How Much Does Crawl Space Mold Removal Cost?

Here is what crawl space fungus treatment cost. Homeowners often encounter hidden surprises in terms of costs regarding their home maintenance projects. While these spaces provide clearance from the damp ground below, such damp conditions more often than not lead to mold growth. There’s a buildup of humidity within the space that ends up with … Read more

Water In Crawl Space After Heavy Rain – Is This Normal? [Causes & Fix]

Is the water in the crawl space normal? The term “craw space” basically refers to a hollow area underneath the floors of some homes. This space separates the ground and the first floor. The primary function of the crawl space is for purposes of moisture insulation. In other words, it serves as a space barrier … Read more

7 Clear Signs Of Mold In Crawl Space

What does mold in crawl space look like? Here are seven signs of crawl space mold infestation. A lot of times, homeowners are oblivious to mold presence in their crawl space until the problem degenerates significantly. Without urgent action, mold issues are likely to worsen. An effective preventive strategy requires understanding common signs and symptoms … Read more