How To Burn Green Wood

This article is aimed at providing basic information to persons interested in burning green wood. Unseasoned wood is commonly known to be unsuitable for combustion uses. The reasons are obvious; efficient burning and heating are almost impossible. Plus, there’s the problem of excess smoke given off during the combustion process. So, why burn green wood … Read more

8 Best Burning Firewood For Wood Stoves

This article starts with a question on what firewood variant burns best. Firewood is a popular fireplace fuel used over several centuries. During this time, there have been discoveries about their burning efficiency. In other words, the hottest burning wood, as well as the densest among other characteristics have been discovered. Here, we’ll be all … Read more

Best Wood For Chimney Fireplace – 7 Species For Indoor & Outdoor Units

What is the best wood for fireplaces? Here is a list of recommendations to burn in your unit. One of several concerns for homeowners is the ideal type of wood to burn in their fireplace. Of course, this refers to fireplaces that require firewood as a combustion fuel. Now, the ideal type of firewood for … Read more