Here, we’ll be providing a list of restaurant cleaning supplies needed for a thorough tidying of business premises, including tools like grill, hood, and tables.

Commercial areas like restaurants see a lot of foot traffic. With such traffic comes the need to keep the premises functional in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Cleaning requires having the right tools and supplies.

A Clean Restaurant Impacts Patronage

While a lot of restaurants open with great enthusiasm for customer service, a lot fall behind by paying less attention to environmental hygiene. This in turn eventually impacts negatively on customer patronage.

It doesn’t need to end this way if you know about what needs to be done.

Commercial Hotel Cleaning Supplies List

This section will highlight all the basic supplies needed for proper restaurant cleaning. These have been categorized underfloor cleaning, entrance matting, high-touch cleaning, as well as glass & mirror cleaning supplies.

Others are dusting, polishing, restroom, trash removal, personal protective equipment, spill cleanup, signs, and caddies & cart supplies.

  • Entrance Matting

A restaurant should have floor matting at the main entrance. This achieves several things with respect to keeping the restaurant clean. Floor matting reduces the amount of dirt or debris that finds its way in when customers come calling.

There are basically three types of floor mats used in commercial settings such as restaurants. They are; grease resistant rubber mats, entrance floor mats, and anti-fatigue floor mats.

Grease Resistant Rubber Mats

These types of floor mats add traction and help in draining water. It is ideal for use in restaurant kitchens. These are grease resistant and serve to prevent creating a mess.

Entrance Floor Mats

Entrance floor mats won’t only serve to capture debris but also absorb water. These are common when clients visit. Such mats come in different colors and sizes, thus giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

In order to improve productivity in a restaurant, staff can be provided with anti-fatigue floor mats. This product helps reduce the pressures of standing for long periods of time.

  • Restaurant Floors

Specific floor cleaning supplies are needed for restaurants. There are several of these which are categorized under brooms and dustpans, vacuum machines, and floor finishers or applicators. Other cleaning supplies include floor sweepers, mops & mopping accessories, as well as spill & vomit absorbents.

Additional supplies include wet floor signs, deck brushes, squeegees & floor scrapers, and floor care chemicals. For each of these supplies, there’s a long list of products made from different brands. You’ll need to find out what specific products best fit your needs.

One of the best ways to find out is by searching for product reviews under each category. This turns up tons of results to choose from.

  • Dusting and High Access Cleaning

For restaurant dusting supplies, there are lots of products that are almost inexhaustible. These range from sponges, micro wipes, lambswool dusters, micro sleeve, wall brushes, duster replacement sleeves, and pipe brushes.

Others include ceiling fan dusters, high access dusting kits, and cobweb duster brush.

For high access cleaning, supplies include locking cone adapter and cranked joint angle adapters among several others. All of these are essential to the cleaning process, thus helping you perform a great job.

  • Polishing

At all times, you want to have your restaurant looking brilliant. Surfaces including furniture and glass, stainless steel, and artworks will need to be polished. There are different finishes for a specific type of surface.

Without these supplies, prolonged exposure to dirt and dust as well as humidity eventually has its toll on such surfaces. They lose their luster and appeal, thus making your surroundings less appealing.

Some of the top polishing supplies you’ll find include Pledge Restore & Shine and Guardsman Anytime Lemon Fresh Clean & Polish.

Others include Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner, Weiman Furniture Wipes, Twinkle Prep-Treated Dust & Shine, and Weiman Repair Kit for Wood Furniture & Floors.

  • High Touch Surfaces

When it comes to high-touch surfaces in a restaurant, these serve as perfect hiding spots for bacteria. As more people come in contact with such surfaces, disease-causing bacteria are easily spread from person to person.

This isn’t something you want for your restaurant. Hence, the best way to tackle this problem is by using surface disinfecting supplies made for this purpose. There are tons of such products that come in different brands.

Before making your selection, it’s best to carry out product reviews.

  • Glass and Mirrors

One of the obvious signs of how well a restaurant is kept clean is by taking a look at its glasses and mirrors. You want these areas sparkling.

There are basic cleaning supplies you must have to provide a thorough cleaning.

These supplies include microfiber cloths, single-sided razor blade (for easy removal of gunk from flat glass surfaces), Magic Eraser, steel wool, and squeegee.

Similar to other supplies, you’ll need to choose from the different brands available. Searching for product reviews will be the best place to start.

  • Caddies & Carts

For easy movement of cleaning supplies around, you’ll need a cart or caddy. These are made to hold all the essentials required to give a good clean.

Caddies & carts come in different sizes. You’ll need to choose one that fits your scale of cleaning or needs.

  • Signs

Restaurants are commercial spaces with customers coming and going.

To prevent accidents resulting from slippery floors and the likes, proper communication will be needed. Get signs that are boldly written and place around areas you’re cleaning to prevent anyone from having an accident.

  • Trash Removal

A restaurant should have an efficient trash removal system.

This should start from the right size of trashcans plus other factors such as max load, seal, color, and resin. The right size of trash liners should also be used

  • Brushes

Brushes are part of the basic cleaning supplies needed in a restaurant. These are used to agitate surfaces which in turn break up difficult or stubborn stains. There are different types of brushes to choose from.

This restaurant cleaning supplies list has covered a wide range of equipment and products required for detailed cleaning. You only need to find your specific supplies using customer reviews.

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