Covering A Chimney – Step By Step Guide & Options

Covering a chimney is necessary for a wide range of reasons. Also, the term “covering” may be perceived to mean closing an unused chimney. While this may seem a bit confusing for some, the explanations provided will help you better understand what covering a chimney entails. We aim to inform and provide the necessary guidance … Read more

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance – Tips, Tasks & Frequency

When it comes to keeping a chimney and fireplace in great good condition, quite a lot of effort is necessary. Chimney maintenance entails inspection, cleaning, and repairs. The specific type of maintenance performed on a chimney is determined by its state. Here, we’ll be looking at the various maintenance actions you can take. What is … Read more

Chimney Flashing Sealant – Properties, Types & Brands

Here, our goal is to inform you. By reading this article, you’ll find out quite a lot about chimney flashing sealants. When installing or repairing a chimney, the part of the chimney that projects out of the roof require close attention. Without proper installation, the flashing or point that meets with your roof is likely … Read more

Lining A Chimney With Stainless Steel – What To Know

We’ve focused on the key issues when using stainless steel liners for chimney flue lining as well as the benefits of using this material over other types available in the market today. Whether installing a new chimney or replacing worn-out liners, stainless steel materials can be used for flue lining. These serve to preserve or … Read more

Chimney Waterproofing Guide – Procedure & Best Products

Here, we’ll be discussing all chimney waterproofing and how to go about it. The destructive action of moisture on chimneys has been a major worry for homeowners. Some of the most common moisture problems include spalling, rusting, and liner deterioration as well as damaged mortar. Is chimney waterproofing necessary? Yes. Chimney waterproofing is an effective … Read more

Chimney Draw – 10 Steps To Improving Draft

Here, we’ll be discussing how to increase the draft in a chimney. If you’re currently having draft issues, you’ll find this article an interesting read. What more? The corrective actions to restore or increase the draft in your chimney aren’t difficult. There are several ways of improving your chimney draw and we’ll show you what … Read more

Chimney Insulation – Benefits, Types & Procedure

Anyone with a chimney has probably heard or knows about chimney insulation. By simple definition, insulation or insulator is a provision that prevents the conduction of heat. Although there’s sound insulation, it doesn’t apply to chimneys. We’ll be focusing on chimney insulation as it relates to heat. Does a Chimney Really Need Insulation? Insulation will … Read more

Mold In Chimney And Fireplace – Causes, Signs & Treatment

Most people are conversant with mold issues in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen areas. However, not as much know that mold problems extend to chimneys and fireplaces. Such widespread mold problems can be tricky and annoying. Upon discovering this situation, you’ll need to find the causes and address them. About Chimney Mold Growth To have you … Read more

How To Get Birds Out Of Chimney And Fireplace

Once in a while, you may be faced with the problem of birds getting into your chimney. Here is what to do. These chimney sweeper birds may even penetrate as far as your fireplace. There’s an issue with such a situation because chimneys are designed to direct smoke away from the fireplace or stove. How … Read more

Exterior Chimney Painting – Pros, Cons & General Considerations

Are you considering giving your chimney a facelift? Quite a lot of homeowners not only consider painting as a way to achieve that but actually implement such. There are also doubts as to the impact of painting on chimneys. Some people also paint fireplace surround. Do chimney paints do more harm than good? All such … Read more

Chimney Tuckpointing Guide – Process & Benefits

One of the maintenance actions performed on chimneys is tuckpointing. This action seeks to replace deteriorated or worn out mortar. Not only will this action improve a chimney’s structural integrity, but it also enhances its appearance. We’ll be discussing extensively on chimney tuckpointing. The process, as well as materials used, will be discussed as well. … Read more

Sealing An Unused Chimney And Fireplace

Whether you’re thinking about sealing up your chimney and fireplace temporarily or permanently, the information here will guide you on how to go about closing it. One of the decisions you’ll have to make at some point regarding your chimney is to either seal them temporarily or permanently. In most cases, the need to seal … Read more

12 Things To Never Burn In A Fireplace

This article takes a look at things to never burn in a fireplace. A fireplace is designed to combust specific fuel types. These range from propane, wood, coal, pellets, and electricity among others. While these fireplaces are optimized for such fuels, not everything combustible is meant to be placed in a fireplace. Certain combustible items … Read more

Chimney Creosote Removal – Buildup & Cleaning Process

Creosote deposits are common with chimneys of all kinds and may negatively impact smooth functioning when it gets severe. One of the key maintenance actions performed by chimney sweeps involves creosote removal. This is important as it frees up these flammable chimney tar deposits, thus limiting fire outbreaks. The state of your chimney is very … Read more

How Much Does Chimney Tuckpointing Cost?

As expected, chimney tuckpointing costs will include many variables which we’ll discuss shortly. Keeping a chimney functional through proper maintenance should be the responsibility of every homeowner. Typically, such maintenance will include cleaning, replacement, or repair of damaged components like chimney cap, and crown as well as repointing and tuckpointing. Chimney tuckpointing is one area … Read more