Chimney Parts & Components – Interior & Exterior Anatomy

Our discussion will be centered on the various chimney parts and their structures. A chimney system comprises various interdependent parts or components. These all work to expel smoke from a house. Asides from the expulsion of smoke, a chimney draws in the air into the fireplace or stove to support combustion. We’ll be discussing these … Read more

Differentiating Chimney Vents, Flues, And Connectors

In this article, we will discuss chimney vents, flues, and connectors. Oftentimes, there’s a mix-up in terminologies when it comes to chimney components. Being part of the same system, these components among others work seamlessly to ensure the smooth running of the system. This article is written to help resolve the common mistakes made in … Read more

Chimney Crickets – Functions, Location & Installation

Is a chimney cricket necessary? What does it mean and how much does it cost to install one? A chimney system has various components consisting of both interior and exterior parts. Its interior parts include the liner, throat damper, smoke chamber, and flue. Exterior parts of a chimney include the crown, cap, stack, chase covers, … Read more

Chimney Exhaust Fan – Features, Ratings & Problem Signs

Do chimney fans work? Yes. Here is all about their functions, speed and power ratings, as well as malfunction signs. Chimneys are designed to ventilate a home. During combustion, several by-products are generated. These include fireplace smoke and gases. This is where the chimney comes in handy as it vents them out. Also, combustion requires … Read more

Chimney Venting – Components, Installation, Styling & Costs

Chimney venting is what we’ll be discussing. However, before we begin, it’s necessary to make some clarifications. Chimneys are designed to perform several functions. One of its central roles is to help vent out gases and other byproducts of combustion. Chimney, Vents, And Flue: What’s The Difference? Oftentimes chimney users end up mixing up three … Read more

Chimney Cleanout Doors – Types, Functions & Location

Here is all about chimney cleanout doors. Whenever chimneys are built, they’re designed in such a way to help with easy maintenance. Cleaning, among other maintenance actions, is a fundamental requirement that guarantees the smooth operation of a chimney. If you’re reading this, the guess would be that you intend to know more about this … Read more

Types of Stoves, Chimney Vents & Connectors

A chimney system has a wide range of components that are critical to its smooth running the component types may vary depending on the fuel being used or burned. We’ll be discussing some of these key components which include types of stoves, chimney vents, as well as connectors. With the details provided here, we’re confident … Read more

Chimney Thimble – Functions, Installation & Closing Off

Here is all you need to know about a chimney thimble, it’s usefulness, installing one, and sealing off an unused or damaged unit. One of the many causes of chimney related fires is the absence of air space between combustible materials and vent pipes. This airspace is needed to prevent the transfer of heat which … Read more

Chimney Pot – Benefits, Types, And Installation Guide

Originally, chimney pots were solely meant to extend the smokestack for a better draft. This slowly changed as more uses were found for it. Today, the chimney stack doesn’t only serve the purpose of smokestack extension for efficient drafting, but also to show design trends. The preferences and tastes of the homeowner are reflected or … Read more