5 Common Health Risks Of Basement Mold

Is a moldy basement dangerous? Can it make you sick? Yes. Here is a list of health risks of basement mold. Whenever there’s a moisture problem in a basement, mold issues are never far off. Mold In Basement Health Risks Now, the prime conditions for mold growth include moisture, poor ventilation, and dark surroundings.  Such … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In Basement Walls, Floors & Ceilings

Here is a guide on basement mold remediation. We will discuss how to remove white and black mold from basement walls, floors, and ceilings. Do you know how to remove mold from your basement completely? One of the biggest problems with basements is that they are prone to be dampened by groundwater, leaky pipes, or … Read more

Basement Dehumidifier Settings And Humidity Level To Prevent Mold

What is the correct basement humidity level to prevent mold? Here is what to set dehumidifier at in basement. Homes with moisture are treated using several approaches among which is the use of dehumidifiers. The most vulnerable part of a home to moisture is usually the basement and dehumidifiers will be needed around such areas … Read more

How Much Does Basement Mold Removal Cost?

This article focuses on basement mold removal costs. To have your basement mold removed, you’ll need to figure out the cost implications. Quite many actions are taken to contain the problem as you’d find out shortly. Basement Mold Remediation Cost One moisture-related problem homeowners want to avoid at all costs is mold growth. This is … Read more