Fireplace Heat Shields – Deflector Functions & Benefits

Fireplace heat shields are basic components to fireplaces that help homeowners save money in heating costs. Fireplace heat shields go by many names among which are heat reflective shields, firebacks, for instance,  stainless steel firebacks, fireplace reflective firebacks, and radiant firebacks among several others. This article seeks to discuss the basics of fireplace heat shield … Read more

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance – Tips, Tasks & Frequency

When it comes to keeping a chimney and fireplace in great good condition, quite a lot of effort is necessary. Chimney maintenance entails inspection, cleaning, and repairs. The specific type of maintenance performed on a chimney is determined by its state. Here, we’ll be looking at the various maintenance actions you can take. What is … Read more

How To Dispose Of Ashes In Fireplace

There are mounting safety concerns over fires caused by the careless disposal of ashes from fireplaces. This situation calls for persons to be more informed on safe procedures for ash disposal. This article is written to provide such help. If your fireplace uses wood or pellets as fuel, then you’d definitely generate a great deal … Read more

How To Get Birds Out Of Chimney And Fireplace

Once in a while, you may be faced with the problem of birds getting into your chimney. Here is what to do. These chimney sweeper birds may even penetrate as far as your fireplace. There’s an issue with such a situation because chimneys are designed to direct smoke away from the fireplace or stove. How … Read more

Gas Fireplace Maintenance Tasks & Servicing Guidelines

Our concern and focus are on gas fireplace maintenance. Gas fireplaces have proven to be highly effective when heating homes. With more excellent combustion and heating efficiencies, gas fireplaces have understandably become popular with homeowners. Do gas fireplaces need maintenance? Yes. Sustained efficiencies are only possible when gas fireplaces are appropriately maintained. Gas Fireplace Tune-Up … Read more