Chimney Cap Installation Guides For Single-Flue & Multi-Flue Units

Here, we’ll be discussing chimney cap installation. All properly installed chimneys have caps at the very top of the chimney systems. These serve several functions among which are the prevention of embers or sparks from escaping and the prevention of windy downdrafts among others. How To Install A Chimney Cap A chimney cap will normally … Read more

Chimney Chase Cover – Function, Types & Common Issues

Here is a guide in chimney chase covers, including uses, types and common problems. For a chimney to function effectively, all its parts must be in perfect working condition. When installed, certain sections may fail in the course of operation due to damage or lifespan expiration. These will have to be replaced with new parts. … Read more

Chimney Cap Repair – Reasons, Who To Call & Fix Process

Here is a practical guide on chimney cap repair. Chimneys play a crucial role in the conduction of smoke and combustion gases up from a fireplace. For these structures to work smoothly, they’ll need to be maintained. Chimney maintenance includes the repair or replacement of faulty parts.  One of those parts we’ll be discussing is … Read more

Outside Mount Chimney Caps – Uses, Sizes & Custom Options

We’ll be looking at the application, dimensions, and customization of outside mount chimney caps. Chimneys require a varied array of accessories to function effectively. Although the chimney cap doesn’t come standard with a chimney, it’s indispensable to the smooth functioning of the chimney. Other chimney parts of the chimney include the flue, chimney liner, and … Read more

Multi Flue Chimney Caps – Benefits, Types, Materials & Buyer’s Guide

This article seeks to discuss multi-flue chimney caps. Modern chimney caps come in many variants and all serve the same purpose; the protection of a chimney from rain and downdrafts. Other functions of chimney caps include the prevention of debris and wildlife from blocking the flue. DOUBLE FLUE CHIMNEY CAPS From the name alone, it’s … Read more

Chimney Cap Screen Maintenance – Practical Guide

Various chimney components serve important functions in maintaining smooth operations. Chimney caps and screens are among such components. The condition of these will determine how effective your chimney works. Here, we seek to show you simple ways to take care of these components. About Chimney Cap Screen Chimney cap screens serve basic functions such as … Read more

Gelco Chimney Caps – Materials, Sizes, Prices & Buying Guide

Wish to learn more about Gelco chimney caps? You only need to read on! Gelco has grown to become one of the trusted brands when it comes to chimney products and accessories. Much of this popularity can be attributed to its array of chimney caps. Modern chimney caps come in a variety of designs and … Read more

Custom Chimney Caps – Benefits, Designs & Materials

Here, you’ll learn all the basics about custom chimney caps. Chimney caps, like most chimney components, serve a definite function. Basically, this part of the chimney serves to keep out rain and excess moisture from getting into the chimney. Also, animals such as birds and rodents are prevented from building their nests within the chimney … Read more

Decorative Chimney Caps – Pros, Cons, Types & Shroud Models

Our discussion is going to dwell on the pros and cons of decorative chimney caps, as well as the best shroud models to buy. Chimneys offer an important function to structures. These are ventilation channels that direct or guide products of combustion such as smoke and other gases through the roof and out. While getting … Read more

Types Of Modern Chimney Caps

Here are the popular types of modern chimney caps. Over the years chimney components have seen modifications in design which has enhanced their efficiency and look. Such designs are considered modern and can be used to upgrade existing chimneys to become more functional. This article focuses on one of such chimney components; chimney caps. If … Read more

How Much Does Chimney Cap Installation Cost?

How much does it cost to replace or install a chimney cap? The chimney is a system that serves an important function for homes. All of these functions are very vital to a functional chimney. Therefore, not having a cap creates a serious chimney problem for homeowners. This system consists of several components that are … Read more

How To Measure For A Chimney Cap

Here is how to measure a chimney cap. Chimney caps are essential components of chimneys you may have to replace at some point. Having a chimney cap repaired, installed, or replaced will require taking the chimney crown dimensions to ensure it fits perfectly. Because most homeowners will require some sort of guide, we’ve written this … Read more