9 Major Septic Tank Problems & Common Solutions

Here are some septic system problems and steps to take to resolve them. Septic tanks are designed with an estimated lifespan. In other words, they’re expected to serve for a certain number of years. An expected lifespan doesn’t mean that such tanks will continue to function effectively until the expiration of their lifespan. It simply … Read more

7 Questions To Ask A Septic Tank Contractor Before Hire

Septic tank contractors are specialists in the installation of septic tanks, maintenance as well as replacements. Whether you wish to have a septic system installed or want to fix or replace your tank, you’ll need the services of a professional such as a septic tank contractor. Now, before any job is performed, the client is … Read more

Septic Perc Test – Preparation, Process & Failure

What is a perc test for septic systems? When buying land for development purposes, perc tests will need to be carried out to determine suitability for septic systems. Percolation Test For Septic Systems Before a septic system ever gets installed in an area, an analysis of the location’s conditions is necessary. This is because certain … Read more

Norweco Septic Aerator – Features And Maintenance

A septic system has many parts or components that each contribute to its overall functioning. If your system must function smoothly, all of the right components must be properly installed. This article will focus on one of these; the Norweco septic aerator. The Norweco brand is quite popular among septic system installers due to its … Read more

How Much Does Septic Tank Inspection Cost?

How much is a septic system inspection? There are many variables involved and we’ll be dwelling on these. Homes (especially those in rural areas) without centralized sewer systems are best served with septic systems. Now, a septic system includes four main parts; the pipe conveying waste from the home, a septic tank, a leach field … Read more

Garbage Disposal In Septic Systems – Pros & Cons

Is garbage disposal bad for a septic system? Here is all you need to know. Is your home located in an off-grid location? By off-grid, we’re simply referring to the absence of sewer lines within your area. Such locations are mostly rural with septic systems as the available waste treatment alternative. Of particular interest to … Read more

Septic Tank Gases – Production, Hazards & Leakage

Septic tanks are critical components of the septic system. These hold waste matter for separation and treatment. Treatment involves the breakdown of this waste matter into its simplest forms. Our discussion will focus on one of such by-products; in this case, septic tank gases. About Septic Tank Gases All septic tanks being used will generate … Read more