This article discusses the different scenarios of real estate cleaning concerning pricing. If you’re planning on moving into a property, you’ll need to know about the cleaning costs involved.

How much you incur for house cleaning is determined by a lot of factors as you’ll soon discover.

Cleaning companies are key players in the real estate industry due to the vital services they provide. A newly built home needs to be cleaned of all debris to make it habitable and ready for new occupants.

The same service is needed for clients moving out of a property as well as those moving in.

Types of Real Estate Cleaning and Applicable Rates

Real estate cleaning covers a wide range of areas ranging from carpet cleaning, post-construction cleaning, standard house cleaning, after-event cleaning, move-out cleaning, and deep cleaning.

The type of cleaning job you need determines the cost incurred.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Real estate cleaning costs won’t be complete without discussing a thing or two about carpet cleaning. The average carpet cleaning cost per room is around $50.

Such cost may be significantly higher when stains are involved.

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is a major requirement after a new property is built or an old one is renovated. Putting this piece of real estate in good shape (cleaning) will require an expense of around $375 to $800 on average.

Cleaning will require the removal of clutter and debris to make the home ready for the new tenant.

  • Standard House Cleaning

Standard house cleaning prices vary widely depending on several factors which will be discussed shortly. Cleaning rates may be charged on an hourly basis, on a per-square-foot basis, and so on.

Here, first-time cleaning tends to cost more as it takes longer to complete.

  • After-Event Cleaning

Events such as parties and the likes may be organized on a property.

Event cleaning prices that follow will be determined largely by the size of the property, the number of rooms there are, and the degree of cleaning (whether basic or deep cleaning).

  • Move-Out Cleaning

On average, move-out cleaning attracts a fee of around $350. What you end up paying maybe a lot more than this price. It’s basically a deep cleaning procedure that seeks to make the property ready for the next occupant.

That doesn’t mean that the next occupant won’t need some type of cleaning when they arrive.

  • Deep Cleaning

In terms of pricing, deep cleaning tends to be the priciest of most real estate cleaning jobs. Here, the size of the home matters to costs as well as the number of rooms.

Also, the type of dirt and time spent on the job will likely impact overall deep house cleaning costs.

How Much Does Real Estate Cleaning Cost?

The national average cost for house cleaning is $165. At the low end, you might incur a fee between $100 and $110 while at the high end, costs could be anywhere from $300 to $400.

Here, the average cost range for such cleaning is between $150 and $185.

There are several considerations when it comes to house cleaning. First, the type of cleaning, and size play a huge role in determining the prices you incur.

Speaking of the type of cleaning, you have move-in and move-out cleaning.

Let’s have a look at this in addition to the size of the real estate property.

i. Move-In/Move Out Cleaning Prices

Move-in and move-out cleaning prices are quite variable.

Here, there are different cleaning categories based on cleaning intensity. You have basic, medium, heavy, and extra heavy cleaning. Each of these attracts varying costs.

Let’s take a look at each.

  • Basic Cleaning

Most basic cleaning services cover all surfaces with the property.

Other cleaning tasks performed include clearing of spider webs, dusting, as well as mopping.

Here, basic supplies are used. The cost incurred for such jobs ranges from $150 to $190.

  • Medium Cleaning

Medium cleaning includes a lot more, as such; it’s characterized by a higher fee than what’s obtainable for basic cleaning. Here, cleaning prices range from $210 to $250. Both interior and exterior surfaces are covered.

This also includes the removal of spider webs, dusting, mopping, and cleaning of window sills, as well as fingerprints on walls.

What you get depends on the cleaning service you hire.

  • Heavy Cleaning

As the name implies, heavy-duty cleaning is more thorough with pricing ranging from $260 to $360 or more.

Here, all of the services mentioned above are included with extras. Such extras include wall stain removal. Plus, special cleaning products and supplies may be used.

  • Extra Heavy Cleaning

The name tells a lot about the degree of cleaning performed here. It’s logical to expect higher cleaning costs as such costs could go as high as $450 or more.

In addition to the services mentioned above, other add-ons include removing old grease, dishwashing, trash removal, and stains on walls.

ii. Property Size

Another primary price determinant for real estate cleaning is the size of your property. Certain cleaning rates apply for properties under 1,500 square feet, 2,500 square feet, and those under 3,500 square feet.

Here, there are also basic, medium, heavy, and extra heavy cleaning rates for each.

  • Under 1,500 Square Feet

The size of a real estate property has a lot to do with the cleaning rates charged by cleaning services.

For a property measuring 1,500 square feet and below, expect prices from as low as $190 to $230 (for basic cleaning) to as much as $500 or more for extra heavy cleaning.

  • Under 2,500 Square Feet

For a property or home 2,500 square feet and under, cleaning rates from $260 to $310 and a high of $500 or more should be expected.

  • Under 3,500 Square Feet

On the high side are rated for properties measuring 3,500 square feet.

Here, applicable cleaning rates will range from $350 to $410 for basic cleaning and $610 and more for extra heavy cleaning. Between these rates are those for medium and heavy cleaning.


So far, we’ve considered the different aspects of real estate cleaning prices.

These costs are affected by factors such as the condition of the house or property, the square footage, your location, type of cleaning, number of cleaners, and the cleaning frequency.

Now that you know, you have a better idea of what to expect.

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