Prefab Chimneys And Fireplaces – Features, Lifespan & Maintenance

Here, we’ll be discussing various aspects of prefab chimneys and fireplaces you need to know. This includes basic tips for buying among other things. You’ll need to only read through to get all the information you need.  So, are you ready? We are! Although masonry chimneys are still a thing, prefabricated chimneys and fireplaces have … Read more

Different Types of Fireplaces Common In Homes

What are the different fireplace options? How can you tell the type of fireplace that you have? Find out more. Fireplaces aren’t only built for heating but also add to the visual appeal of your home’s interior. These structures come in varying designs all targeted toward unique customer needs. Different Types of Fireplaces In Homes … Read more

Gas Log Fireplace Vs Wood Burning Fireplace

Although all fireplaces are designed for heat production, they do this by burning different fuels. The most common of these fuels include wood, pellets, gas, and coal. The variations are what we’re interested in as we focus on two types; gas log fireplaces vs wood-burning fireplaces. Are you confused about what these distinctions are? We’re … Read more

Glass Fireplace – Features, Types & Best Brands

Here, our discussion will be centered on all things glass fireplaces. Some of the areas we’ll be focusing on include the type of glass fireplaces, type of glass used, its benefits, and why it would break. Fireplaces have evolved over the years to not only remain utilitarian but also aesthetic pieces or additions to homes. … Read more

How To Convert A Wood-Burning Fireplace To Gas

Is it difficult to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas? No. This guide will simplify the process. Do you have a wood-burning fireplace that you wish to change for one that burns much cleaner? Rather than abandoning your old wood-burning fireplace, you can have it retrofitted with gas logs. Another option is to install a … Read more

Ventless Fireplace – Logs, Fuel, Installation & Maintenance

We’re going to discuss a ventless fireplace by touching key areas to be noted about chimneyless fireplaces. If you have a fireplace, you may know or have heard about vented and ventless fireplaces. As the name suggests, these are basically conduits that lead out smoke and combustion gases while also drawing in air to support … Read more

Coal Burning Fireplace – Fuels, Usage & Alternatives

Coal fireplaces have been used to warm homes for several generations and continue to be useful to this day. If you’re concerned about creosote buildup in your chimney, you may want to consider the coal alternative. Our discussion focuses on coal fireplaces and the benefits derived. Also, we’ll be finding out if there are any … Read more