10 Leaky Basement Repair Options To Stop Water Seepage

Here I’ll be discussing basement leak repair options and how to fix water seepage professionally. Water is an extremely important part of our existence. We drink it, wash with it, produce with it, and it helps grows our food. However, having water in the wrong places can be very destructive. One of the places where … Read more

Basement Leaks Where Wall Meets Floor [Seal Cove Joint]

In this article, we’ll be discussing water coming in the basement where walls meet the floor, the causes, and what you can do about it. Have you heard of hydrostatic pressure? It is when standing water beneath the foundation starts to rise and pass through small cracks. Typically, basement seepages occur where the bottom of … Read more

Basement Seepage – Signs And Causes Of Water Leak

Is basement seepage normal? No. Here is all about above and groundwater seepage in basements. Basements offer useful spaces to homeowners, but unfortunately, they are located at the lowest point of the home, and that makes them prone to water seepage and damage. A lot of times, people aren’t even sure where the leakages are … Read more

Foundation Slab Leak Detection – Water Seeping Signs And Repair

Can water seep through concrete? Are you currently dealing with water leaks in a concrete slab floor? Here is a practical guide on slab water leak detection and repair. Structural problems can be tied to a wide range of issues. Moisture is one of those problems known to cause rapid deterioration of a building. This … Read more

Basement Water Damage – Signs, Causes, And Repair [Mitigation]

In this article, we’ll be discussing basement water damage signs, causes, and fixes. Since the basement is the lowest point in your home, you should expect it to have some water problems now and then. These problems could be as a result of groundwater from rain or melted snow. It could also come from leaking … Read more

Basement Floor Leaks And Cracks – Causes & Repair Options

Have you noticed water seeping through basement floor cracks? If you have then you have a serious problem on your hands. Leaky floors mean that moisture is constantly flowing into your basement, and when there is moisture there is mold growth. Mold as we know is dangerous to human health, as it can be both … Read more