Animal Stuck In Chimney – Expert Removal Options

Ever heard of animals targeting the warmth and “coziness” of chimneys? This isn’t a new thing at all. Persons with chimneys are likely to have encountered such problems once or multiple times. First off, chimneys aren’t designed as animal shelters. They’re built to serve as vents for combustive gases such as smoke. Not only do … Read more

Chimney Efflorescence – Features, Brick White Stains And Removal

Chimney efflorescence is the white staining of your chimney structure that’s brought about by moisture. When it comes to chimney issues, damage due to moisture easily takes center stage. For a better idea of the subject being discussed, we’ll need to know more about its causes, what problems are caused by efflorescence, and several other … Read more

Cracks In Chimney – Causes, Risks & Repairs

The cracks in the chimney aren’t pretty at all! Plus, these result from several underlying issues. More importantly, such deterioration presents several risks. This article will be discussing this state of disrepair with a focus on the types, causes, risks as well as possible solutions among others. You should find this article informative enough to … Read more

Smoking Chimneys – Causes, Signs And Solutions

Are you battling with a smoking chimney? Here is all you should know. Chimneys are ventilation channels designed to guide or expel smoke due to combustion in a fireplace. Sometimes, the smoke generated gets too much. When this happens, it’s known as a smoking chimney. When too much smoke is generated from a chimney, it … Read more

Chimney Collapse – Causes, Signs And Fixes

Chimney collapse doesn’t sound pretty at all. This is the last thing a homeowner will want to happen to their chimney structure due to the many risks involved. If you’re having a chimney structure that seems unstable, you’ll find this article an interesting read. About Chimney Falling Down If you’ve noticed your chimney structure sitting … Read more

Chimney Leaks – Causes And How To Fix Them

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Leaning Chimney – Causes, Response & Repair

Leaning chimneys are clear signs of structural defect and pose serious risks when ignored. Such chimneys aren’t built that way but become defective due to several underlying reasons which will be mentioned shortly. So, if your chimney is leaning, what do you do? You need to act. However, knowing what to do is crucial and … Read more

8 Common Signs Of A Damaged Chimney

Here are some signs your chimney needs repair. A lot of things can go wrong to make a chimney problematic. Sometimes the state of disrepair can be significant enough, thus leading to major damage. Detecting such signs early enough will help resolve chimney problems before they worsen. Tips on early identification are what this article … Read more

8 Functional Chimney Problems In Old Houses [And Solutions]

This article is all about highlighting common chimney problems, especially in old homes, and also proffering far-reaching solutions to them. Without identifying and fixing such problems, you’re likely to face a major challenge with its smooth operations. Chimney Problems In Old Houses Are you a homeowner seeking to keep your property safe? Part of the … Read more

Blocked Chimney – Causes, Signs & Fixing Clogs

Chimney blockage is a risky situation that needs to be avoided at all costs. The level of risk is better appreciated when you consider the functions performed by chimneys. Chimneys are built to vent out combustive gases while also drawing in air to support combustion. By-products of chimney combustion include carbon monoxide. This gas is … Read more