Are you interested in ServiceMaster mold removal prices?

There are lots of renowned mold removal and remediation services to call when faced with a mold problem.

These companies have gained a reputation for offering all sorts of mold treatments in addition to handling all moisture-related issues.

One of those we’ll be looking at is ServiceMaster.

How much will it cost to have this mold removal company resolve all your mold-related issues? This is crucial information for first-time clients patronizing the company for the first time.

You get to determine whether to proceed with the process of calling for treatment or find other alternatives.

ServiceMaster Mold Remediation Cost

When it comes to mold removal, one of the primary considerations for lots of homeowners is what it will cost them. In other words, they need to know the cost implications for purposes of comparison as well as budgeting.

  • Comparing Mold Removal Costs

There are lots of mold removal services around. Apart from ServiceMaster, some of the best-known brands include Servpro, 911 Restoration, PuroClean, COIT, AdvantaClean, and so many others.

For a lot of homeowners, there’s a need to know the pricing estimates offered by each company.

Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary to get as many as 3 to 5 estimates from different mold removal companies. By comparing prices, you’re able to go with one that charges the least for its remediation services.

  • Budgeting for Mold Removal

Another reason why it’s important to have an idea about mold removal cost is mainly due to budgeting purposes. Most homeowners will want to budget for this procedure.

Having identified the likely cost of mold removal, we recommend you budget an additional 10% to 15% extra.

Such extra costs enable you to take care of surprises that could spring up. Mold removal costs could climb steeply when it’s found to spread beyond the initial area it was thought to have earlier covered.

How Much Does ServiceMaster Charge for Mold Removal?

Having provided some background information about pricing, it’s necessary to shift our focus back to the main topic of discussion.

How much will cost you to have a mold removal company like ServiceMaster perform a remediation procedure on your property? There’s no single answer to this question.

In other words, several cost-influencing factors come into play. Treatment areas larger than 10 sq. ft. have a starting price range of between $500 and $4,000.

Here, the wider the affected area, the higher the cost. The upper-cost range of $4,000 isn’t the ceiling as mold removal prices can go much higher than that.

ServiceMaster handles mold removal tasks for more difficult-to-reach areas like your air ducts, and attic areas. As such, it’s logical to expect a higher removal fee.

ServiceMaster will charge you anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 for such jobs. The exact costs incurred largely depend on the size of the treatment area.

ServiceMaster handles even the most difficult mold removal jobs. Areas with a lot of moisture and untreated water damage attract the most costs.

Expect charges to range from $10,000 to $30,000. There are situations where mold removal prices may exceed the $30,000 mark. It all depends on the extent of treatment.

What Does ServiceMaster Include in its Mold Removal Services?

As part of the process of wanting to know the cost of mold removal, it’s also important to also understand what’s included. Your particular situation will have its unique challenges which require a definite approach.

ServiceMaster generally offers services like HEPA vacuuming, and mold testing & assessment.

Its other services include mold containment, removal of mold-damaged drywalls, as well as removal of all forms of water damage. Of course, this will include mold-infested porous materials.

ServiceMaster also works with insurance companies to safeguard your property during mold removal.

Cutting Down on Mold Removal Costs

Every homeowner will want to maximize their treatment options.

Having stated ServiceMaster’s mold removal cost, there are ways by which you could cut down on what you have to eventually pay for treatment.

Helpful tips to consider include taking the DIY route, as well as lowering moisture levels.

You can also get rid of all mold-infested items that aren’t attached to your structure. Immediate restoration of water damage is another strategy you can adopt.

Let’s have a further look at these cost-saving mold removal alternatives, shall we?

  • Taking the DIY Route

If you do not want to incur ServiceMaster’s cost of mold removal, you might want to take the DIY route.

Although it’s best to allow the pros to perform the job, you can cut down significantly on expenses short term by getting your hands dirty.

Having discovered you have a mold problem, you’ll need to immediately lower moisture levels to prevent further spread. Mold problems are caused by moisture.

The more moisture there is, the more difficult the situation gets. Improved ventilation, use of dehumidifiers, and the use of fans can help lower moisture.

Your walls, furniture, and other personal items need to be disinfected. This is necessary to help prevent spores from being inhaled. All leaks whether from plumbing systems or your roof must be fixed.

The faster these are resolved the better.

  • Getting Rid of Mold-Infested Items

Are there mold-infested items lying around? Can these be moved?

If they can, you can have them taken out of the infested area. The continued presence of mold-infested items will only worsen your situation.

The simple act of taking these out will go a long way in keeping your mold issues under control.

  • Immediate Restoration of Water Damage

When water damage occurs, it needs to be addressed as fast as possible. In cases of major leaks or floods, you’ll need to get rid of excess water.

Before anything is done, it’s important to turn off electricity from the mains. This should be followed by the removal of temporary flooring materials like rugs or carpets.

There should be adequate ventilation while you try to get rid of moisture. When the process becomes overwhelming, you might want to seek professional help.

Now you know what ServiceMaster’s mold removal procedure will cost you. You’re left to decide whether they’re the right company to patronize or not.

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