Pros and Cons of Upflush Toilet – Are They Reliable & Worth Their Costs?

Are upflush toilets reliable? Let’s find out. Here are the pros and cons of upflush toilet.

If you plan on buying a toilet or replacing an existing one, there are options to pick from. For many buyers, the need to make the right pick is paramount.

The right pick would be one that fits all their needs. If you’re reading this article, you probably want to find out about the pros and cons of upflush toilets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Upflush Toilets

Upflush toilets are designed to fit certain user needs. For example, your bathroom may be far from the main drain line. These and other likely reasons make upflush toilets suitable for some buyers.

To help out, we’ve provided all the information you need about the pros and cons.

After reading through, you’re able to make informed decisions. For this information and more, you only need to read to the end.

Basic Functioning

Unlike toilets whose waste disposal systems rely on gravity, upflush toilets work quite differently. Also called macerating toilets, upflush toilets transfer waste to a pumping unit after flushing.

Now, this tends to be the primary component of the system as it shreds the waste into tiny bits before pumping it up the main drain line.

The location of this pump is mostly behind the wall. Sometimes, it’s visible behind the toilet. Irrespective of their positioning, upflush toilets work pretty much the same way.

They serve excellently for low areas located below the main drain line. With this said, let’s shift our focus to the pros and cons.

Pros of Upflush Toilet

Without a doubt, upflush toilets have many advantages, especially for persons living in areas below the main sewer line.

Key benefits include portability, easy maintenance, better space utilization, durability, easy installation, water efficiency, and aesthetically appealing.

i. Portability

Macerating toilets come portable and allow for enhanced movement from one part of the home to another.

This in turn gives you value for money. You get to pick different designs available and are likely to find the perfect fit for your bathroom space.

ii. Easy Maintenance

One feature of upflush toilets that makes them stand out is the ease of maintenance they’re known for.

There isn’t a lot of maintenance to carry out on macerating toilets. This is mostly due to their design. You won’t have to open up the unit to fix issues as such rarely occur with good use.

iii. Better Space Utilization

Upflush toilets don’t require a lot of space for their installation. This saves you a lot of bathroom space which is appreciated more when the size of your bathroom is small.

Because the macerating unit sits behind the toilet bowl, it doesn’t require creating extra space. There are also models whose pump is installed behind the wall.

iv. Durable

One of the key advantages of upflush toilets is their durability.

Due to their mode of operation, it’s necessary to have these systems working without the need to open up the units for frequent maintenance.

That is why they come with long warranties of up to 10 years. This easily makes them a better pick than other toilet types.

v. Easy Installation

Another advantage of buying upflush toilets is their ease of installation. DIY’ers are able to figure out how to go about making the right installation by simply going through the product manual.

However, you might still encounter issues with installation due to a lack of experience and expertise which makes it better to seek professional help.

vi. Water Efficient

Do you wish to install a system that helps with water conservation? Upflush toilets will serve such needs.

Compared to traditional or gravity-driven systems, this toilet requires fewer gallons of water per flush. You won’t have to consume more water than necessary to flush your toilets.

vii. Aesthetically Appealing

It’s common to find macerating toilets having a better or more appealing design than traditional systems. This help beautify your toilet space making it more stylish.

A lot of buyers are drawn by the aesthetic appeal of these products. This might be part of the reasons that influence your buying decisions.


Upflush toilets are not without their own downsides. This is expected for every toilet type. By comparing the cons to the pros, you’re able to arrive at a decision on whether the purchase will be worthwhile or not.

They include the higher cost of purchase, noise, interruptions due to power and clogged system.

i. Higher Cost of Purchase

One of the readily noticeable aspects of macerating toilets is the cost of purchase. These systems tend to be more expensive than traditional toilets.

This can be a hindrance to persons operating within a tight budget. To give you an idea of cost, standard upflush toilets could cost as much as $1,000.

So what makes the system this costly?

The macerating pump takes a good chunk of the cost. In spite of the high cost, the pump gives you value for money as it’s known to be durable.

ii. Noisy

Not many people will tolerate a noisy system.

Upflush toilets are known for the noise they produce when the macerating pump is in use. Although newer designs come with noise improvements, it doesn’t negate the fact that they still produce noise.

A case may be made by some users in comparing the noise made by when traditional toilets are flushed with those of macerating toilets.

For that, you’ll need to consider that the noise made by upflush toilets is accompanied by vibrations due to the shredding of waste products.

iii. Interruptions Due to Power

Power interruptions are a real possibility with upflush toilets.

Any time such a situation happens, the toilet cannot be used. This problem can be resolved by providing a backup power source that takes care of any outages.

The macerating tank and pump need to be connected to a power source to function.

iv. Clogging

Clogging toilets are a real concern and could happen when certain items are flushed down the toilet.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to be attentive to what goes into the toilet. Items like sanitary pads and the like may clog up your system.

These are the pros and cons of upflush toilets you can compare to help you make a choice on what serves your needs.

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