Chimney Sweeps In The Victorian Times – The Facts

The history of chimney maintenance is all gloom when you go as far back as the Victorian era and beyond. This involved the use of kids as sweeps who were dehumanized, abused, and worked in extremely harsh conditions. While this isn’t a good story to tell, our discussion highlights the common practices that occurred and … Read more

Chimney Sweep And Top Hats – History & Recent Trends

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10 Tallest Chimneys In The World – History & Heights

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Child Chimney Sweeps – Dark History, Accidents & Ban

In this article, we’ll be looking at the sad history of child chimney sweeps. As important as a chimney sweep process is, there are times when finding out the historical details of the trade presents shocking scenarios. This is seen in the use of child labor for over 2 centuries. What could have resulted in … Read more