Clay Chimney Flue Liners – Functions, Benefits, Tile Sizes, Fuel & Buying

Here we will be discussing clay liners for chimneys. A chimney is a unit with several components all working as a system. These components include the chimney cap, crown, stack, flashing, roofline, masonry, flue, flue liner, and mantel. Other components include the smoke chamber, the damper, throat, and smoke shelf. As expected, all components play … Read more

Lining A Chimney With Stainless Steel – What To Know

We’ve focused on the key issues when using stainless steel liners for chimney flue lining as well as the benefits of using this material over other types available in the market today. Whether installing a new chimney or replacing worn-out liners, stainless steel materials can be used for flue lining. These serve to preserve or … Read more

Fireplace Liners – Refractory Panels Replacement Guide & Cost

In this guide, we will be looking at replacement fireplace refractory panels. One brilliant invention that has greatly enhanced heat distribution from a fireplace is the refractory panel. This fireplace component serves to ensure that there’s greater heat distribution from the fireplace into the living area. The difference is clear between a fireplace having these … Read more

Chimney Liner Kit – Functions And Best Types To Buy

If you’ve used a chimney for a considerable amount of time, you may be knowledgeable about chimney liner kits. These are basic components necessary for the smooth functioning of a chimney. Being a part of a chimney system, the lining only functions effectively when all its parts are in place and functioning well. Speaking of … Read more

Fireplace Liners And Refractory Panels – Best Brands To Buy

Here is a buyer’s guide on flue liners and fireplace refractory panels. A fireplace is one vital heating component of a chimney system that needs to be carefully selected. Starting from the fireplace, the liner creates a barrier between the flue and chimney walls for purposes of insulation. In other words, liners play a key … Read more

Chimney Flue Liner Damage & Repair Options

For a chimney to function effectively there needs to be a lot of maintenance work over the period of its lifespan. This repair or maintenance covers different parts of the system. This article will be looking at one of these important parts; the chimney liner repair. Here is a guide detailing why you need a … Read more

Chimney Liner Insulation – Types, Process & Safety Issues

Here is a practical guide on chimney liner insulation. One of the key functions of a chimney is to help vent combustion gases. Sometimes, these gases lose their heat or cool down before they exit the chimney. This drop in temperature leads to increased creosote formation on walls of chimney liners thereby creating a problem. … Read more

Does A Chimney Need A Flue Liner? [10 Reasons To Install One]

Are chimney liners necessary? Do you need one in your chimney? Let’s go through why you should install one. Chimney lining is primarily installed to enhance the safety of your chimney. What more? When it comes to property transfer, part of inspection requirements includes having a chimney liner installed. As the name suggests, a chimney … Read more