Sewage Vs Septic Comparison – 8 Basic Differences

Here, we’ll be discussing the difference between septic and sewer in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of both. Also, we’ll be providing further information on how community sewer systems function. So, without further waste of your time, let’s begin our discussion. Difference Between Septic And Sewer A lot of times, the terms ‘sewage’ and … Read more

Septic Tank Replacement – Reasons, Process And Frequency

Are you looking to replace your septic system? Here are some important tips and guidelines to follow. Every septic tank manufactured is expected to reach an estimated lifespan before it will need to be changed. However, the reality is a bit different. Such a lifespan is reached only when the septic tank is well maintained … Read more

Becoming A Septic Specialist – Requirements & Roles

This article will be discussing the roles of septic specialists as well as how to become one (for interested persons). Whether faced with septic system problems or simply in need of scheduled maintenance services, your needs are better met by a septic specialist. By simple definition, a septic specialist is a professional who’s well experienced and … Read more

Sewage Ejector Pump Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist

In this article, you’ll find details on how to maintain your sewage ejector pump. Homes with plumbing fixtures located below the level of the main sewer or septic line need to have sewage ejector pumps installed. Also called the pump-up ejector system, this ejector pump performs the vital function of pushing or elevating wastewater to … Read more

Chamber Septic System – Pros, Cons & Safety

If you’ve used septic systems for a considerable amount of time, then the possibility of knowing about chamber septic systems is likely. Chamber septic systems get their name from the drain field design. This article will focus on this type of waste treatment system in regards to how they work or function. Chamber Septic System … Read more

How Long Does Sewage Contamination Last?

How long does sewage contamination last in soil and water; indoors and outdoors? Let’s find out. Their times when accidents occur during wastewater treatment. This leads to sewage (wastewater containing feces, urine, etc) leaks thereby causing contamination to the environment including water bodies. Sewage Contamination Duration When it happens, how long will such contamination last? … Read more

Septic Cleanout – Distance To Tank & Cost To Install

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Aerobic Septic System Maintenance – A Practical Guide

Aerobic septic system maintenance is an important role that must be carried out frequently. Without proper maintenance, the system breaks down and causes more problems. Here, you’ll find basic maintenance procedures that must be followed to ensure its proper functioning. 10 Steps To Maintaining An Aerobic Septic System Aerobic septic systems are also known as … Read more

Septic Systems – Cold Weather, Freezing & Insulation

We’ll be looking at the impact of cold weather and freezing temperatures on septic tanks, how to winterize your system, insulation, and dealing with frost issues. How Does Cold Weather Affect Septic Systems? The impact of climate on septic systems is one area homeowners are concerned about. The winter season is the time of year … Read more