How Much Does Chimney And Fireplace Repair Cost?

If you’re wondering what it will cost to get your chimney or fireplace fixed, we’re here to provide price estimates. From the time chimneys and fireplaces are built, various factors come into play to cause deterioration. These include use, as well as weather action among others. It’s common to find broken-down chimneys and fireplaces. These … Read more

Chimney Spalling Brick – Causes, Repair Options & Cost

Every chimney built never lasts a lifetime. In other words, the action of weather on the structure steadily weakens the structure. This is especially true for masonry chimneys which require scheduled maintenance to remain in good shape. Crumbling Brick Chimney Repair Options Here, we’ll be looking at one of the conditions of disrepair and the … Read more

Chimney Caulking – Types, Benefits & Application

Chimney caulking has been widely used and is still being used as a method for fixing all sorts of chimney-related problems ranging from leaks and damage to crowns among others. In the course of our discussion, you’ll be learning all about how this maintenance procedure is carried out and where it’s applied. Chimney caulking is … Read more

Fireplace And Chimney Masonry Repair Options To Fix Brick & Mortal Issues

Here is a guide on repairing masonry fireplaces and chimneys. Chimney and fireplace maintenance is one necessary action that needs to be performed regularly. This keeps the chimney functional while also increasing its efficiency. More importantly, it enhances the lifespan of the chimney system as a whole as well as its components. Fireplace And Chimney … Read more

Chimney Repointing – Reasons, Procedure & Frequency

Here is all about chimney repointing; the causes, steps to carry out, and how often the procedure should be done. A chimney performs a very important task (majorly that of venting out the products of combustion from homes). With such an important function comes the need for maintenance. One of the main tasks of maintenance … Read more

Parging A Chimney Smoke Chamber – Benefits & Process

The process of parging a chimney smoke chamber has been in practice for a long and is done to enhance efficiency. This process is carried out by a trained chimney technician and involves the use of refractory mortar for sealing and smoothening the smoke chamber masonry surface. If you’ve thought of performing this procedure on … Read more

4 Popular Chimney Crown Repair Products For Pros

This article is all about providing you with the necessary guidance on choosing the right chimney repair products. Chimney crowns are large slabs that help cover the top of the chimney. These also help protect the flue as well as the masonry. Without the crown, your chimney quickly deteriorates. If your chimney crown is in … Read more

Common Chimney Stack Problems & Repair Options

Our focus here is to discuss the process of chimney stack repair as well as the problems that necessitate such a fix. Chimney maintenance or repair could involve any part of the system. One of the major sections; the chimney stack which is the visible part seen outside may also require repair services. Chimney Stack … Read more

Chimney Flaunching – Process, Supplies Needed & Who To Call

Let’s discuss chimney flaunching. The parts of a chimney serve specific purposes. With use, these components deteriorate. You’ll need to have them fixed to restore full functionality. Chimney flaunching is one of such. This is the bed of mortar that serves the purpose of holding chimney pots in place. Where are the chimney pots located? … Read more

Chimney Flue Liner Damage & Repair Options

For a chimney to function effectively there needs to be a lot of maintenance work over the period of its lifespan. This repair or maintenance covers different parts of the system. This article will be looking at one of these important parts; the chimney liner repair. Here is a guide detailing why you need a … Read more

Professional Chimney Flue Repair Options And Cost

Here is a guide on the cost of repairing a chimney flue and the available repair options. A chimney has various components each of which is crucial to the smooth functioning of the system. As expected, components work interdependently to expel smoke and gases while taking in a sufficient amount of air to support combustion. … Read more

Chimney Removal – Complete Process & Procedure

Chimney removal is a delicate process that needs to be properly handled to prevent damage or structural defects from resulting. As the topic implies it’s a procedure that needs to be carefully followed. That means approaching it haphazardly will worsen the situation. Now, there are lots of reasons why a chimney will need to be … Read more

Chimney Rebuild Alternatives And Replacement Options

Here, we will discuss options for a chimney rebuild and how to go about the alternatives. Rebuilding a chimney is often the last resort taken when considerable damage has been caused. Such damage may be due to adverse weather conditions like hurricanes & tornadoes or natural disasters like earthquakes. Damage can also be caused when … Read more