tracks removed. Ceilings, as well as light fixtures, are targeted next for cleaning. Heating exchanges are covered next in the cleanup process.

Also covered are door tops, sides, and faces.

Floors will need thorough cleanup too. Cleaning actions may include waxing/buffing, as well as vacuuming where necessary.

ii. Exterior Cleaning Costs

Like the interior, the exterior of the building needs to be cleaned as well.

A lot of debris will be lying around after each new construction. In most cases, construction debris found outside tends to be more than that inside.

Luckily, some construction companies will help with the cleanup.

Outside of that, you’re likely to incur a fee ranging from $100 to $800 for debris or junk removal. So, what areas are focused on for outdoor or exterior cleaning?

The driveway and other paved surfaces are either swept or power-washed. Before this, all forms of trash are removed and disposed of.

Entryways into the building must be swept and dusted cleaned with exterior window washing following. Your particular cleaning job may require a different approach.

It all depends on your job type and who you hire to carry out the cleanup.

  • Can I Cut Down On Clean-Up Costs By handling things Myself?

DIY post-construction cleanup is possible.

As such, it may reduce the overall costs incurred. However, the quality of the job done won’t be as good as when a professional handles the task. So, what exactly are the benefits of getting a professional? Several!

During construction work, quite a lot goes on. Now, one thing is always common; the settling of dust. As expected, such dust is much and could settle in and around less obvious spots.

What’s more, there may be piles of debris and also stickers on fixtures like windows, doors among other components.

These and several other conditions are best handled by a professional. Professional cleaners have the experience of cleaning construction sites and will do justice to any construction area no matter its condition.

As a DIY’er, you’re limited to certain areas as you may not have the tools necessary to reach certain dirt regions. Professional cleaners have all the tools necessary to get the job done.

So, you’ll have to trust the pros and prepare financially for the procedure.

  • Labor Costs

Post-construction cleaning prices are influenced by the labor involved.

Now, labor costs are determined by the scale or scope of the cleanup project. The condition of the area to be cleaned also impacts labor costs. Now, labor costs are mostly calculated on an hourly basis.

On average, a fee of around $25 per worker is charged hourly. Now, to get your exact costs, you’ll need to consider the minimum number of hours spent on such a project.

The minimum is usually about 8 hours. Post cleanup jobs also require a minimum of 2 workers.

So, the hourly cost per worker will be multiplied by the number of workers. This gives you a fair idea of how much is involved.

For example, specialty post-construction cleanup jobs charge cleaning fees of around $0.06 to $0.50 per square foot. When added to the base hourly fee for a remodeling job, you have around $550.

  • Window Cleaning Costs

Window cleaning jobs on post-construction sites are categorized under enhancement and improvement. Now, these cleaning jobs aren’t included in the general cleanup costs.

Window cleaning jobs are charged separately with an average fee of $7 for each window.

Here, first-time cleaning involves the removal of hand stains and fingerprints. There are also stickers and all sorts of residue to clean up.

  • Cost for Buffing & Waxing Wood Floors

Where wooden floors are involved, a different type of cleaning is done.

Here, due to scratches and other effects of construction, these will need to be waxed and buffed. This action attracts a fee of around $0.50 per square foot.

This cost excludes the hourly rate incurred for cleaning.

  • Touch-Up Cleaning Costs

Touch-up cleaning may be necessary based on the client’s needs. This is needed after the first cleaning round has been performed. It helps get rid of dust that has settled after.

This is done about a week after the initial cleanup. Touch-up cleaning will cost around $0.20.

As usual, this is different from the hourly rates charged.

Asking For Multiple New Construction Cleaning Rates

One of the ways to cut down on post-construction cleaning costs is by contacting multiple cleaning services for quotes. It’s important to only contact reputable cleaning companies.

With these quotes, you’re able to select the least expensive among these.

Some cleaning services will provide such quotes free of charge. You’ll need to inquire from a cleaning service whether quotes are given free of charge or not.

Post-construction cleaning has been discussed with varying pricing structures. With such information, you’re better informed when hiring a cleaning service.

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