25 Best Demolition Tools Equipment, and Machines

Here are the best demolition tools and equipment. When it comes to performing any construction-related job, tools are highly essential. There’s little you can do to achieve desired results without the right demolition equipment. This equipment has been carefully designed to help demolition contractors achieve desired results. Of course, there’s a central place for skills, … Read more

Hydraulic Demolition Tools – Rock Breakers, Jackhammers, Chisels & Plates

If you’re not exactly sure what hydraulic demolition tools are, then you’re reading the right article. Here we’ll be discussing how they are used and the cases where you can use them. Stay with me! Hydraulic Demolition Machines For Heavy-Duty Crushing When it’s time for some heavy demolition work, you need to look beyond hammers … Read more

Roof Demolition Equipment – Shingle Removal Tool, Rippers, Scrapers & Shovels

As with any other form of demolition, roof removal will also require some tools, and that is what we will be discussing in this article. Stay with me if you want to find out what these tools are. Roof Removal Tools: Shingle Removers, Rippers, Scrappers, Shovels, Etc. Roofs can be considered as the crown of … Read more

Demolition Formula – Calculating Supplies, Tools & Time Needed

In this guide, we’ll be providing a demolition formula for calculating the amount of time and supplies needed for a typical demo project. Structural demolition is one critical sector of the construction industry that involves teardown. Here, old buildings, as well as defective structures, are pulled down for further expansion. Also, partial demolitions may be … Read more

Hand Demolition Tools – 5 Must-Have Items For Manual Demo Jobs

Which tool is used for demolition by hand? I’ll look at the hand demolition tools you need for any demo job. Tools For Hand Demolition When you’re planning to tear down a section of your home to rebuild a new structure, you will need some essential tools to accomplish your mission. These aren’t heavy-duty tools … Read more